What Helps With Pregnancy Discomfort?

Stomach And Digestive Problems

As pregnancy progresses, the uterus stretches. The internal organs shift, and food and drink have less room in the reduced stomach. The consequences are bloating and acid regurgitation. Hormones also play a role in this. Eat several small, not too greasy meals throughout the day. It helps against heartburn to chew a rusk or occasionally a few almonds in the morning before getting up. Prune and apple juice and walks stimulate bowel activity.

Venous Disorders And Swollen Legs

With a thicker belly, the expectant mother moves less, and the legs have poorer blood circulation. In addition, hormones cause the blood to thin and the body to store water. Helpful: leg massages, Kneipp watering and regular exercise. Resting with legs elevated to relieve tension in the calves also relieves the back.

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Back Pain

As a counterweight to the belly, many women go too much into the hollow back. At the same time, the ligaments that hold the uterus are more strained. Possible back pain is counteracted by the right balance of movement and relaxation. Besides gymnastics, swimming – especially backstroke – is very good. Yoga courses specifically for pregnant women have also proved successful. Breaks can be taken comfortably with a special positioning and nursing pillow. In the lateral position between the knees, in the supine position under the back of the knees, it relieves pressure on the lumbar region and spine.

Fatigue, Tiredness, Headaches

Unusual fatigue and tiredness may indicate iron deficiency. Pregnant women have an increased need, which they can cover preventively with iron-containing foods such as fennel, spinach, legumes and poultry meat or an iron supplement. A good supply of vitamin C is also important. Anyone who wants to use homeopathy to treat headaches should talk to their midwife or doctor beforehand.

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Mood Swings, Depressive Moods, Sleep Disorders

Some women are nervous about the approaching birth date. They wonder whether they will manage the birth well and how they will manage with the baby. In most cases, it helps to talk to the midwife in charge of the baby and to distract themselves with music, reading, shopping or a favorite pastime. In addition, time out now and then – combined with a care and pampering program – banishes tension and tormenting thoughts.

A Day For Me…

Consider whether you would like to spend the feel-good day alone or with your partner. In any case, you should start it well-rested and with an extensive care session in the bath – for body and soul. Pay special attention to your skin and hair – during pregnancy, hormones often cause an impure complexion and a tired hairstyle. Swimming should always be part of the program, as well as rest and relaxation. A leg or back massage by your partner has an invigorating effect. He can gently pamper you with some nourishing oil, a soft brush or a hedgehog ball. Be gentle on your abdomen when brushing and massaging so as not to trigger contractions! End the day with a leisurely, light meal and a walk.

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Oils and stimulating scents:

  • Relax body and mind: rose and lavender oil in the bath water or for the fragrance lamp.
  • Pamper and smooth the skin: jojoba, almond, macadamia, wheat germ, avocado oils.
  • Nourish the hair: jojoba oil, lavender oil.
  • For morning sickness and bad mood: citrus scents such as grapefruit, tangerine, lemon; ginger also helps.
  • For headaches: sniff peppermint oil or massage the temples lightly with it (do not use internally – certain essential oils can trigger contractions).

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