10 Tips To Protect The Privacy Of Children

Every child and young person in the world has certain children’s rights. This includes the right to privacy. It says that parents don’t have to know everything. They are not allowed to snoop on their children by reading text messages or looking for secrets in their diaries. In addition, every child needs space for himself or herself, where he or she can be alone without being disturbed. After all, everyone wants to be unobserved from time to time. Even if parents want to protect their children as much as possible, they have to respect their privacy. Today we’ll give you 10 tips to better protect your privacy when you have nosy parents. And let’s face it, what parent isn’t curious? This trait is probably in their blood, no matter how much they trust you.

By the way, do you know what privacy means? It means the need to do some things alone and undisturbed. Besides, no one wants you snooping around their private things.

Tip #1: Quiet In The Bathroom

Parents can be terribly annoying. Especially for teenagers, it can be uncomfortable. You’ve just taken a shower and are drying off. Then mom bursts in and curiously examines her child. She says you shouldn’t get so upset about it. Besides, she thinks, you’re taking it much too seriously. After all, she only wants to know whether you have already developed a more feminine or masculine body.

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As soon as you reach puberty, your parents should protect your privacy. This means that they should not disturb you while you are showering or changing clothes if you do not agree to it. Talk to them if they are too nosy for you. If you gently explain what’s bothering you, they’ll understand.

Tip #2: Agree On Boundaries

Talking with parents can sometimes lead to good compromises. Agree, for example, that you have to knock before someone comes into your room. The topic of bathrooms and toilets should also be discussed. Tell about situations in which you felt disturbed by your parents. Address anything that bothers you.

Tip No. 3: Please Do Not Disturb!

At the latest when your boyfriend or girlfriend visits for the first time, you need a private retreat. There you can cuddle with him or her undisturbed and enjoy the togetherness.

Create trust by choosing a contraceptive method with your parents that suits you. Then it will be easier for them to leave you alone with your sweetheart.

On such occasions, “Do Not Disturb!” signs that you can hang on your bedroom door are a good way to remind family members of your need for privacy.

Tip #4: Clean Up

Don’t want your parents to have access to certain things like diaries and the like? Some moms are adamant about cleaning up their child’s room. In the process, they may snoop around and meddle in matters that are none of their business. They are not supposed to do that! Nevertheless, they will do it. That’s just the way parents are.

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The best way to avoid this is to put away private things. Make sure your parents don’t find your diary in the first place.

Tip #5: Private Passwords

The secrecy of correspondence applies to e-mails and letters sent to you just as it does to adults. This means that your parents are not allowed to read e-mails and closed letters addressed to you.

That’s why it’s important to keep email account and social network passwords private. Your parents are not allowed to ask you to give them your passwords as long as you do not do anything illegal! By the way, illegal describes actions and things that are not allowed by law.

Strictly speaking, you are not allowed to tell anyone your passwords. Not even to your own parents, of course.

Tip No. 6: Use Children’s Sites And Children’s Search Engines

You can agree with your parents that you will only surf on safe sites. Use children’s and youth portals and children’s search engines. This way your parents will be less suspicious. They will no longer have the feeling that they are spying on you. Because they know that you’re safe even without their snooping.

Talk to your parents about this if you feel like they’re checking your search history or otherwise snooping on you online.

Tip No. 7: Use Privacy Settings On Facebook And Co

For Facebook and Whatsapp there is the possibility to change your privacy settings as you like. This allows you to decide who can see your published posts and who cannot.

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This not only protects you from family spy attacks, but also prevents cyberbullying. Cyberbullying refers to teasing on the Internet, where you are bullied by spreading lies or pictures on the Internet.

You can find detailed instructions for the most important privacy settings in Facebook in our “Facebook” section in the children’s topics.

Tip No. 8: Don’t Leave Diaries Out In The Open

Diaries are just as much a private matter as letters and e-mails. It’s best to keep it a secret that you have a diary in the first place. Write down your secrets when you can be alone and not be disturbed. This way, your parents will not know that you keep a diary.

If you trust your parents to rummage through your things, keep your diary in alternate places. Alternatively, you may wish to have a lockable box in which you can lock up your private things. This is perfectly legitimate. Your parents must not reproach you for this.

If you have a PC or tablet in your room, you can create an electronic diary. Because you can protect it with a secret password, this variant is much safer than a normal diary. Only those who know the password can access it. There are special programs for password protected diaries. Please do not download a free program from the App Store or other insecure sources. It is better to use an inexpensive, but secure software package from a well-known manufacturer. If you want, you can buy your own device for it. Electronic diaries are available from Vtech and Simba, for example. They are quite cheap (under 30€).

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Tip #9: Tell What’s Going On From Time To Time

Moms are always worried about their children. It helps them if you tell them news of your own accord every now and then, without them having to follow up with their annoying questions. Plus, telling your mom about your new boyfriend, for example, boosts her confidence.

Talk openly about topics like contraception and sex. This is the only way your parents can be sure that you are well informed. Anyone who plans to be intimate with their partner should know about things like contraception, STDs, and pregnancy.

Tip #10: Tit For Tat!

Be a good example for your parents! You think this sentence is backwards? No. Because only if you respect your parents’ privacy can they also treat you with the necessary respect. Don’t just barge into their bedroom without knocking. Leave your mom or dad alone when he or she is taking a bath or sitting at the toilet. Treat your parents as you would like to be treated.

Don’t snoop around in their private things or help yourself to your mother’s handbag without asking her. Because your parents also have the right to privacy. They don’t want you snooping around in their private things any more than you do.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Explain the difficult words from the text.
What does…

  • Privacy
  • Cyberbullying
  • illegal

2) Why should you respect your parents’ privacy?

3) Privacy is a human right and a child’s right. Can you explain what children’s rights are? Use a dictionary or encyclopedia and write down what you can find in it about children’s rights.

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