I can’t wait to see the movie Trolls! My daughters are going to LOVE it. They already fell in love with the trailer they watched on YouTube. And all the merchandise is already in stores. It’s going to be the next Frozen at my house, I’m sure of it.

How To Make Glitter Cake Pops Like A Troll

Trolls Craft Activity

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If you haven’t seen it yet, get the movie here from Amazon.

We made these glittery cake pops inspired by the Trolls movie. They turned out AMAZING! The trick to making them like a Troll? The edible glitter of course! It’s looks like Poppy herself had a hand in making these.

Glitter Trolls Cakeballs Inspired by the Trolls Movie

How To Make Glitter Cake Pops Like A Troll


• 1 Cake Mix
• 12 Ounces Orange Soda
• 1/3 Cup Frosting
White Melting Chips
Green, Pink, Purple, and Silver Edible Glitter

Who would have thought that glitter was edible? My kids were obsessed with it.

How To Make Glitter Cake Pops Like A Troll


Step 1 – Pour your cake mix and soda into a large bowl and mix well.

Step 2 – Grease a cake pan and bake the cake according to the box’s directions.

Step 3 – Allow cake to cool once cooked.

Step 4 – Break up the cake with your fingers in a large bowl so that it’s completely crumbled.

Step 5 – Add your frosting to the bowl of cake and mix it into the crumbled cake with your hands.

Step 6 – Make about 1-2 Tablespoon sized balls with your hands and place them on wax paper.

How To Make Glitter Cake Pops Like A Troll

Step 7 – Once you’ve made all your balls, melt just a few of your melting chips in a small dish.

Step 8 – Take your sticks and dip the ends of them in the melted chocolate and then immediately stick them in the top of each cake pop.

Step 9 – Place pops in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Step 10 – When pops are ready, melt your chips in a small mug or cup in the microwave.

Step 11 – Immediately dip your pops in without moving them around and take a toothpick to lightly run along the outside of the pop to remove excess as well as make it look wavy on the sides, if desired.

Step 12 – Immediately sprinkle with the 4 edible sprinkle colors. There is no method to the madness with the glitter, just sprinkle at random.

Step 13 – Place back on the wax paper and sit in the fridge for about 5 minutes.

I also made Trolls Chocolate Pops, using a lot of the same ingredients.

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How To Make Glitter Cake Pops Like A Troll

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  1. Chrissa
    March 30, 2017 at 8:01 pm (3 months ago)

    Hi there! Where can i find edible glitter? I am only finding big flakes – or shapes like referred to in amazon in your link above. I am wondering if I should just use sprinkles. Thanks!


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