12 Things No One Tells You Before You Become A Mother

When you have a child, everything changes. That much is clear. When I had my daughter two years ago, it was the same. Still, looking back, I didn’t know how much would actually change in my life.

1. Little Did I Know That My Daughter Would Be The Worst Roommate Ever

She is a real whirlwind and leaves her mark everywhere. More and more, the new roommate is spreading. The bed is painted all over, electronic devices are put away for safety reasons, the sofa is crumbled, the bed is made full.
The new roommate goes to the shelf, pulls out every book and spreads them all over the floor. She decides when to sleep and how to sleep.

2. I Did Not Know What Powers Are In Me

Carrying child, as well as shopping, and pushing the stroller with my free hand at the same time? No problem! I also no longer need sleep. At the latest at 7:00 in the morning, I am always reminded.

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3. I Did Not Know That I Will Soon Have Nothing More To Do With Many People

“You’re having a baby? Congratulations!” but that was it. With the birth of the child one is out of the leisure time planning of the party friends. Since you don’t have time anyway and are often forced to cancel, no one asks you any more.
Suddenly, life plans no longer fit together and you see less of each other.

4. I Didn’t Know That With Children Everyone Thinks They Have A Say

When my child doesn’t want to sit on the train again, I’m forced to hold her. She screams and squirms, but she really can’t run around.
Next to me was an older man, who immediately trumpeted “What a spoiled child.” One is actually always exposed to such comments.
In the supermarket, in the park, on the street.

Whenever my daughter doesn’t want something and throws herself on the ground, I’m always met with passing glances. If no comments come, I can already hear them in my head: “She doesn’t have her child under control at all.” Why can’t someone say something encouraging?

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5. I Didn’t Know That One’s Own Child Could Make A Day Either The Best Day, Or The Worst Day

My child has the power. With her mood, she determines mine too. Normally, you could just walk away if you didn’t like someone’s bad mood. Here you can’t. There are good and bad phases and you have to go through them all.

6. I Didn’t Know That You Can’t Be Sick As A Mother

Sick children are a horror. But it’s even worse when you’re sick yourself and the child is fit. But since someone has to keep things running, there’s not much rest.

7. I Didn’t Know That I Was Discovering Sides Of Myself That I Didn’t Even Know Existed

For example, I was not aware of how impatient I am. A child that doesn’t want to get dressed, stops at every bush and sits on every ledge, that really drives me crazy.

8. I Didn’t Know That I Can’t Even Go To The Toilet By Myself

My child is always with me. He follows me everywhere. Even on the quiet little toilet I have no more peace, but Bespaße my child on the side.

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9. I Didn’t Know That Everything Is Just A Phase

As soon as you have a child, everything is a phase. We are in the defiance phase right now. A long, seemingly never-ending phase.

10. I Didn’t Know That I Would Suddenly See My Parents In A Different Light

Now that I know how difficult it actually is to raise a child, I suddenly have a heck of a lot of respect for my parents. I’m incredibly grateful for everything they’ve ever done for me. At the same time, I feel a little bad for only now realizing this.

11. I Didn’t Know That There Are Two Kinds Of Friends And Acquaintances

First, there are those who are intensively involved with my child. Somehow I am happy about that, because then I have a bit of peace. Then there are the silent observers who watch you raise your child, but at the same time want to be entertained.

12. I Didn’t Know That The People Who Most Often Give Parenting Tips Are The Ones Who Don’t Have Children And Who You Don’t Know

Sure, maybe these people just mean well. I just wonder why childless people always think they know everything better.

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