1000 Refugees In A Village Of 100 Souls

1000 Refugees in a village of 100 souls: How is that supposed to work? Sumte in Lower Saxony will soon be home to 1000 refugees. Yet the village has just 100 inhabitants. This means that there will soon be 10 refugees for every inhabitant. Even the mayor of Sumte was only recently informed that 1000 refugees will soon be housed in his village.

Sumte: No Police And No Supermarket

In the small village, which has just 100 inhabitants, there is no police and not even a supermarket. All these things have never been needed in Sumte, because if the 100 people living in Sumte had a problem, the police came from the neighboring village, and if the people from Sumte wanted to buy something to eat, they drove by car or the Ferry (there is a big river that separates Sumte from other villages) to the neighboring village or town and bought something there.

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The Distribution Of The Refugees

The village of Sumte learned only a few days ago that it is to receive 1000 refugees. The building in which the refugees are to live for the time being is suitable for a maximum of 250 people. So where to put all the refugees? No one in Sumte knows the answer to this question at the moment. The distribution of the refugees follows a strict procedure. Nevertheless, the question arises why no other place in Lower Saxony was found for such a large number of refugees than Sumte, of all places. The citizens of Sumte are afraid. They do not know exactly what they are afraid of, but it remains to be seen whether 1000 refugees will really come to Sumte in the end.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Refugees are people who had to leave their homeland because they were afraid for their life there because of war or persecution. Currently, a lot of refugees come to Germany because of the war in Syria.

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A Ferry ferry is a small ship that takes people across a river or even across the sea, like at the islands in the North Sea. On a ferry, you can often even drive up with a car.

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