The 1st Birthday – Celebrate Child-Friendly And Stress-Free

Just in the postpartum period and already it is here: the 1st birthday of your child. You will surely look forward to this day with a lot of joy but also with some melancholy.

After all, your child’s first birthday marks the end of babyhood. Maybe your child can already walk, it can eat more and more by itself and babbles the first words.

This marks the beginning of a new time for you: the time with a toddler. A first birthday therefore deserves special attention as a transition and a review of the first year with your baby.

But how do you celebrate a 1st birthday? Which guests should be invited? What kind of birthday decorations does a first birthday need? And what’s for dinner? Can a child’s birthday already be celebrated?

These questions are answered here.

A First Birthday And The Guest List

As a first step, you should think about who should celebrate your child’s birthday with you. In addition to the parents and siblings, the grandparents are of course on the guest list. In addition, uncles, aunts, great-grandparents, friends or neighbors can be invited.

But also other important reference person for you or your child can enrich the birthday. Think about who you would like to have with you and who your child particularly likes.

However, too much hustle and bustle can quickly cause your child great anxiety.

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So keep the guest list in check. Unless your child is a party person and can’t have enough action around him.

The Invitations For The 1st Birthday

Invite your and your child’s guests well in advance so everyone can take their time and not have to cancel. You can make invitation cards or design them on the computer. Invitations via a message on a smartphone are also common today.

Besides the important dates for the celebration, beautiful photos can individualize the invitation card. How about a baby photo and a recent photo side by side? A first birthday is predestined for photos on the invitation card.

Or a particularly funny photo of your child eating cake?

There are no limits to your imagination. As a small souvenir, you can create an invitation card more, which you then put your child as a souvenir in his photo book of the first year.

First Birthday: The Right Gift

A first birthday is not yet as conscious for a child as all other birthdays will be. Nevertheless, your child will feel the excitement and sense that today is a special day.

And, of course, you want to give your child a first birthday gift, even if he or she doesn’t yet have a wish list as long as a mile.

Your child will be very happy about the unwrapping and will surely notice during the day that there are great things in the colorfully wrapped packages from you and the other guests. This way, even a first birthday will quickly become a highlight for your child.

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In addition to age-appropriate toys, beautiful cardboard picture books or items of clothing are a good choice. Special gifts for the first birthday are an engraved children’s cutlery, a personal cup or a birthday plate with name and date of birth.

This plate can be used by the birthday child in the future as a cake plate on his birthday.

The Right Birthday Decoration

To make your child feel even more that today is his first birthday and therefore a special day, you can also get beautiful party decorations and decorate the place of celebration with them.

Children especially like colorful objects for their 1st birthday: streamers, garlands and balloons are therefore particularly suitable as party decorations. Balloons are also great to play with.

If other children are invited to the party, they will also be happy to see balloons and colorful garlands flying around. Candles and sparklers will also amaze your child. For example, you can carry the birthday cake to the birthday table with lit sparklers.

A special birthday decoration are pictures of your child from the past year. Your child will not consciously notice them, but the guests will notice them even more.

You can hang photos from the past year on a string or magnetic board and especially the grandparents will be enchanted. You can also look back on the past year.

These photos from last year as a party decoration, by the way, your child will perceive more and more consciously in the next few years and learn to love.

Children love looking at their own baby and children’s photos and like to remember past experiences. So you can continue this party decoration in the years to come.

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The Right Food For The Birthday Party

Even a first birthday can not do without: The birthday cake is an absolute must and must not be missing in any case. Often children have not yet had so much experience with cake until their 1st birthday.

But today it may be especially delicious: the first chocolate cake or cream puff, strawberry cake or pudding dumplings. All kinds of cakes and pies are possible. You certainly know what your child likes and can bake or order an appropriate cake.

And at the coffee table, too, your child reacts above all to visual stimuli. So it can be colorful: Smarties or colorful frosting make the cake an eye-catcher and at the same time a party decoration for your child.

A First Birthday And A Child’s Birthday Party?

Pot banging, blind man’s buff and a treasure hunt – the classics of children’s birthday parties. However, your child will not be able to do much with them on his 1st birthday. Nor does your child have any actual friendships at this age.

Therefore, it is not necessary to organize a children’s birthday party as you know it. A first birthday does not require an entertainment program. For you as a mother, however, it can be very nice to celebrate your child’s 1st birthday with other children and their mothers.

The idea is especially nice if friendships have developed from birth preparation, prenatal regression or baby gymnastics. Then you all have children of a similar age and could look back on the time together.

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If you decide to have such a celebration, invite the other mothers and their children well in advance. In addition to an age-appropriate snack of birthday cake, you can also add party decorations to emphasize the specialness of the celebration.

The kids certainly don’t need a lot of play activities. A few age-appropriate toys, a ball pit or colorful balloons and the kids will be able to keep busy.

The Memories Of The 1st Birthday

Your child won’t remember his first birthday later. However, he will love to hear about it. What was my first birthday actually like?

With various ideas you can therefore make the birthday party a beautiful memory. Of course, this includes a lot of photos. You can look at them later with your child and tell him about the celebration.

These Photos Must Not Be Missing From The 1st Birthday

  • Birthday boy at the birthday table.
  • Unwrapping the gifts.
  • Trying out the gifts.
  • Birthday cake
  • Guests
  • Buffet

You can create your own small photo album of the celebration or include the photos at the end of the baby album. Also a nice idea is to fill a memory box.

Here you can put photos, part of the party decorations, an important gift, an invitation card to the celebration and greeting cards from the guests in a beautiful box and explore it with your child in later years.

A first birthday is a special moment and should be remembered for a long time.

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