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It’s November 16th and I haven’t even started planning our Christmas cards yet. Every year, it’s the same thing and every year, I promise myself it won’t happen again. I rush, rush, rush to get Christmas cards done before Christmas and I HATE rushing. I like to take things at a leisurely pace – no stress, no anxiety. But it keeps happening. You too?

Holiday Time-Saver For Busy Moms

Holiday Time-Saver For Busy Moms

Some of the things I have done to try to stop rushing are:

Just start early – Easier said than done sometimes. Especially when it’s already the middle of November. This is really only an option when you plan ahead.

One trick I like to do is to add To Do’s to my calendar early. So, add things like – Schedule Christmas pictures, Get Christmas pictures taken, Order stamps, Order cards, Mail cards. That way I am reminded a lot sooner and don’t have those “Oh shit!” moments that I hate.

Print labels at home – Another thing I have done in the past is print my own labels for my cards. You have to create a special file with the addresses and buy label paper, but it is pretty easy. Unless of course, your printer isn’t working at the moment like mine.

Some other things you can try:

Use custom envelopes from Tiny Prints – This is the holiday time-saver I was telling you about. Did you know they can print the addresses right on the envelopes for you? I just found out about it and I think it’s the wave of the future. Plus, the printing will match your cards and it looks super fancy. You can read all the instructions at Tiny Prints AND get 20 free custom envelopes. You’re welcome!

Send ecards – Yeah my mother in law would probably have a heart attach if we sent cards for our Christmas cards. But it’s definitely a last minute option. Like seriously last minute.

I usually use Evite.com for things like birthdays, block parties, other get togethers where it’s more casual and informal. I love how it keeps all the info in one place. And it’s easy to invite people using just their email address.

But things like Christmas cards, Wedding Invitations and Graduation cards need a little more formality. They need to be printed on nice paper and physically mailed. Just my opinion!

Get the kids to help – Another thing you can try to lower the stress of holiday cards is getting the kids to help. My kids are too young to write, but they love sticking the stamps on the envelopes and sticking the cards in the envelopes. I’ll use all the help I can get!

You can try out the service with Tiny Prints for free with 20 free custom envelopes. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

How do you make sending Christmas cards easier? Leave a comment and let us know!

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