25. WOP

With the 25th WOP you have arrived at the 7th month of pregnancy. Your baby is very active and moves around in your belly. He can now hold certain positions because his sense of balance is developing. These and other developments are coming your way in the 25th week of pregnancy.

Important facts about the 25th week: What you should know

Your baby weighs about 800 g in the 25th week and is about 33 cm tall.

Your baby’s sense of balance is developing.

Brain development is progressing and the cerebral cortex is dividing into different layers. It gradually takes over different functions.

The baby’s sensory perceptions continue to develop.

Due to the increasing weight of the baby and the uterus, pregnancy again brings some discomfort for you from the 25th week of pregnancy. Back and sleep problems as well as an increased urge to urinate are the consequences.

What happens to you

Abdominal girth and weight gain

As your baby grows and gains weight from week to week, your weight and your baby bump will also change. Pregnancy is a very individual process and affects every body differently.

Also interesting:

Therefore, the belly grows differently in every woman. Maybe you are one of those who already have a clear baby bump in the 25th week of pregnancy, or maybe you only have a small belly so far.

Your weight gain is just as individual. It varies from woman to woman.

The only thing that counts is the optimal development of your baby. As long as your doctor doesn’t ask you about your weight gain and your belly, everything is fine.

If you are still unsure whether everything is okay, your gynecologist and midwife are there for you.


In the 25th week of gestation, your little darling is very active

and continues to train his muscles and movements. He still has enough room to do this and makes full use of his range of motion.

You can not only feel the movements, but they are also visible on your abdominal wall.

If your baby does a somersault, you may see his head or feel it with your hand on your belly. Or your baby is stretching out and one of its feet or hands is reaching out to you.

Tip for fathers-to-be

Check with your health insurance provider to see if they offer – or even pay for – prenatal classes. Pregnancy courses often start in the third trimester, which is why it makes sense to find out about the general conditions now.

Pregnancy symptoms in the 25th week and what you can do about them

Slowly your body begins to suffer again from the pregnancy. Due to the increasing weight of your baby, there is a growing strain on your body.

Back problems

Your uterus is about the size of a soccer ball and its weight is putting more and more pressure on your internal organs.

The increasing weight of the baby and uterus presses on your back, the entire skeleton and the ligaments. The center of gravity of your body shifts forward. This automatically puts you into a hollow back.

This is quite normal and nature has prepared for it. Your spine is much stronger and more elastic in the lumbar region than men’s and can handle this strain.

Nevertheless, back pain can become increasingly noticeable and you will find it more and more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Try to sleep on your left side from the 25th week at the latest. This will relieve the strain on your organs and provide your baby with the best possible care.

In addition, it can help you to use a breastfeeding or side sleeping pillow. Place the pillow on the lower leg and bend the upper leg on it. This creates a comfortable and relieving sleeping position.

Sleep problems

Do you have problems getting to sleep lately? Do you sleep restlessly or dream very intensively? This is not pleasant for you, but quite normal in this time of pregnancy.

The pregnancy hormone progesterone causes intense dreams

and, in addition, your subconscious is occupied at night with the changes of pregnancy and the thoughts that move you during the day.

Maybe you are worried and thinking a lot about the birth and the time after? It is best to get the things that rob you of your sleep off your chest.

Talking to your doctor or midwife can certainly clear up some of your worries. Your mother, or friends who have already been pregnant, can also be at your side and certainly make one or two doubts disappear.

Your partner and your other family members and friends can also help you with advice and action and can bring you to other thoughts.

Strong urge to urinate

Due to the increasing pressure of the weight of the uterus and your baby, the urge to urinate can increase from the 25th week.

You should definitely plan for this during long journeys.

In addition, your tissues become looser during pregnancy. Therefore, urinary tract infections can occur more easily than usual.

The best way to prevent an infection is not to wait too long to go to the toilet and always empty your bladder completely.

If you have pain when urinating or a constant urge to go to the bathroom, it is important to see a doctor right away. These are signs of a urinary tract infection.

Treatment of a urinary tract infection is quick and easy. However, if it is carried over and not treated, it can lead to complications for the pregnancy. Routinely, your urine will be tested at every checkup with your gynecologist.

Heavy legs

During the 25th week of pregnancy, women are more likely to experience heavy legs. Therefore, take breaks as often as possible and put your legs up.

Cooling gels or cold showers for the calves can relieve the pain.

If you have problems with varicose veins or weak veins, it makes sense to consult a doctor to discuss the best way forward.

Gum problems

The significantly increased blood flow to all organs is also reflected in the gums, which is why pregnant women can often experience bleeding gums.

A soft toothbrush helps against bleeding gums. Furthermore, you should still pay attention to your oral hygiene to avoid permanent damage.

This happens with the baby

In the 25th week of gestation, your baby measures about 33 cm from crown to heel and weighs about 800 g. This makes it as big as a zucchini. This makes it as big as a zucchini.

When he is not sleeping, he is working out in your belly and improving his movements and reflexes.

Sometimes your little darling lies very still, folds his arms or draws his knees. He can balance his body better in the 25th week of gestation because his sense of balance is developing now.

How your baby develops in the 25th week of gestation

Your baby’s skin becomes rosy in the 25th week, because capillaries develop in the lower layers of the skin to supply the skin with blood.

In addition, the skin is filled with your baby’s growing fat reserves and is therefore no longer as wrinkled. From now on, your baby will gain about 85 g per week.

The development of the nervous system and sensory perception also continues. Your baby reacts consciously to external touch. It still has its eyes closed, but if it is dazzled from outside, it turns its head away, because the optic nerve is already functioning.

Brain development is also making further progress. The cerebral cortex is dividing into several layers. Although most bodily functions are still controlled by the brain regions that developed first, important functions are gradually being transferred to the cerebral cortex.

This is now important

Premature birth

Due to the maturation of the lungs, the baby has high chances of survival in the 25th WOP with good medical care. You can therefore breathe a sigh of relief.

Premature birth is when the baby is born before the 37th week of gestation or weighs less than 2,500 grams.

About 40% of all children are born earlier than expected. If you are already in labor, your gynecologist will do everything possible to prevent the birth.

If this is the case, there are ways to prevent the birth. Contraceptive drugs can suppress contractions and thus ensure that your baby can continue to grow naturally in your abdomen.

You can also get cortisone, which helps the baby’s lungs to mature.

Your baby will not be developed enough to survive outside the womb without medical support until the 37th weekof pregnancy.

Did you know The youngest premature baby ever to survive was born at 22 weeks gestation. Its survival, however, is a medical miracle.

Here’s how you can support your body in the 25th week of pregnancy

Drink a lot

In the 25th week of gestation, the amount of amniotic fluid increases, because instead of every three hours, it is now completely exchanged by the placenta every two hours.

It is therefore especially important that you drink enough fluids and about 3 liters a day.

Non-carbonated drinks such as still water or herbal teas are best.

Put your legs up

The increasing weight of the baby and the uterus are weighing on your body. In addition, significantly more blood than usual flows through it, so that it comes to heavy legs and varicose veins.

Take a break as often as possible and put your legs up. This way you relieve your body and prevent the discomfort.

Your body is doing so much right now, so you can take time out more often and relax on the sofa with a good book or a series and let yourself be helped with everyday things.

Pregnancy massage

Whether it’s done professionally or by your partner, a massage can loosen up the muscles of a pregnant woman and provide relaxation.

Since the whole body is heavily stressed by pregnancy, a massage from head to toe is a true blessing for every expectant mother.

In addition to relaxation during downtime, a massage also helps against water retention and thus prevents swelling hands and legs.

Midwife Tip

With the increasing weight of your little treasure and the uterus, back pain will also increase for you.

The sleeping position on the left side in combination with a side sleeper pillow offer a good relief for your body.

You might also try leaving your nursing bra on at night. As your breasts become heavier as well, the nursing bra provides further relief for your back.


What happens in the 25th WOP?

In the 25th week of gestation, the baby’s sense of balance develops and brain development progresses. The cerebral cortex is divided into different layers and takes on different functions.
Due to the increasing weight of the baby and uterus, the expectant mother may again experience increased pregnancy discomfort. Back and sleep problems as well as frequent urination and heavy legs are the consequences.

15 WOP: How do contractions feel?

Practice contractions are quite normal in the 25th week of pregnancy, because the body is preparing for the birth. These subside after a few seconds and do not occur more than three times per hour.
Real contractions announce themselves with cramps. Vaginal discharge changes and bleeding may occur. Often, dull pain in the pelvis and abdomen is added and the abdomen becomes hard. In addition, real contractions do not subside after a few seconds and occur more frequently than three times an hour.
If you suspect that you are having real contractions in the 25th week of pregnancy, do not hesitate to contact your gynecologist. He will do his best to prevent a birth at this time.

What does my baby look like at 25 weeks pregnancy?

In the 25th week of gestation, your baby looks like a somewhat smaller and narrower newborn, because all external developments of the body parts are completed. Your baby’s skin becomes less wrinkled from week to week due to the steadily increasing weight gain.

25 WOP: Which month?

The 25th WOP is the first week of the 7th month of pregnancy.

How big is the baby at 25 weeks pregnancy?

The baby is about 33 cm tall in the 25th WOP, which is the size of a zucchini.

WOP 15: How often do you feel fetal movements?

The baby’s movements can be felt every day in the 25th week of gestation, because the baby is moving a lot and exercising its muscles. By now, these movements stand out on the abdominal wall and can not only be felt, but also seen.

WOP 25 video

Lily tells you about her 25th WOP and new symptoms.

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