10 Reasons Why I LOVE Target

Target is my favorite store. I shop there at least once a week. I guess I should say that Super Target is my favorite store, because the Target by my house has a good selection of groceries too.

Why I LOVE Target

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1. Free In Store Pick Up

My #1 favorite thing about Target is their In Store Pick Up option. With this, I can use Ebates to click to Target.com and make my purchase. I’ll earn my few percentage points from Ebates and I can pick up my purchase from Customer Service, at no additional charge! This is great when you are buying large quantities or large items, it makes it very easy to pick up.

2. Everything you could need under one roof

Before I became a Mom, I could stop at multiple stores and run in for just a few items at the store with the best price. I can’t do that anymore with a toddler and a baby in tow. Now, I like to find everything in one place. Target has everything – Groceries, Pharmacy, Deli, Plus regular Target Stuff.

Click the picture below if you want to learn more about the credit or debit card.

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3. Clothes!

I mentioned in Find Your Personal Mommy Style With Stitch Fix that I hardly ever get to shop for clothes anymore. Like I said, Target has everything. It’s clothing department deserves it’s own section in this list. Their price point is very reasonable, and the clothes are pretty stylish. Best of all, I can buy without trying on and know that I can return them next week if they don’t fit. I especially loved their Maternity clothes.

4. Target Coupons – Paper and Mobile

Target is a coupon friendly store, so I can use my newspaper coupons or printed coupons from Coupons.com. But the best part is that they have their own Target coupons and Target Mobile Coupons that I can stack on top of regular Manufacturer coupons. You can find Target coupons on their website, get them mailed to you, and they are sometimes in the newspaper. Target Mobile Coupons are sent as a text to your smartphone.

5. 5% off with Target Red Card – Credit OR Debit

Target has their own credit card program, which saves you 5% on every purchase. What most people don’t know is that they also have a debit card program which will also save you 5% on every purchase. Both the credit and the debit card also give you free shipping at Target.com and you get an extra 30 days to make returns. The debit card is connected to your checking account, so you don’t have a credit check and you don’t have to use credit in any way. It is a great option to save money while living debt free.

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6. Gift Cards With Purchase Specials

Another fun way to save is when Target offers a gift card back with a certain purchase. For example, a certain shampoo may be on sale Buy 3 and get a $5 Target gift card back. You can still use Manufacturer coupons, Target coupons, Target Mobile Coupons and the Target Cartwheel app on top of getting a gift card back. The gift cards can be used on your next purchase. Usually that means your next trip to the store on another day.

7. Cartwheel App

With this app, you have access to other Target discounts, such as 5% of Market Pantry Chicken. I especially love the non-brand-specific discounts, like 10% off Valentine’s decor. The cashier will scan a barcode on your smartphone and it takes all the discounts you have selected automatically.

8. Baby and Wedding Registries

I have used both of these in the past. I feel that it gives your guests a really easy option to select a gift. Or if they give you a gift card, you can get whatever you need. Target will also give you a coupon to use on any items you don’t receive from the registry. This is perfect for larger items that don’t go on sale very often. Add them to your registry (even if you don’t expect it to be gifted to you) knowing that you can use the coupon on it afterward.

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9. Return Policy

Target has a very generous return policy in my opinion – within 90 days of purchase. Don’t forget you even get an extra 30 days if you use your Target Red Card. They can even look up your purchase if you have the credit or debit card you used, if you lost your receipt. If you paid cash or check, you can still return the item without a receipt if you show your ID. However there is a limit to the amount you can return without a receipt each year.

10. Price Match

Price matching really took off a few years ago and it makes total sense. Why would I go into the store, if I can purchase the same item for less at BestBuy.com or some other website. Of course, you may need it right away, but it just didn’t seem fair to the consumer. Now Target will match the price from other major online retailers. Just go to customer service and let them know what price you would like to match. They research it right there, and adjust the price. And, YES, you can still use coupons (Target and Manufacturer), mobile coupons, and the cartwheel app.

We’ll match the price if you buy a qualifying item at Target or CityTarget stores, then find the identical item for less in the following week’s Target Weekly Ad or within 7 days at Target.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, BestBuy.com, ToysRUs.com, BabiesRUs.com or in a competitor’s local printed ad.
– Target website, Price Match Guarantee

I really had to limit myself to just 10 things I love about Target. I could go on and on. Is your favorite store Target too?

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What do you love about your favorite store? Leave a comment and let me know.

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