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The 9 Best Radiant Heaters – Guide

A heater for newborns helps your baby to maintain its body temperature. Especially after bathing or while changing diapers, a radiant heater will keep your child comfortable.

This can prevent colds and your baby is calmer because he feels comfortable in the warmth. What other advantages a radiant heater has, and what you need to look for when buying, you can find out here.

Checklist For Radiant Heaters

  • The radiant heater should have an automatic switch-off function, which switches off the device after 10 minutes of use. Especially at night, it must sometimes go fast or you have no hand free. It also prevents plastic parts from burning.
  • The device should have power between 400 and 800 watts. More is not necessary so that your child feels safe.
  • It is important to have a mounting plate for secure attachment to the wall.
  • The heating elements must be shielded by a close-meshed grid. This way, nothing gets inside that could damage them.
  • Top devices are rounded at the corners. This avoids sharp edges and protruding metal parts.
  • The radiant heater ideally has two heat settings, so you can regulate depending on the season.
  • The device must heat quickly and evenly. If you need to change your baby at night or are freshly diapered, the heat should be available quickly. The first heating level should not be less than 400 watts.
  • The angle of inclination should be at least 40 degrees. This allows you to direct the heat precisely to your baby. Moreover, thanks to the inclination, you won’t start sweating while changing diapers.
  • Ideally, the device has two heating rods/heating modules. Thus, a wider area is irradiated and your baby feels very comfortable.
  • The heater has a pull cord to switch it on. No annoying searching in the half-sleep.
Alternative Standing Radiant Heater
  • New on the market is the mobile version. Here, the radiant heater is attached to an extendable telescopic rod. The heating module can be locked in several heights (between about 150 cm to 185 cm height). A five-link stand provides the necessary safety.
  • The stand can be moved closer to the wall on some models by removing a strut. This minimizes the risk of accidents.
  • A built-in automatic shut-off feature further minimizes the risk if the telescopic pole tips.

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The Best Sellers Of Radiant Heater

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Current Offers Of Radiant Heaters

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FAQ About Radiant Heaters

What is a radiant heater for babies?

A radiant heater for babies provides an external heat supply, because babies, especially after bathing and during diaper changes, have problems maintaining their body temperature. This helps prevent colds.

How long can a newborn baby lie under the radiant heater?

A time of 10 minutes should not be exceeded. Often, there is an automatic shut-off feature that switches the device off after 10 minutes.

Is a radiant heater necessary for the changing table?

You can change your baby without a radiant heater, but the warmth will soothe him and make changing easier.

>Why do babies need radiant heaters?

Newborns often have trouble maintaining their body temperature, so an external supply of heat is beneficial in some situations.

Radiant heater advice

Which radiant heater is right for me?

You are already furnishing your baby’s nursery and you are sure that a radiant heater at the changing table should not be missing? But which one should you buy? Answer a few simple questions and find the right model for you. In my top 5 radiant heaters, there is something for every taste.

Still questions?

Unsure whether you need a radiant heater at all? Then read through our info section first. Here you will learn why you need a radiant heater at all and what advantages it brings with it. If you have decided then, you can still search for the best model.

Two different types of radiant heaters

The first and primary question in finding the perfect radiant heater is always how you plan to use it. There are floor-mounted radiant heaters and wall-mounted radiant heaters. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A wall-mounted radiant heater is mounted where you need it most: Above the changing table. Of course, this is very convenient, because it does not take up space. A floor heater, on the other hand, can always be placed exactly where you need it. But don’t worry, even if you can’t decide, I have a great product for you!

Type A: The classic type

You want the radiant heater to hang in a classic way, directly above the changing area. The necessary accessories are included, but keep in mind that you still have to mount the heater yourself. But it is actually not difficult, you only need to drill two holes. In any case, it is the cheapest option, practicaland space-saving, if you always want to move your baby in the same place anyway. To further narrow down the choice, you can ask yourself how important additional features are to you.

My recommendation for type A

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, I recommend the Basic radiant heater from reer

. It offers everything you need and at a good price. The heating head is swiveling and it is also available with automatic shut-off.

If you want a radiant heater with a pull switch, so that you only have to pull it to turn the device on and off, I recommend both the Rommelsbacher radiant heater and the FeelWell from reer


The Rommelsbacher rad

iant heater is easy to use and, thanks to its infrared radiator, immediately provides pleasant warmth without any preheating time. It is also noiseless and thanks to the cover of the heating rod also particularly safe.

With the FeelWell

model from reer you pay only 10 – 15 euros more than with the Basic model and get different heat levels, as well as an automatic shut-off in improved form.The heating head can be swiveled by up to 50 degrees and thus adapts perfectly to your needs. It also has two heat settings and switches off automatically after two minutes at the latest.

Type B: The flexible type

You want a radiant heater that is just there, without the need to assemble it first and that you can simply put wherever you need it, depending on your needs. Now you have to invest a little more money, but the radiant heater with a stand is also very practical. If you want, you can always move the changing place or use the heater for cool evenings on your terrace.
You can now ask yourself whether you want to use the heater only during the diaper changing time, or even afterwards.

My recommendation for type B

If you want to put the radiant heater with stand outside on the terrace or in the garden, I recommend the radiant heater from reer

. With 50 euros it is one of the cheapest radiant heaters with stand on the market. It has no features, such as an automatic shut-off, or several heat levels – but it is stable, practical and above all reusable.

If you only want to use the radiant heater for diaper-changing time anyway, the FeelWeel radiant heater from reer is ideal for you. Already alone by its simple, white optics, captivates the 2in1 radiant heater FeelWell

. Despite the slightly higher price, it can convince with its functionality. This radiant heater with stand, namely, in contrast to our first recommendation, has many additional features. The elements of its stand are removable, which is why it can also be positioned on the wall. It has a wide swiveling heating head, can be operated via a simple pull switch, has several heat levels and a switchable automatic shut-off. Does that leave anything to be desired?

Type C: The pragmatic type

You don’t know yet whether you want a wall-mounted or a floor-standing radiant heater.
But you don’t have to decide at all, there are also radiant heaters with a 2in1 function, which can be used flexibly as needed.

My recommendation for type C

The right model for you is the FeelWell radiant heater, which is a bit more expensive at 70 euros, but can do both – it is both a floor and wall heater. The heater is particularly safe and complies with the medical device standard. It is easy to use and, depending on your needs, the head can be flexibly tilted by 50 degrees and the stand is height-adjustable. Parents can choose between two heating levels. If there is less space available, but you still would like to have a stand heater, then the reer 2in1 FeelWell is perfect for you, because the 5 foot elements can be removed individually, so that the heater can be placed very close to the wall or changing table. Really a top product! Now to our TOP 5 radiant heater selection

Radiant Heater Info

How to find the perfect radiant heater

Do you really need a radiant heater?

Opinions differ on this question. Some consider the radiant heater indispensable, others get through diaper time just fine without it.
Therefore, it remains an individual decision, but you can still see radiant heaters above the examination area in pediatrician’s offices time and again. There are also very good reasons for this.

A radiant heater is not only practical when changing diapers, but also after bathing and when changing clothes. The pleasant warmth during a baby massage is also particularly relaxing for your baby. So the massage will definitely be a success.

Temperature regulation for newborns

Newborns cannot yet regulate their body temperature and benefit from the additional source of warmth. Your baby loses a lot of heat through its skin, but cannot yet generate enough heat of its own through body movements. So there is no way to compensate for the falling body temperature, which is why hypothermia can quickly occur.

Prevent hypothermia

In itself, the right clothing can help so that your child is always optimally adapted to the ambient temperature. However, there are many situations that are underestimated, such as when changing diapers. Even if you, as an adult, consider the temperature in the room to be comfortable, your baby’s temperature will drop when you change.

Similarly, when the temperature changes after bathing, there is nothing your child can do about it but cry.

Why a radiant heater is advantageous

Wouldn’t it be a nice feeling if your baby suddenly stopped crying while changing a diaper? With my child, I didn’t know what the problem was at first. But once you have in mind that the smallest ones freeze quickly, a radiant heater is the first and also the best purchase. The advantage of the radiant heater? Unlike a heater, it only provides heat where it is really needed.

Uniform heat

Your baby can experience how nice it is to have constant warmth. You will also benefit from it, as you will be able to prevent colds. In addition, diapering will probably be much more pleasant for you and your child. Especially newborns are still so used to the warmth in their mother’s womb that they can’t help but feel comfortable under the heater.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • helps babies maintain their body temperature
  • prevents colds
  • provides a feel-good factor
  • immediate, constant and targeted heat

What criteria should a good radiant heater meet?

  • Safety
  • Functionality
  • Practical extras

Safety: A must for your baby

A hot device, right above your baby’s head – can’t that go wrong? It’s normal that you might be worried at first, however, you can tell from the features of a radiant heater whether it provides the highest level of safety:

  1. Safety against breakage: The heating rods of a radiant heater must be equipped with a splinter protection and a protective grid.
  2. Mounting: For ideal mounting, the appropriate material for wall mounting should be included in the delivery.
  3. Check the dowels in the wall to make sure they are secure. You can also choose a radiant heater with a base, then you can avoid the assembly. However, this should be stable and secure
  4. Automatic switch-off: You are in a hurry, tired, unfocused, or distracted – it can quickly happen that you forget to turn off the heater. Therefore, look for a model that has an automatic shut-off function that turns itself off after about 10 minutes. Very good models have a tilt shut-off function, which ensures that the device also switches off if it falls over.
  5. Medical standard: It is optimal if the temperature distribution complies with the applicable medical standard. If you want to be absolutely sure, go for a model that has been officially tested according to medical standards. However, all devices sold in Germany must be TÜV-tested.

Functionality: What your radiant heater must be able to do

Of course, it is essential that your radiant heater works properly. After all, it has to do everything the manufacturer promises and meet your expectations. Modern radiant heaters, like our 4 recommendations, mostly work via infrared heating elements and therefore bring the following advantages:

  1. Short heat-up time: The radiant heater heats up immediately after being switched on and reaches an optimal temperature of about 25 degrees in a short time.
  2. Precise heat: The infrared rays not only heat the object they hit but also all the air in the vicinity. To ensure that the heat reaches your baby with pinpoint accuracy, modern radiant heaters have a swiveling head that you can adjust yourself. Ideally, the heating head is adjustable at an angle of 45-60 degrees.
  3. Noiseless operation: Another advantage is that modern radiant heaters are noiseless.

Practical extras: Even more comfort for your money

  • Pull switch: Of course, an on-off switch is also difficult to operate, but with a radiant heater, which usually hangs above the wrapping area, it is very convenient if you can operate it quickly Therefore, there are pull switches that switch the radiant heater on and off by a short pull on the rope.
  • Switchable automatic switch-off: With the usual automatic switch-off systems, you always have to wait a bit if you want to use the device for longer than 10 minutes. The newest radiant heaters have a “switchable automatic switch-off”, which allows you to start using the device again without having to wait for it to cool down.

Selectable heat levels: Some radiant heaters have 2 heat levels. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the heat even more, depending on the temperature in the room.

If it is now clearer to you which radiant heater features are important, then you can now think again exactly which of our top 9 radiant heaters suits you best.

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