10 Things Your Babysitter Knows About You

Have you ever considered all the things your babysitter knows about you? They are in your house for hours at a time. Sometimes your babysitter is only there while your kids are napping or asleep at night. Let’s take a minute to think about all the things they know about you.

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10 Things Your Babysitter Knows About You

How did you find your babysitter? Did you ask them these very important questions before you welcomed them into your home to watch your most precious little ones?

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Your wi-fi password

Do you give your babysitter your wi-fi password? If the kids are going to be asleep for the majority of the time they are there, this is a necessity.

How long you keep old take-out in the fridge

Way too long.

Your bank account number

If you have ever paid your babysitter by check, then they have your bank account number, routing number, bank info, name and address. Hope you trust them!

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Where you keep the good jewelry

Do you keep a jewelry box out on your dresser? Not the most safe place to keep something important like your good jewelry.

That you keep your pantry stocked with mac n cheese

What else are you going to feed your kids? The chicken nuggets are in the freezer.

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That you never make your bed

You try to straighten up before company comes over. But after the first few days, your babysitter isn’t really “company” anymore. You can leave the house as-is, because you know the kids are going to trash it 5 minutes after you leave anyway. Might as well save yourself the trouble of making your bed before the babysitter comes over.

Your favorite drink

Not only is your booze cabinet stocked up with your favorite liquor, you probably come home smelling like what you drank. Let’s hope you didn’t accidentally spill any on your one nice “going out” dress.

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Where you hide the booze

Even if you don’t consider your booze hidden, it’s probably not sitting out on your kitchen counter. Your babysitter probably knows what cabinet it’s in though.

Where your kids like to hide things

Why do kids hide things? It’s usually their treasured lovey that they can’t sleep without and you’re scrambling at bedtime.

What your house smells like

You can’t tell what your house really smells like because your nose gets used to it. Your babysitter comes over just infrequently enough to be able to tell what it really smells like.

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What’s something else you think your babysitter might know about you (that you might not want them to know)?

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2 thoughts on “10 Things Your Babysitter Knows About You”

  1. I can see that you are trying to be helpful, but I can see that this post may inspire unnecessary fear in parents. I babysat for years and didn’t know many of these things about the people that I babysat for. I also have 3 daughters who babysit regularly for the same families and they don’t know these things either. Not every babysitter is that nosy or interested in things like your jewelry or bank account. I would hope that you have a good relationship with the people that care for your children and know them enough to trust them with not only your children, but your home.

  2. And wouldn’t many of my friends and the businesses I use know the same thing?
    Granted, we don’t use babysitters, but – you have a babysitter that you trust with your *children* but not with your wifi password, bank account number and jewelry?
    As for the making your bed, food in the fridge, getting drunk, etc., that’s rather easy to fix if it’s something that you’re worried about anyone seeing.

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