10 Questions And Answers About The Baptism Of Your Baby

Many parents celebrate the birth of a child with a small party – out of joy, gratitude and to welcome the newcomer to the family.
Baptism is the church version of this celebration.
If you want to have your child baptized, you will find frequently asked questions here.

1. Baptism – What Does It Actually Mean?

From a Christian point of view, after baptism, the child is a member of the church. By immersion in water, one buries his former way of life and begins a new life as a Christian. God’s blessing is assured to him.

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2. How Does The Registration For Baptism Work?

After your decision to be baptized, the registration process follows. To do this, you must make an appointment at the office of your parish.
All you need to bring with you is your family register, your child’s birth certificate, and your identity card. Godparents can also already be named.

3. How Does A Baptism Proceed?

Protestant and Catholic baptisms are not identical. Songs, prayers, baptismal chant, the profession of faith, baptismal ceremony, and lighting of the baptismal candle are usually integral parts. During the baptism, the child is doused with baptismal water three times by the priest, while the parents vicariously give their “yes” to the baptism.
In the conversation beforehand you can plan the date and whether the baptism should take place as part of the normal service, or separately.
Bringing in your own ideas makes the baptism even more personal.

4. Does The Baptismal Motto Have To Be From the Bible?

It depends on whether you are in a Protestant or Catholic church. In the Protestant church, the baptismal motto must come from the Bible.
In the Catholic Church, you can also choose your own saying to accompany your child.

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5. At What Age Should A Child Be Baptized?

Most often, children are baptized in the first year of life. However, in principle, baptism is possible at any time.

6. Can I Have My Child Baptized Against The Will Of The Other Parent?

No. This is only possible if you have sole custody. Otherwise, you must come to an agreement with the father of your child.

7. What Is It About The Godparents?

The duties of the godparents are to support and accompany the parents in the Christian upbringing of the child. They are to be special reference persons who are always available for advice. Regular contact is therefore beneficial. The minimum age for the godparent is 16 years in the Catholic Church and 14 years in the Protestant Church. Two godparents who have been baptized and confirmed themselves are customary. In the Protestant Church, any Christian can be a godparent. In Catholic baptism, at least one godparent must be Catholic himself.

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If your desired godparent does not belong to a church, he or she can be included as a so-called “baptismal witness”.

8. Can We Have Our Child Baptized In Another Place?

For a baptism outside the local church, you can try to apply for this. Baptism at home is an exception. It is performed only as an emergency baptism, for example, if the child’s life is in danger.

9. How Is A Baptism Celebrated Afterwards?

Usually, the guests of baptism go out for a meal or coffee afterward. You can choose whether to invite them to a restaurant or to your home.
Of course, eating out involves less effort for you.

10. What Must Be Organized Beforehand?

For the baptism service you only need the baptismal candle and the christening robe for your child. If additional floral decorations are desired, you can ask if the church will provide them.
For the celebration after the baptism, you need to take care of the reservation of a location in time. Or just prepare everything at home. Invitation cards that inform about the procedure are also a nice idea.

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