No matter how many kids you have, you can never be prepared for motherhood. Each child is different and special and comes with their own personality and needs. How many times have you felt uncertain about your ability to succeed at this thing called #momlife? If you’re like me, then it’s a constant feeling. Luckily there are a few ways to cope with the uncertainty and reality of #momlife.

The Secret To Coping With The Uncertainty of #Momlife

Sometimes I’m moving about my day and starting to feel like “Hey I’ve got this!” Then wham! Something happens from out of nowhere and I realize that things are always uncertain – sometimes I think about it and sometimes I don’t. But it’s never really gone.

5 ways to cope with the uncertainties of motherhood

Share with a friend

Having a Mom friend you know and trust can make a huge difference in helping you feel like you’re not alone (because you’re not!). Pick up the phone and call a friend or send a text – just get it off your chest. It’s ok to vent sometimes and not be judged.

If you need a safe place to vent or find other moms dealing with this stuff, you can join my Facebook Group Mom’s of Little Kids. It’s a closed group so your other Facebook fiends will see you are in the group but not what you post in the group.

Take a deep breath

When you start feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty – stop. Take a deep breath and then another. It’s more than just a big sigh or a huff. Really allow yourself to stop for a few minutes and reset your body by closing your eyes and breathing deeply.

#momlife - take a deep breath

Write in a journal

Writing in a journal is a good place to vent, let out your thoughts and feelings and fears and still feel safe. For a journal you can use the Notes app on your phone, a blank notebook or even an actual journal.

I designed the “an Inspiring Year” journal for mom’s just like you. The days are passing way too fast and you need something to help you stop and reflect. The journal is 23 weeks (undated so you can start anytime) and includes a daily writing prompt based on a weekly inspiring quote. >>>> COMING SOON! Get on the waitlist by entering your email address below.

Read a book or watch a movie

Sometimes reading a book or watching a movie helps me get my mind of my own life and problems. I think it could help you too! Pop in a DVD or pull up something on Netflix. Usually a light comedy works best for me. It’s not a heavy subject and it helps me concentrate on other things.

Need inspiration? Gifts For Moms Who Love Romantic Comedies


You don’t need to go all P90X style but getting your blood pumping really helps to center your thoughts and emotions. If you start to feel overwhelmed try to get out for a short walk if you can. Or sit down to do some sit-ups. You don’t need a gym membership to just get moving.

What do you think? What are some ways you cope with the uncertainty? Help me add to the list.

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