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Are you already dreaming of holding your little treasure in your arms in a few weeks and finally getting to know it? Your baby can dream for the first time in the 27th week. He or she will certainly dream of not only listening to your voice, but of finally meeting you. We show you what else happens during your 27th week.

Important facts about the 27th week: What you should know

Your baby weighs about 1000 g and is 35 cm long in the 27th week

The brain is now acquiring its familiar structure and the furrows are forming. The baby has opened both eyes by now at the latest and is beginning to explore its surroundings.

Your baby’s blood is now produced in the spinal cord and the lungs are organically developed, but still need to mature further.

This happens with you

Healthy sleep

Do you worry a lot about the birth and the time after pregnancy? This is quite normal. Your subconscious mind processes these thoughts at night and that is why you may be restless and sleeping badly at the moment.

Due to the pregnancy hormone progesterone, you may also have very intense dreams. The combination of both can cause you sleepless nights.

To prevent this, it can help if you talk to other expectant mothers or share your thoughts with those around you who are familiar with you. They will certainly be able to relieve you of some of your worries.

Your midwife is also a good advisor on all questions concerning pregnancy and everything else.

Tip for fathers-to-be

Against cramps, back pain or other discomforts, a gentle massage can be very soothing and relaxing. Pamper your wife with circular movements to make her forget her pains and problems for a short moment.

Pregnancy complaints in the 27th week and what you can do about it

Cramps, back

pain and co.

The relaxed phase of pregnancy is unfortunately over in the 27th week. The increasing weight of the baby and the uterus put pressure on your organs.

This leads to back problems because your body is under a lot of strain. Try not to put too much strain on your body, but to relax and take breaks.

Taking medication is less recommended during pregnancy. Therefore, it is better to resort to home remedies

Attention: Before you take any medication, talk to your doctor first! The wrong medication can have serious consequences during pregnancy.

Compression stockings can help against severe varicose veins. However, varicose veins in the pubic area can be aggravated by such stockings. It is best to talk to a doctor or your midwife about your symptoms. They can give you the best advice.

Water retention

Many women suffer from increased water retention after the 27th week of pregnancy. A protein-rich diet with foods such as meat, fish and dairy products can prevent them.

Do not use your own therapies based on juices, dehydrating teas or cures to eliminate water retention. Such treatments can be harmful to your pregnancy and even dangerous for your baby.

Talk to your midwife about your water retention. She may have tips for you or even offer you acupuncture treatment. If the water retention gets worse and even carpal tunnel syndrome develops due to the pressure of the water, you should see your doctor. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the pinching of a nerve in the hand.

Increased appetite

You have to eat for two people – this is also noticeable in your appetite

Don’t worry about it! Eat as much as you want until you are full and don’t start counting calories. Your weight will return to normal after pregnancy. If you start to eat less for the sake of your figure, you will harm the baby most of all.

The important thing is to eat a balanced and healthy diet and avoid unhealthy foods.


Your baby continues to grow and grow, so all the other organs have to make room so as not to stop the growth. The feeling of nausea is often triggered in the supine position, because the baby presses on the vena cava, the largest vein in the body, stopping the backflow of blood.

Lying on the back is a problem for many pregnant women anyway because of the large belly, so lying on the side is recommended. Many expectant mothers find the left side more comfortable, yet this varies from individual to individual.

This happens with the baby

Your baby already has a fixed sleep rhythm in the 27th week. Unfortunately, his sleep phases will not harmonize with yours.

As your body prepares for birth, hormones are formed that promote labor. These are released more when you take a break or at night when you go to sleep, i.e. whenever you come to rest.

However, your baby becomes really active and sleeps less during this period.

There is still enough room in your belly for your offspring to move around properly and he can even do a somersault or two. Your baby is still far away from a birth position, which it will only assume at the end of the pregnancy.

In the 27th week of pregnancy, your baby will turn your belly upside down and into all kinds of positions.

Your little darling feels exactly when you talk to him and reacts consciously to your caresses. He can even move towards the hand that is stroking his belly.

How your baby develops in the 27th week of pregnancy

In the 27th week, your baby is about 35 cm tall and weighs around 1000 g.

Your baby’s skin is still a little wrinkled, but the fat reserves that he or she has built up in the last few weeks and is still building up will gradually “pad out” the skin.

The focus of development in the 27th WOP is on the formation of the structure of the brain. The furrows, which are typical for the brain, are gradually formed. This development is accompanied by a strong activity of your baby’s brain, so researchers believe that your baby is now dreaming for the first time.

Your baby’s perceptions are well developed. He can touch, taste, smell and even cover his eyes with his hand if the light is too bright. It feels most comfortable in a soft shade of red.

Did you know that this is why many clinics keep their birthing rooms in shades of red? This is supposed to have a calming effect on the baby.

From the 27th week, your baby’s blood is formed in the bone marrow and it can increasingly regulate its heat balance independently.

The lungs are not yet fully developed. Although all the organs are present, they still lack a substance called surfactant, which prevents the air bubbles from sticking together when you breathe and ensures that the bronchial system is cleaned and protected.

If your baby is born in the 27th week of gestation, it has a good chance of survival, but may suffer from shortness of breath, would receive medication to accelerate the maturation of the lungs and be assisted in breathing.

This is important now

Birth preparation course

Many pregnant women start antenatal classes at 27 weeks gestation. Maybe you have already started your course, or will start in the next few weeks.

In the 14 hours of the course you will not only be prepared for the birth, but also for the time after. Here all your questions can be answered. In addition, you will receive all important information for the time in the hospital and the care after the birth. Your health insurance will cover the participation fees.

The course can also be interesting for your partner. After the course, your partner will also know about all the important things and will be able to support you during pregnancy, birth and the time after the birth. This not only gives you a feeling of security, but also creates another bond, because it is another step in the direction of becoming a small family.

An especially relaxing way to attend a childbirth class is to take an online class from the comfort of your own home.

More planning

The 27th week is also a good time to make other preparations. If you have already decided on a place where you want to deliver your baby, you can visit there in person in advance.

This will give you your own impression of the rooms, the equipment and the staff, and you can see if it was the right decision and you want to deliver your baby there.

If you still need the initial equipment for your baby, then it makes sense to first make a list of all the things you need. Then you won’t forget anything and you’ll have an overview of what you still need to get.

This is how you can support your body in the 27th week of pregnancy

Back training

To minimize back problems caused by the increasing weight of your baby and the uterus, it is important that you train your back early and strengthen the ligaments and muscles.

Your midwife can certainly help you with exercises or maybe you are even in a sports course for pregnant women, in which suitable exercises are already integrated.

A physiotherapist can offer you special help and, in addition to exercises to strengthen your back, show you methods to make your everyday life easier on your back.

Midwife tip

Take care of your body.

You probably want to do countless things before the birth. The list of things is long.

However, you should limit yourself to the essential things and take care of your body.

It’s doing an incredible amount right now and is struggling with some discomfort due to the increasing strain.

Therefore, give it the rest it needs and take time for yourself and your baby to relax and unwind.


27th WOP: Which month?

In the 27th week of pregnancy you are in the 7th month of pregnancy.

What happens in the 27th WOP?

In the 27th week of gestation, the baby’s brain development continues and the furrows are forming. The baby’s blood is produced by the bone marrow and the lungs, although organically fully developed, still need to mature further.

How big is the baby in the 27th WOP?

The baby is about 35 cm tall in the 27th week.

27th WOP: How often do you feel fetal movements?

In principle, the baby is very active and moves around a lot. However, your and his sleep rhythm do not really fit together and he is more awake when you come to rest. You will therefore feel the movements more in the evening when you are resting.

How much does the baby weigh in the 27th WOP?

The baby weighs about 1000 g in the 27th week.

At what point is it no longer a premature birth?

From the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby is usually able to live independently without medical help. From this point on, one also speaks of a “regular” birth.

From when premature birth?

From the 24th week of gestation, a child is very likely to survive with medical help. From this point on, one speaks of a premature birth.

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