Hi Mom Friend,

I don’t know who you are, but you know what? I know one thing…you’re an amazing mom!

Not all moms are alike. We don’t all have the same upbringing, live in the same part of the world, even speak the same language. But we have one thing in common…we are moms!

We are no longer just ourselves ever again. We have someone to take care of, someone who needs us to survive. And we would do whatever we had to do to make sure that tiny person has a good life.

It’s a special responsibility.

Some mothers have given birth. Some have motherhood given to them.

Sometimes a mother is burdened by the responsibility and feels like she can’t handle it.

You can handle it.

You are strong.

You have made mistakes and kept on going.

You have googled things you never imagined you would have to google.

You have found answers and shared them with others.

You are kind.

You are loving.

You are strict (when you have to be).

You know how and when to say “No.”

You have said “I’m sorry” when you’ve said the wrong thing.

You have NEVER given up.

You are an amazing mom!

I hope you know that.


Another mom

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You are an amazing mom You are an amazing mom

You are an amazing mom You are an amazing mom

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You are an amazing mom

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