Drink Properly During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the need for fluids is particularly high. The child needs water as a “vehicle” for nutrients, metabolic processes and its own circulation. The mother needs more fluid because her blood volume increases and her metabolic water turnover increases. When the amount of fluid in the body increases, an imbalance in electrolyte balance easily occurs. To prevent this, the missing minerals must be supplemented. With a balanced diet and suitable beverages, this is usually possible without any problems.

Preventing Complaints With Mineral Water

Mineral water that is significantly rich in sodium allows the salt balance to be balanced. Magnesium-rich water supports muscle function and thus helps prevent calf cramps. Calcium-rich water supports bone formation in the fetus, which begins in the fourth month of pregnancy.
In the course of pregnancy, situations can also arise in which beverages have to be selected very specifically. For example, in the case of existing high blood pressure or the first signs of preeclampsia (pregnancy-related high blood pressure), a low-sodium mineral water supplements the mandatory low-salt diet. It should have a sodium content of less than 20 milligrams per liter.

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A Lot Helps A Lot

It is advisable to drink about two and a half liters a day. Natural mineral water is ideal – the minerals are free and ionized. This means they are immediately available to the organism. Sparkling water increases the heartburn typical of pregnancy, so still water is more suitable. Diluted juices and herbal teas such as special pregnancy tea blends have also proven effective. Drinking enough water means supporting the organs in their function. The skin remains elastic, the kidneys are flushed. Drinking plenty of water helps to avoid constipation, which is typical during pregnancy. And sufficient fluid intake is also important for mental fitness. It can prevent fatigue, concentration problems, slumps in performance and bouts of weakness.

Even Though Pregnant Women Need To Drink A Lot, Not Every Drink Is Suitable:

  • Pathogens in raw milk can cause infections that harm the baby.
  • Coke and energy drinks contain caffeine, which pregnant women are limited in their intake.
  • Coffee and black tea (including green and white tea) contain caffeine and theobromine. Even though the expectant mother’s organism is accustomed to these alkaloids, they are nevertheless neurotoxins. Therefore, if possible, consumption should not exceed one cup per day.
  • The cinchona bark contained in tonic and bitter lemon drinks can induce labor.
  • Sweet drinks such as soda put a strain on the energy balance and displace important nutrients; synthetic sweeteners and also sugar substitutes also put a strain on the liver.
  • Avoiding alcoholic beverages during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be a matter of course.
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