11. WOP

Your baby is growing and growing and has already reached the size of a strawberry. However, at 9 g, the fetus is only about half the weight of an average, medium-sized strawberry.

Of course, your child does not look like the little red berry. On the contrary, your baby is taking on more and more human features. Are you curious about what else happens in the 11th week of pregnancy? We have the answers for you.

Important facts about the 11th week of pregnancy: What you should know

The development of all organs and body parts of your baby is complete, so it is now dedicated to growth. The risk of miscarriage is also close to 0.

Your baby is now about 4 cm tall and weighs about 7 g.

Due to the increased blood supply for your baby, you may experience circulatory problems. Rest and drink enough.

Tip for expectant fathers

Cleaning agents, lawn fertilizers or other chemical-based agents may contain harmful substances that can be dangerous, especially for the child. These substances should not come into contact with the pregnant woman. Take over these tasks and protect the child and mother.

This happens to you

In the 11th week of pregnancy you complete the first third of your pregnancy. For outsiders, however, a change is usually not yet recognizable.

You may already notice a small bulge in your abdomen. This can be concealed with loose tops, because you probably still want to keep your pregnancy a secret.

If you have problems with the width of your pants, you can delay the purchase of pregnancy pants if you want to. With waistbands you can bridge the first time well.

Most women gain about 2 kg in the first three months. The reason for this is usually constipation or hunger pangs. But you don’t have to worry about your weight. Your body is working at full speed right now – make sure that it is well supplied.

Maybe you have always dreamed of your hair growing faster? Then the time has come: Due to the increased estrogen level, hair and nails usually grow better and more intensively in the 11th week of pregnancy, because the hormone estrogen stimulates hair growth.

Your uterus also grows from day to day. In the 11th week it is about the size of an orange. In the coming weeks and months, however, it will increase significantly in weight and size.

It is finding a place in your body and stretching its muscles and tendons to carry the weight of your baby. This change will not pass you by without some discomfort.

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Pregnancy symptoms in the 11th week of pregnancy and what you can do about them

Slowly but surely the usual complaints in early pregnancy such as fatigue, nausea and vomiting disappear. Soon you will have overcome the early exhausting phase of your pregnancy.

Circulation problems

High blood pressure can throw your body off balance more often during the 11th week of pregnancy and lead to circulatory problems.

This is because your body is currently ensuring that the fetus and the placenta are optimally supplied with blood. The blood volume in your body will therefore increase by about 50 % by the end of the pregnancy.

It is best to take it easy and plan rest and recovery breaks into your day. If the circulation problems persist and do not disappear, you should consult your doctor.

However, the increased circulation has a positive side effect: hands and feet are pleasantly warmed.

Abdominal pain

The constipation that plagued you in the 10th week of pregnancy usually subsides in the 11th week. However, abdominal pain and pain in the lower abdomen may still occur. This is because your uterus is still growing.

Normally, this is not a cause for concern. You can recognize them by a pulling sensation in your abdomen. They can be compared to period pains.

However, if you experience spotting, severe cramps and fever, you should contact your gynecologist.

Listen toyour body. It is better to visit your gynecologist once too often than once too little. The gynecologist is at your side during pregnancy. A midwife can also help you with problems.

What can be seen on the ultrasound during the 11th week of pregnancy?

In the ultrasound, you can see the wriggling movements of your baby.

Theoretically, it would already be possible to determine the sex of the baby in the 11th week of gestation. However, for this it would have to lie on its back and your gynecologist would have to have a very good ultrasound machine, because a clear determination is still very difficult.

The probability that the correct sex can be determined is only about 46%. An exact determination is possible from the 20th week of pregnancy.

If it is not absolutely necessary to know the sex for health reasons, such as hereditary family diseases, you should rather refrain from doing so at the present time. Otherwise, false expectations could arise.

What is the risk of miscarriage in the 11th week of pregnancy?

The first three months of pregnancy are also called early pregnancy. During this time, the risk of miscarriage is highest.

As the pregnancy progresses, the risk of miscarriage decreases. In the 13th week of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is approximately 0.7%.

Prenatal diagnostics in the 11th week of pregnancy

The middle of the 3rd month of pregnancy is the time to decide for or against additional prenatal diagnostics. Prenatal diagnostics can provide information about the baby’s health and identify limitations and medical conditions.

Prenatal diagnostics are especially recommended for high-risk pregnant women. But abnormalities in the ultrasound

can also be reasons for a prenatal diagnosis to clarify the origin and the risk. Especially with regard to the need for action immediately after birth, a prenatal diagnosis is often helpful and can prevent permanent damage or even save the life of the baby.

Other reasons for prenatal diagnosis are hereditary diseases, the feeling of certainty or complications in previous pregnancies.

Only in exceptional cases are the costs of prenatal diagnostics covered by health insurance. Therefore, if you have a treatment performed only as a precaution, you should expect additional costs. It is best to inform yourself in advance at your health insurance company.

Note: You have the right to refuse any prenatal diagnostics, even if there are abnormalities in the ultrasound. If you do not want to receive additional information about your child’s health, you do not have to.

Prenatal diagnostic examinations are:

Non-invasive methods:

  • Ultrasound
  • Screening (focus on nuchal translucency)
  • Doppler sonography (examination of blood flow)
  • Triple test (blood test)

Invasive methods:

  • Chorionic villus sampling (tissue cell collection and examination)
  • Amniocentesis (amniotic fluid examination)

This happens with the baby

In the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, all body parts and organs of your baby have already formed and are fully developed since the 10th week of pregnancy. That is why it is now called a fetus .

During this week, the organs continue to grow and mature, and the fetus now devotes most of its time to growth. By the 15th week, the fetus will have doubled in length. The growth of your child naturally also affects the size of your baby bump.

Your baby can now control its movements and clench its little hands into fists. It is also able to swallow amniotic fluid.

At the moment, however, you cannot feel the movements. Your baby is still too small for that. But between the 16th week and the 20th week you will start to notice the movements.

How your baby develops in the 11th week of gestation

In principle, the fetus is fully developed in the 11th week.

The body parts are slowly adapting to their final proportions and the ears are moving to their correct position.

Until now, the skeleton of the fetus consisted of cartilage. From this, bones develop in the 11th SSW. In addition, the thorax closes and the sex organs continue to form.

During the 11th week of gestation, new layers of skin are formed, so the fetus’ skin is not as transparent as it used to be. Your baby will also grow finger and toe nails this week.

The first hairs are also growing now. The lanugo hair covers the body of the fetus. This is a fine down. It is especially important for your baby because it warms its skin and protects it in the amniotic fluid.

During this week, your baby also develops its taste buds. In addition, the first tooth buds develop in the mouth, from which the milk teeth will later grow.

This is important now

First preventive checkup

If you have not yet been to your gynecologist for the first major check-up with ultrasound, then this is about to happen. This takes place between the 9th week of pregnancy and the 11th week of pregnancy.

This is a great appointment for you – it is the first meeting with your daughter or son. On the ultrasound, you can see your baby for the first time.

During the examination, your health will also be checked. The doctor will check your blood count and urine for germs and sugar.

Of course, the development of your baby will also be examined in detail and it will be determined by ultrasound whether everything is proceeding without complications.

The size, position and movement of the fetus are also looked at in more detail. On the basis of these datathis data can then be used to calculate the date of delivery.

Finally, there is a time you can look forward to, because you can hardly wait to hold your baby in your arms. From the 11th week of pregnancy, further tests can be carried out to detect genetic diseases in your child.

It is best to find out about these prenatal diagnostics and talk to your gynecologist about how useful they are for you.


It is best to start thinking about which clinic you would like to give birth in or how you would like to give birth in general. It is often necessary to register at many clinics at a very early stage. In addition, the decision about the method of delivery is a very personal one, which may also require a few weeks of reflection.

Birth preparation courses can also be booked up very quickly in many places. It is best to make an appointment as early as possible.

You can also start to think about how and when you want to inform your employer about your pregnancy. However, you can wait with the announcement until you have completed the third month and thus the critical phase of early pregnancy is over.

How to support your body in the 11th week of pregnancy


Lie down from time to time and relax. If you have abdominal or stomach pain, you can use a hot water bottle. This can relieve the pain and help you relax.

A warm bath can also help. But please do not bathe in temperatures hotter than 37-38 degrees. When bathing in these temperatures, the blood vessels dilate and as a result the blood pressure drops. The result can be circulatory problems, which increases the risk of accidents.

Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with an extended bath with nice music and perhaps in candlelight.


Long walks, swimming or other light exercise will not only keep you fit, but can also help you relax and relieve stomach aches.

Not only does it take your mind off things, but the exercise helps your uterus stretch and pull, relieving your discomfort.

It’s not easy to get up to exercise when you’re in pain, but maybe the prospect of improvement will be all the motivation you need.

Midwife Tip

You’re almost through the critical early stages of your pregnancy, which is also when most of the discomfort occurs.

If your circulation goes crazy, take breaks and listen to your body. Put your feet up and relax.

The warmth of a bath often helps against abdominal discomfort. But exercise is also good and supports the uterus in its expansion.

Just do what you feel like doing and what is good for you


What happens in the 11th WOP?

Since all organs and body parts are fully developed since the 10th week of pregnancy, your baby is now increasingly dedicated to growth.

How big is the baby at 11th week of pregnancy?

In the 11th week of gestation, the baby is about the size of a strawberry at about 4 cm.

What is the size of the uterus in the 11th week of pregnancy?

The uterus is about the size of an orange at 11 weeks of pregnancy.

What does the fetus look like at 11 weeks of pregnancy?

The fetus now has all body parts and organs and takes on more and more human characteristics.

How big is the belly at 11 weeks gestation?

A baby bump is usually not visible in the 11th week of pregnancy. However, a small bulge may be visible in the abdomen. However, this can be well concealed with shirts, so as not to have to announce the pregnancy before the end of the critical phase of the first three months.

What does the baby look like at 11 weeks gestation?

In the 11th week of gestation, the baby is about 4 cm tall and the human shape can be seen. Small fingers and toes are also visible, as well as the eyes and nose.

WOP 11 video

Charlotte takes you through her 11th week of pregnancy in which she is having problems with her circulation.

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