20. WOP

The 20th week of gestation is the last week of the 5th month of pregnancy and you are now almost halfway through your pregnancy. One more week and you will be holding your daughter or son in your arms! You still have to be patient for a little while, but we will show you what developments your little treasure will make in the 20th week of pregnancy.

Important facts about the 20th week: What you should know

Your baby is about 25 cm tall and weighs 300 g in the 20th week. It is now no longer measured from the crown to the rump, but from the crown to the heel.

The sensory perceptions are developed and strongly pronounced. In addition to the first color distinctions, your baby can follow your conversations completely.

You can feel your baby’s movements more and more and your baby bump can no longer be hidden.

This happens with you

Baby movements

For most expectant mothers, the baby’s movements are clearly noticeable in the 20th week of gestation. If your baby moves a little too much and fusses too much, you can put your hand on your belly and talk to your baby.

He feels the touch and hears your voice and will react to it. Your baby also likes to be stroked .

You don’t feel any movements yet? Do not worry about it. Every pregnancy and every baby develops individually. Maybe your baby is just not ready yet.

If you still have concerns and are worried, your midwife and your gynecologist are the right people to contact and can help you.

Tip for fathers-to-be

You have certainly noticed that your wife forgets many things or cannot remember agreements. The reason for this is pregnancy dementia: many expectant mothers suffer from forgetfulness, which you can best take with humor instead of becoming impatient.

Pregnancy symptoms in the 20th week and what you can do about them

Shortness of breath

You’re in the last week of your 5th month of pregnancy. The growing uterus and its extra weight are putting pressure on your internal organs. That’s why many pregnant women become a little short of breath from the 20th week of pregnancy.

Just take the time and the breaks you need. Your partner, your family and your friends can certainly take things off your hands to relieve you.

Urinary urgency and stomach problems

The uterus grows upwards and the upper edge is at about the level of the belly button in the 20th week of pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the uterus continues to grow in this direction until it reaches about the level of the breastbone.

Unfortunately, this does not leave your organs unscathed. Don’t worry, they won’t be damaged, but you may experience some discomfort, such as frequent urination and stomach problems .

The alternative for you should of course not be to drink less. An adequate fluid intake of up to 3 liters of water or other unsweetened beverages a day is still important for you and your baby.


This will also relieve heartburn. Otherwise, you can also bed your upper body a little higher. This will also alleviate the heartburn, because the reflux of stomach acid is prevented.

You should also avoid acidic foods if you have heartburn, so as not to irritate your gastric juices even more.

Pregnancy rhinitis

Increased estrogen levels in many pregnant women are accompanied by a cold or swelling of the nasal mucosa and increased production of nasal secretions.

If the cold subsides after a short time, you do not need to worry – but if the cold symptoms last longer, a visit to the doctor is recommended.

What can be seen on the ultrasound during the 20th week of pregnancy?

With 90 % certainty, your gynecologist can tell you the sex of your baby in the 20th week of gestation. The sexual organs are fully mature and the current size of your baby should now be able to identify the sex.

If you would like to know the sex before the birth, you are certainly already quite relaxed in anticipation of this moment.

If you would rather be surprised and not know the sex before birth, tell the doctor before the ultrasound examination.

What is the risk of miscarriage in the 20th week of pregnancy?

At the end of the 5th month of pregnancy in the 20th week of gestation, the risk of miscarriage is 0.5%. The risk has already decreased to this minimal value since the 14th week of pregnancy, because at this point the high-risk early stage of pregnancy was over.

So you can continue to sit back, relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

What happens with the baby

From the 20th week of pregnancy, your baby is no longer measured from the crown to the rump, but can be measured from the crown to the heel.

For some time now, your baby has no longer been lying curled up in your belly , but is very active, stretching and playing happily.

Your baby is doing somersaults, playing with hands, feet and also with the umbilical cord. Every now and then, he even sucks on a little finger.

He is now drinking more and more of the amniotic fluid. Some of it is digested, the rest is excreted through the urinary system. Your baby drinks around 400 ml of amniotic fluid a day. Drinking not only helps him practice swallowing, but also strengthens his kidneys.

On the one hand, drinking amniotic fluid serves as breathing exercise for the time outside your belly, and on the other hand, sucking and swallowing are trained at an early stage because they are essential for the baby’s survival. This is the only way it can absorb your breast milk later on.

The amount of amniotic fluid in your uterus is regulated by the placenta and depends on the needs and size of your baby. This in turn affects your weight gain and your abdominal girth. It is completely renewed every three hours.

How your baby develops in the 20th week of gestation

In the 20th week, all internal organs are formed and their development is almost complete. They will continue to mature in the coming weeks and in the first years of life. In addition, all nerve cells are formed in the 20th week.

The development of sensory perceptions such as smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing and seeing are complete.

Even if your baby’s eyes remain closed for a few more weeks and do not open until the 6th month of pregnancy, your baby can now distinguish bright light from dark

Sounds from outside are now not only perceived by your offspring, but can even be distinguished. What is particularly exciting is that your baby will recognize songs that it hears more often now, even after birth.

Some moms-to-be use this to get their baby used to the soothing melody of a music box during pregnancy, so that their baby will recognize the melody after birth and feel safe and secure right away. The same principle applies to your voice: The baby will recognize it after birth, which is why you should talk to your baby a lot during pregnancy.

In addition to the fuzz that has been covering your baby’s body for several weeks, eyebrows are now forming.

This is important now


From the 20th week of gestation, it is time to start preparing for the birth and to start shopping for the baby. It is especially nice if you and your partner already create a family feeling and do these errands together. You can browse for baby cribs together and test drive strollers together.

At the beginning, it’s best to make a list of all the things that will be needed for you and for the baby after the birth.

Friends and relatives whose children have already outgrown this first phase can certainly give some things to you. If you don’t want to buy everything new, children’s bazaars, second-hand stores and online marketplaces are a cheap and sustainable alternative.

Birth preparation

A birth preparation course not only prepares you for the birth, but also informs you about all the important things: What is the right place for you to give birth? How does the birth make itself felt? What do I need in the hospital? What birthing positions are there? What happens afterwards? These and other questions will be answered there.

Birthpreparation courses are usually organized by midwives and last 14 hours on different days. The costs are covered by the health insurance.

If your partner also wants to take part, they usually have to pay for their own participation. Nevertheless, it is nice if you can attend the course together and your partner also knows all the important things. This way you can share the responsibility and you can be sure that your partner can support you in any situation.

Especially practical is the possibility of an online childbirth preparation course. You can attend this course from the comfort of your own home.

This is how you can support your body in the 20th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy fashion

If you haven’t bought maternity clothes yet, then it’s definitely starting to become inevitable. It is a great way to take the pressure off your body.

Pregnancy or nursing bras support your breasts and prevent back pain. In addition, they often do without lace, which would irritate your sensitive nipples now.

Pregnancy pants with wide, elastic waistband ensure that the pants do not cut into the abdomen and you have a high wearing comfort.

Easy movement

Surely you already notice how every step and every movement becomes more strenuous. Nevertheless, a walk, yoga or swimming provides relaxation and loosens up the muscles

You should refrain from competitive sports or sports with an increased risk of falling and injury .

Midwife tip

In the 20th week of pregnancy, the pregnancy symptoms are limited and you are still quite fit. From the 7th month of pregnancy, this can be somewhat different.

If you want to take a short vacation before the birth and relax for a few days, now is the right time.

Make sure that you don’t overexert yourself on vacation and that there is a high standard of hygiene


How big is the baby at 20 weeks gestation?

The baby is in the 20th WOP is about 25 cm tall and thus the size of a papaya.

What happens in the 20th WOP?

In the 20th week of gestation, the baby’s sensory perceptions are strong and he is very active. The movements can be felt more and more.

How often do you feel the baby in the 20th week of gestation?

It is not possible to say across the board how often you feel the baby in the 20th week of gestation. Every baby moves differently and not every expectant mother feels her baby already in the 20th week. Basically, the baby is more active in the evening, when the expectant mother becomes calmer, because the movements of everyday life rock the baby to sleep. If you normally feel your baby regularly and then don’t for 24 hours, you should see a doctor.

WOP 20: In which month are you?

In the 20th WOP you are at the end of the 5th month of pregnancy.

What does the baby look like at 20 weeks gestation?

In the 20th WOP, all parts of the baby’s body are formed. By now, they have the right proportions to each other. The baby already looks like a little tiny person.

How safe is the sex determination in the 20th WOP?

Sex determination on ultrasound is very reliable in the 20th week of gestation and is about 90%. Nevertheless, it is possible that a doctor is wrong and the baby does not want to reveal its sex beforehand.

Videos about the 20th WOP

Ysis tells you about her 20th WOP.

Jess takes you to her 4D ultrasound.

The best products for you and your baby.

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Diaper bags

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A pucksack gives your baby the feeling of security, like in the womb, and thus supports a peaceful and restful sleep.

Bicycle trailer

Bicycle trailers can be used in combination with a baby seat shortly after birth. They are not only safer than child seats but also more comfortable.


A playpen can be very practical in everyday life! Which model is suitable for your needs, you can read in my guide.

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