A Question Of Hygiene: Which Equipment For The Postpartum Period?

The time before the birth is filled with anticipation – and after the birth, the recovery of mother and child comes first. But how do new mothers prepare for the postpartum period and what aspects should not be missing in terms of hygiene, clothing and equipment?

Essential Helpers In The Postpartum Period

Probably the most important aid and constant companion in the postpartum period is the nursing bra together with matching pads.

While the bra may be soft, do without underwires and be made of pleasant materials such as cotton, there is really only one rule for inserts: there should be as many as possible! A sufficient supply never hurts, because then the mother is prepared for all eventualities.

This also applies to pads. These absorb discharge and the consequences of birth injuries in the postpartum period. Sanitary pads should be changed every two to four hours. There are also various protective covers for the bed, which protect the mattress from leaking pads.

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However, many women find them uncomfortable. The alternative is a changing pad or a so-called incontinence pad. Small slip-ups caused by slipping sanitary napkins thus do not lead to the mattress being ruined in the worst case. At the same time, the comfort factor of the bed is maintained by the relatively compact pad.

General Tips For The Postpartum Period

The mother should do without tampons for at least six weeks after the birth. Regular washing is important, but preferably only with lukewarm water.

Products such as wet wipes or intimate wash gel can irritate the very sensitive skin after birth or aggravate birth injuries. Midwives are also increasingly advising against sitz baths, as they often contain allergy-triggering ingredients and thus cause additional problems in the postpartum period.

Opinions differ on the subject of bathing in general. Some midwives point out that full baths should only be taken after the birth injury and discharge have completely subsided.

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Others allow at least a short bath. If in doubt, it’s worth consulting a doctor, especially if it’s a C-section with a larger wound – or just taking a shower.

Cotton As A Favorite Material In The Postpartum Period

Whether nursing bra or underpants: cotton is considered breathable and supports the healing of wounds and injuries resulting from the birth. Furthermore, the comfort factor is very high, as natural cotton is soft and pleasant on the skin. Hunkemöller cotton collection is sure to please mothers in the postpartum period.

Good to know: even sanitary napkins are available in cotton and have the edge over disposable pads in the postpartum period. After all, what good are breathable briefs if the positive effect of cotton is curbed by the pad, which usually contains plastic?

Last but not least, the shower towel should also be made of cotton. This can be used to carefully and gently dab the intimate area after a wash.

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Conclusion: Recovery In The Postpartum Period Through The Right Measures

The purpose of the postpartum period is to recharge your batteries for everyday life and to allow birth injuries to subside. This is best achieved with gentle washing measures and many products made of cotton – from bras to sanitary napkins.

Full baths and cosmetic products for the intimate area, on the other hand, should be avoided in the first period after birth, as should tampons.



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