1. Trimester

Here you can find all our articles about the 1st trimester at a glance.

The individual pregnancy trimesters

Once you understand the system, it’s actually quite simple.

As the name suggests, the weeks of pregnancy (40 weeks gestation) are divided into 3 stages. Often called trimesters or trimesters. If you approach this mathematically, and divide the 40 weeks by 3, you get 13.33 weeks. Converted, that’s about 13 weeks and 2 days per trimester. For ease of calculation, 13 weeks per trimester has been set.

1. Trimester – First third of pregnancy

The pregnancy thirds one divides consequently in such a way:

The 1st to 13th SSW correspond to the first trimester. The second trimester from the 14th week to the 26th week of pregnancy. The 3rd trimester (third trimester) starts with the 27th week of pregnancy and ends with the birth of your child.

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What happens to me in the first trimester of pregnancy?

In the first trimester many processes start and you and your body begin to change:

  • Your egg is fertilized and then nests in your uterus. The placenta is formed, which is necessary for the survival of your child, so that your baby is taken care of. You will also notice how your feelings change – your hormones change! Your body is preparing for pregnancy.
  • Since your body is now fully prepared for pregnancy, your period naturally stops, so your body prevents another pregnancy. The hormones ensure that your uterus creates the conditions for growth.
  • But not only do the hormones act in your abdomen. You feel it all over your body, tightening of the breasts or else nausea. Because nausea is a common companion of this 1st trimester.
    Give your body time to get used to the hormones. It will get better from the 2nd trimester onwards!

Your baby’s development

Not only you experience a change, but also your unborn baby develops splendidly!

Within the first trimester, here’s what happens to your baby:

  • The egg develops into a small baby, about the size of an orange ( six to eight centimeters)
  • The organs are formed
  • The heart is already beating
  • Limbs like arms and legs can be seen

Your baby has grown magnificently by the 13th week of gestation and will continue to grow and develop over the next few weeks.

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