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With the 28th week of pregnancy, the 7th month of pregnancy and thus the second third of the pregnancy is coming to an end – you don’t have to wait that long for your little treasure. Here you can find out what happens in the 28th week of pregnancy.

Important facts about the 28th week: What you should know

Your baby is 37 cm tall and weighs 1100 g in the 28th week. The development of his brain is progressing and lung maturation will soon be completed

Your baby’s immune system is starting to function and if he or she is born prematurely, the baby is very likely to survive.

As you enter the final phase of your pregnancy, your symptoms will continue to increase.

Tip for fathers-to-be

Find out from your health insurance company whether you are entitled to household help in the period after the birth, or shortly before. A home help can take over important household tasks so that you can enjoy the time with your newborn to the fullest.

What happens to you

The body changes

Pregnancy is becoming increasingly strenuous for you due to the steadily increasing weight of your baby and the associated physical discomfort.

Your body changes from week to week. Your abdominal girth will increase and your weight will rise by about 5 kg until the birth – this is important and right. A constant change of your body is of great importance for a healthy pregnancy.

Your baby needs more and more space because it is developing and growing. This is a good sign.

In the 28th week of pregnancy, the upper edge of the uterus, also called the fundus, can be found about three fingers wide above the belly button. You may even be able to feel it.

Shape of the uterus

The uterus is growing steadily to provide enough space for your baby. In the 28th week, it also changes its shape. The upper part of the uterus becomes narrow and the lower part becomes wider and larger.

This deformation helps your baby to turn into the right position for birth. There is less space at the top, so it prefers to turn into a head-down position.

Also interesting:

However, most babies do not turn into the correct position until the 36th week of gestation or during birth. If your baby does not manage this on its own, your doctor and midwife will help it turn into the correct position.

Circling thoughts

You are probably already preparing yourself emotionally for the birth. You are certainly feeling incredible anticipation for your baby. Maybe you are relieved when the pregnancy is over in a few weeks, but you are also a little afraid of the birth and the time after.

Your thoughts are constantly circling around the pregnancy, the birth and your new role as a mom. This is quite normal. Try to relax when you realize that you are worrying too much and focus completely on yourself and your baby. Everything will be fine.

Pregnancy symptoms in the 28th week and what you can do about them

The pregnancy discomforts continue to increase.

Exercise contractions and abdominal pain

Exercisecontractions continue to increase and for one or two expectant mothers, they are quite painful.

Others, however, do not notice them at all, except for the fact that the abdomen becomes hard now and then.

The exercise contractions can cause abdominal and lower abdominal pain because the uterus continues to stretch in the 2nd 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Sleep problems

Nights can become more and more uncomfortable for you with the 28th WOP. Your belly bothers you, your back and legs hurt, and heartburn can regularly keep you from sleeping.

Try to sleep on your left side and use a side sleeper or nursing pillow to relieve your body and provide your baby with optimal care. You can relieve your back at night by leaving your nursing bra on.

An elevated upper body can relieve heartburn and foods like pineapple, milk and almonds can neutralize stomach acid, at least for a short time.

Swollen feet

Your legs feel painful and swell unsightly? Especially in the warm season, this unsightly side effect of pregnancy occurs more frequently.

Due to water and blood retention, which can no longer be completely returned, your limbs swell temporarily.

A warm bath, nourishing lotions and plenty of magnesium help to relieve the swelling and pain. If the pain gets too bad, ask your midwife or gynecologist for help.

Shortness of breath

As the baby and uterus grow, shortness of breath becomes more prevalent by the 28th week.

Breathing becomes increasingly difficult and you may experience shortness of breath and dizziness.

Take time out and put your legs up whenever possible. You should avoid lying on your back, because the weight presses on important organs and can cause additional shortness of breath and nausea.

Bra fluid

In view of the onset of milk after pregnancy, your body already begins to produce the so-called colostrum.

Colostrum is the first form of breast milk. It depends on the individual how much is produced. So don’t worry if you find some liquid in your bra.

This is what happens to the baby

In the 28th week, your baby still has room to move around in your belly. That’s why it is very active and sometimes accidentally gives you a kick or two. This can be somewhat unpleasant for you. But your little darling doesn’t do that on purpose, the space just gets less and less, because your baby is getting bigger and stronger.

Your offspring has been opening and closing his eyes since the 26th week of gestation. His vision is still blurry, but he can distinguish between light and dark and recognize different colors and shapes.

At the age of 2, the development of the eyes is complete. But only when your child starts school can his sense of sight be compared with that of an adult.

After birth, your baby can only see facial features correctly from a very short distance and the recognition of colors continues to develop in the first two months after birth.

How your baby develops in the 28th week of pregnancy

From crown to heel, your baby is about 37 cm tall and weighs 1100 g in the 28th week

The development of the internal organs is almost complete. As in the 27th week, the main focus is on the further development of the brain. In the last week, the furrows in the brain have developed and now it is a matter of further shaping.

Your baby’s brain is very active and your gynecologist can determine the brain waves through various measurements.

From the 28th week, your baby’s immune system works independently. It absorbs antibodies from your blood via the placenta.

The lungs also continue to mature. The bronchial system branches out more and more and the system of blood vessels in the lungs continues to develop. Surfactant is also produced. This is a substance that prevents the alveoli from sticking together when you breathe and protects the bronchi from dirt.

This is important now


yes or no

An important decision you should already think about and make soon is whether or not you will breastfeed your baby.

Find out about the different techniques that are available and the alternatives to breastfeeding.

If you decide not to breastfeed, don’t feel guilty about it. It is not always your decision whether you will breastfeed your baby or not, but depends on your body and its development.

Of course, breastfeeding is a good and natural way of feeding your baby and can strengthen your bond. But bottle feeding also ensures that your baby gets all the nutrients it needs.

Visit birthplaces

If you are still unsure about where you want to deliver your baby, the 28th week is a good time to visit clinics and birthing centers.

There are often information evenings where expectant parents can get a lot of important information and get an impression of the locations. This is the best way to decide whether you like the place, feel safe and comfortable and want to give birth there.

Your midwife

You have probably already found your midwife. If it is not already clear that she will be present at the birth, you can do this in the 28th week.

Also talk to your midwife about the time after delivery. You should also consult with your health insurance company.

If you have statutory health insurance, your health insurance will pay for two home visits in the first ten days after the birth and another 16 visits in the next eight weeks.

If you have problems with breastfeeding or feeding, you will of course be supported and the health insurance will pay for a further eight visits or telephone consultations with your midwife.

If necessary, your gynecologist can even give you a prescription for longer care. So don’t worry, you will be supported in any case until you can manage on your own.

This is how you can support your body in the 28th week of pregnancy

Birth preparation

Most birth preparation courses start at the 28th week. They contain about 14 hours and are spread over six to eight weeks.

Do you still have many unanswered questions about the birth and the time after? No problem – the childbirth preparation course will clarify your questions and offers the perfect space to ask any unanswered questions.

The midwife can take away many of your worries during the birth preparation and you will be more relaxed about the birth and the time after.

Of course, it is even better if your partner accompanies you to the course. He will certainly also be worried and can ask his questions during the course. In addition, he will get to know many important topics and will be able to support you during the next time and especially during the birth.

Find out from the organizer of your childbirth preparation course whether your partner can come along. Your health insurance will cover the costs of your preparation course but not those of your partner’s participation.

Midwife Tip

The birth preparation is very important to clarify your open questions about the birth and the time after. You will also learn everything you need to know to be prepared for the delivery and the first time with your baby.

The birth preparation is also interesting so that your partner can support you in the best possible way during this time. So he knows about all the important topics.

An online childbirth preparation course can be a relaxing alternative for you, as you can experience the birth preparation from the comfort of your own home.


28th WOP: What month are you in then?

In the 28th week of pregnancy you are at the end of the 7th month of pregnancy.

What happens in the 28th WOP?

Your baby’s brain development is progressing and lung maturation will soon be complete. The immune system is also starting to function. The expectant mum will again experience increased pregnancy discomfort due to the increasing pregnancy.

28th WOP: How big is the baby?

The baby is about 37 cm tall in the 28th week.

When can a premature baby from the 28th week of pregnancy go home?

The rule of thumb is that a premature baby can leave the hospital around its calculated date of birth. However, the exact date depends on the baby’s development. Only when a premature baby can breathe on its own and regulate its heat balance can it go home.

How does the baby lie in the 28th WOP?

In the 28th week, the uterus deforms to make it easier for the baby to turn into a head-down position for birth. However, many babies take their time until around 36 weeks or even until birth.

What does my baby look like in the 28th WOP?

In the 28th week, your baby already looks like a newborn. However, it is still a little smaller and narrower than when it first saw the light of day.

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