10 Reasons Why Single Parents Can’t Find A Man

“Great women, get great men,”

I said confidently to my girlfriend the other day. In practice, I’m still alone. And I’m missing something, or rather someone, with whom I can share not only the bed, but also my thoughts.
Someone I greet as if he had just survived the Second World War, even though we are only seeing each other again.

And the problem?

I feel like my child is getting in the way of my dating life. I wonder if someone can love not only me, but me with a child. There are ten good reasons why I’m still single:

Table of contents

1. No One Wants Me

Bullshit. The ones I want, they don’t want me. But I always forget the ones who want me, but I don’t want them “Nobody wants me”, is a resignation thought. I should resign less and start to believe that they want me. And why? Because I am a great woman.

2. No Man In Sight

I go out, I’m on Tinder, and every once in a while I meet someone. Most of the time, at the end of a date, I wonder why I did this to myself again.
Or I have sex, only to realize that it’s not going to work out after all. The men are too brisk, too boring, too nice. And the end of the song? I have no desire to invest my little time in men who do not interest me.

3. The Dear Demands

I want an interesting man. One who contacts me, but doesn’t force himself on me.
A man who is affectionate, dedicated, determined and reliable. In the long run it wears me out if I wait all the time until a man finally starts to fulfill these demands.

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4. I Have Lost My Trust In Men

For example, I have developed a fear that men will stand me up.
I almost assume that the planned date will not work out. I am afraid that previous experiences will be repeated. Of course, I can be disappointed again, but I need to learn that a new man, also deserves a new chance.

5. Nobody Wants Me With Child

In fact, so far I have not met anyone for whom this would not have been a problem in the long run. Of course, this is very sweeping.
I am sure that someone will convince me of the opposite at some point.

6. I Do Not Need A Man

I like to tell myself that. But it’s a lie. Whereby “need” is out of place anyway. You shouldn’t need a man, but I want one. And if I didn’t want a man, then I could stop dating.

7. I Have To Learn To Love Myself First

I think loving yourself is the best prerequisite for a relationship. But you can also learn to love yourself in a relationship. It’s just stupid to make the other person responsible for your own happiness.

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8. Everyone Just Wants Sex

The reason why men don’t contact each other has nothing to do with sex. For this I once read the following sentence “For men, sex is like pizza, even if it’s bad, it’s still good.” A man who wants sex will come forward again and if he doesn’t, it’s not because of that.

9. I Want To Spare My Child That

I really want to. But I don’t have to introduce my child to everyone right away.
With a child you have to sort out more radically what concerns men.

10. I Have No Head For A Relationship Right Now

Actually, that’s just an excuse. If I want to spend time with someone, then I have time. I don’t really want a relationship, but that could change at any time. Because if the right one comes around the corner, then I don’t want to let him go. What’s the point of drinking ten different wines if you’ve found one that tastes the best?

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Maybe you feel the same way to some extent. There are two things I would like to give you.

1. Finally, stop waiting and take the initiative yourself for once. If you always wait, can you expect that the men who approach you are also good men? So invest something and test the reaction of your counterpart.

2. Dating and men, all well and good. But don’t make it your mission. Let go and get involved at the same time.
Your stuck thoughts, can only be invalidated by new experiences.

There’s no way around it anyway, just keep getting in the ring.
Let the Battle begin.

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