You might have decided you want to start a blog, but don’t know where to start. You’ve read all the 15 minute How To’s that left you completely discouraged. I have never read one 15 minute How To Start A Blog post that actually tells you the steps you need to take to start a blog. It might take you 15 minutes to read the post, but it’s going to take you hours to set up your actual blog.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

You want your blog to be something you can be proud of. When people ask you what you do, or what your hobbies are, you should be proud to tell them you are a blogger and have them look at your website!

But maybe you’re not a “techy” person and this WordPress stuff makes your head ache.

My FREE Start a Blog ecourse starts at the very beginning of setting up your blog. I cover everything you need to know to get started NOW.

There is more to blogging than you ever imagined, and I will walk you through it all step by step.

How To Create a Blog Header with Picmonkey

Picmonkey is my secret weapon when it comes to my blog. I started my blog with ZERO extra money but I wanted it to look good. It didn’t take long to realize that images are so important to a blog. You need to have multiple images for every post. Especially a Pinterest image – the #1 way new bloggers get pageviews is from Pinterest.

The first image you will need for your blog though, is a blog header. My blogging philosophy is to “just do it!” Just jump in before you’re ready. That means – don’t wait for years or months to get a “professional” logo. A simple text logo with your blog name is JUST FINE and used by many many many professional bloggers.

Here’s a video showing how I used PicMonkey to make a blog header. You can also use these techniques to make any other image for your site.

Seriously, go check out PicMonkey, you will be so glad you did!

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