5 Ways To Make Nursing In Public Less Awkward

There are some women who have a natural ability to nurse in public and not feel awkward at all. However, there are some women who try with all their might to not feel awkward, but still do. Let’s just be honest, people do look and it can get awkward. But if you still want to breastfeed and don’t want to stop because of a few stares, there are things you can do to make yourself feel better.

5 Ways To Make Nursing In Public Less Awkward - Do you feel awkward when you're breastfeeding in public. Here are 5 tips to help you overcome your nerves.

Here are five ways you can make nursing in public less awkward for your own sake and no one else’s.

#1. Cover Up (If You Want)

There are no rules that say you have to cover up, but you can do so if you please. Covering up isn’t always for “the other people.” Sometimes it’s for you!

Personally, I love to cover up. There are so many different styles to choose from:

Nursing Scarf

Traditional Nursing Cover

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#2. Wear a Shirt That Pulls Down in the Front

When you’re trying to get ready to nurse it’s not uncommon for your shirt to get pulled up in the back. One way to combat this is to wear a shirt that pulls down in the front. There are nursing shirts specifically made for this, but you can also buy shirts that allow easy access to the front of your body.

#3. Sit in the Back

Most nursing moms don’t want extra attention on them while they nurse. One way to make nursing less awkward is to sit in the back. There’s no shame in sitting in the back of a crowded room to help yourself get a little privacy. This is great if you don’t feel like covering up too because everyone else’s heads will be facing the front of the room in most cases.

#4. Talk on the Phone

Like you don’t have enough going on with trying to nurse a little one, consider talking on the phone as you nurse. That way you can avoid anyone that makes you feel awkward. Besides, women are excellent multi-taskers anyways, so this is just one more thing you can accomplish.

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#5. Just Relax

Keep in mind that women are their own worst critics. Instead of getting all worked up about nursing, relax! No one is thinking anything terrible of you for nursing your child and if they are that’s on them.

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