10 Ways To Let Go Of Pacifier Use

Are you struggling with getting your toddler to stop the regular pacifier use? Babies can form a strong attachment to the plastic binky and it’s hard to make them let go of it. Read more stories and advice from real moms we know on how to let go of the pacifier, but first check out the 10 solid, proven and also creative ways to let go of the pacifier we have listed below.

Don't wait any longer! Check out our 10 ways to let go of pacifier use that will easily work with your baby or toddler!

10 Ways to Let Go of Pacifier Use

Put the pacifier in a stuffed animal

Take the pacifier to Build A Bear and have it sewn into a special animal. Or you can place it inside a toy your child already has at home. That way the pacifier with be able to stay with your child at the same time that they are giving up regular pacifier use.  This can keep the bond and comfort close by without them using the pacifier any longer.

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A visit from the Binky Fairy

Kind of like the Tooth Fairy, the Binky Fairy comes and takes the pacifiers away and leaves a present or money in its place. This would be a good option for a child who is old enough to understand what the Tooth Fairy and Binky Fairy is.

[easyazon_link identifier=”0979670004″ locale=”US” tag=”practmommy-20″]Goodbye Binky, The Binky Fairy Story[/easyazon_link]

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Set up a reward chart

Create a reward or sticker chart to track your child’s progress. Every time they go without the pacifier, they get a sticker or reward to celebrate.  Bribery may be against the grain, but when it comes to limiting pacifier use it works wonders.

Melissa and Doug Responsibility Chart

Try this Melissa and Doug Responsibility Chart

Try a slow transition

With a slow transition, you slowly take away their reliance on the pacifier. Most parents who use this process take away the paci except for naps and bedtime. Then only allow the paci at bedtime. Then no pacifier use is allowed at all.

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Going cold turkey

Going cold turkey is like ripping off a band-aid. The first few days may be rough, but it’s a quick end to the pacifier.

Personally, we tried the slow transition, but I couldn’t stick to it. I had to go cold turkey in order to get over the pacifier quickly.

Don't wait any longer! Check out our 10 ways to let go of pacifier use that will easily work with your baby or toddler!

Fly away on a balloon

Another way to say good-bye is to send the pacifier off on a balloon. Tie the pacifier to the string of a helium balloon and let your child know that the pacifier is going away. You can tell them that the pacifier is going to have fancy adventures in a new country or is going to another baby who needs it (Mary Poppins style).

Replacement toy

Give your child a new teether toy (like this one made out of super soft organic cotton) to replace the pacifier. Make sure they understand that they need to exchange the pacifier for the new toy and that the pacifier will be gone. Try getting them a toy that will hold their attention for a long time, instead of something they will forget about quickly.

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I got this teething bacon for my son. It made me laugh! He likes it too. It looks like a dog doy in person, so we call it his dog toy.

Throw a “goodbye” party

Celebrate growing up by throwing a “good-bye” party for the pacifier. Your child is now a big boy or a big girl and they don’t need a pacifier anymore. Make it a rite of passage from being a toddler to being a big kid.

Read books

There are tons of books out there that can introduce the idea of letting go of the pacifier. I suggest that whichever process you use, start with books.

 No More Pacifier, Duck (Hello Genius) No More Pacifier for Piggy! (Ducky and Piggy) Paci-Flyers: Farewell to pacifiers Picture Book:Time To Say Goodbye


Read MoreBye-Bye Binky from Parents.com

Start a countdown

Similar to an advent calendar, you can start a visual countdown for when the pacifier is going bye-bye. Your kids will be able to easily see how long they have left so that the actual end is easier to handle.

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Limiting or getting rid of pacifier use in your baby or toddler can truly be just as traumatic for you as it is for them.  Don’t wait any longer, use our tips to begin the process today.

Find out how other moms handled it in the Parenting Lounge.

How did your child let go of the pacifier? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook.

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  1. We removed the nipples from our pacifiers for our 1st and 3rd. My oldest had difficulty with the change and slept with just the plastic handle for a few months. Our 3rd used wubba nub pacifiers which are sewn into little stuffed animals, those little animals are still his favorite bedtime companions. He had no problem with the transition thanks in large part to the fact that he still had his friends with him even if they didn’t have the nipple attached.

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