Hypnobirthing: A birth without pain?

Hypnobirthing is a gentle, painless birth. And all this through hypnosis. Doesn’t that sound like the dream birth par excellence?

First of all, you should stop thinking of a will-less, manipulable human being when you hear the word “hypnosis”. That is not what hypnobirthing is about.
Rather, hypnosis here means a natural trance that is much more commonplace than you think. This is the case, for example, when you are deeply absorbed in a book, or just before falling asleep and can no longer tell how much time has passed.
This trance-like state is said to be possible by means of hypnobirthing even during childbirth. Pregnant women should learn to actively create this state at the crucial moment in the delivery room.

The guiding idea here is that fear during childbirth leads to tension and this leads to pain. Hypnosis aims at not associating birth with pain in the first place, or at not evaluating it negatively. Words that suggest pain, such as “contractions”, therefore do not even occur in hypnosis.
Instead, contractions then simply become waves on which you can swim.

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How Does Hypnobirthing Work Exactly?

In hypnobirthing, women are taught relaxation, meditation, and visualization techniques designed to break the vicious cycle of fear and pain. This is intended to help women feel more prepared for childbirth. The exercises reduce pain and eliminate the need for painkillers. The birth is faster and gentler.
The number of cesarean sections is said to be greatly reduced.

Training is needed so that women can quickly get into a relaxed state. This is done through courses that are now offered everywhere in Germany.

What Is The Content Of The Courses?

In the course, fears of birth are first visualized and dissolved.
One method is to mentally leaf through the book of one’s life and tears out the negatively charged images.
Furthermore, participants learn conscious, slow breathing to assist with the contractions. Hypnobirthing also involves the partner who learns special massage techniques, for example. After all, this is the important birth companion. He should learn to help the expectant mother to deepen her relaxation. For the child gliding through the birth canal, you can imagine, for example, a flower opening. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

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How Is Hypnobirthing Different From Normal Childbirth?

Women can use the self-hypnosis techniques they learn anywhere.
So it doesn’t matter if you choose to have a home birth or one in the hospital.
It is not necessary for your instructor to be present at the birth. The birth can be perceived quite consciously and the contractions are experienced as less painful. Births are smoother, faster and due to the controlled breathing, the risk of hyperventilating is reduced. Another positive aspect is that women are also less exhausted after giving birth.

Nevertheless, hypnobirthing does not guarantee a painless birth. The individual sensitivity to pain and the ability to engage with the concept is crucial.

Testimonials: Many Women Are Convinced

Search the Internet for testimonials about hypnobirthing. You will be surprised how many women are enthusiastic about this method. Many think they actually felt less pain. They were able to fully engage in the birth of their baby.

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In my opinion, the decisive factor is how open you are to this concept. Also, with what expectations you go into this course is an important point.
If you are hoping for a painless birth, you will probably be disappointed.

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