Printable match games are THE BEST. Why you ask? Maybe it’s just me and my kids, but they lose or destroy the matching pieces all the time. I hate spending money on something I know my kids are going to destroy.

Vampire Printable Match Game - perfect for Halloween with preschoolers.

The other printable match games I created are some of the most popular posts on my site. You can find them here:

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Step 1 – Print at least 2 sheets of the Vampire Cupcake Toppers.

Yes, technically these are cupcake toppers, but there are so many ways you can use them. Check out all the ways I thought of below. I bet you could think of some more.

Step 2 – Cut out all the cupcake toppers. This would be great practice for the kids.

Step 3 – Turn over all the cupcake toppers. Turn them over 2 at a time and look for pairs! Take another turn when you make a match!

Download the Vampire Cupcake Toppers.

Click the arrows to see the other ways you can use these printables.

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Vampire Cupcake Toppers

Vampire Halloween Cupcake Toppers

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Vampire Cupcake Toppers

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