20+ Quotes About Life And Motherhood

Quotes about motherhood and parenting really hit home sometimes. I love collecting them, making them pretty, and reflecting on them. Sometimes they are uplifting, and sometimes they just make you think in a new way. Here are my favorite quotes on motherhood, parenting and life in general. Feel free to share them on Facebook or […] Read more…

Throw A Smurfs The Lost Village Party Featured

Everything You Need To Throw A “Smurfs: The Lost Village” Party

Disclosure: I received complimentary advance screening tickets for purposes of this review. What is an “ette” anyway? Smurfette lives with all the boy smurfs in Smurf Village, but she is the only girl smurf. All the boy smurfs have names that describe their personality or their physical traits – but not Smurfette. Everyone begins to wonder […] Read more…

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