Acne During Pregnancy: Tips And Remedies

Soft hair, delicate skin, and a special radiance: pregnancy is said to make women appear more attractive. The reason for this is said to be the female hormone estrogen, which is produced more in the body during pregnancy and is instrumental in regenerating skin and hair.

However, the promise of nine months of rosy skin during pregnancy is often severely disappointed by acne, pimples, and blackheads. We have compiled all the important information for you about acne during pregnancy and are here to help you with the best tips.

What Happens With Pregnancy Acne?

With pregnancy acne, there is increased inflammatory sebum production on the face, décolleté or even on the back. Particularly often affected are those women who already suffered from acne during puberty.

To date, however, there are no generally valid surveys on the number of people affected. Should you also discover pimples and inflammations and you are currently pregnant, a visit to the dermatologist can be enlightening.

He or she will not only look at your body, but will also ask you about your puberty and your diet. If necessary, he can recommend creams or even prescribe something so that you can regain some quality of life and self-confidence and get acne under control.

Remedies For Acne During Pregnancy

Similar to acne during puberty, pregnancy acne also disappears after a while. The reason for its development is only the hormone production of testosterone.

So all you can do against pimples during this time is to slow down the sebum production locally and wait for the last trimester of pregnancy. From then on, the testosterone production will decrease again, so that your acne will also decrease quickly.

During acute acne you should wash your face several times a day, use lipid-replenishing creams and soap-free syndets.

When cleansing your skin, also use a pH-neutral and gentle cleanser with a value in the range between 5.5 and 6.5. With the right cleansing lotion, you should then consider whether cleansing with a sponge or a cleansing brush is suitable for your skin. Both tools usually clean your skin more thoroughly than your hands. However, it is important that you always clean the sponge or brush thoroughly and wash it sterilely every few times.

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If both tools are cleaned irregularly, bacteria can accumulate there again and increase the acne. In addition, you can use a peeling twice a week to free the pores from clogged sebum.

In all cases, make sure to dab your face dry after cleansing and not to rub it dry. In this way, you can prevent sebum residues and bacteria from settling in the opened pores again.

Use Cosmetic Measures To Combat Acne

Regular visits to a cosmetician can also provide relief. In the case of severe acne, dermatologists or even general practitioners are happy to prescribe ointments with the active ingredient benzolyperoxide. Preparations with cortisone can also be prescribed.

You can use both without hesitation during pregnancy. In addition, water-based make-up with a particularly light formula can ensure that your pimples are covered but do not cause additional inflammation.

Steam baths are just as promising: Here you can give your face a short break with chamomile or other soothing herbs. After a steam bath of about 20 minutes, you can clean your skin carefully but thoroughly as usual and pamper it with care products.

What You Should Avoid With Acne

You will probably already know this from puberty, but it also applies during pregnancy: Do not scratch or squeeze pimples and blackheads. During this process, small impurities can often penetrate the open skin barriers and cause further inflammation. Likewise, bacteria from the pimples can penetrate the skin in other places and trigger new blackheads and sebum blockages there.

In addition, wounds caused by violence heal much more slowly, and scars may even develop that heal only very slowly. The reason for this is that although the superficial sebum is initially removed when the pimple or blackhead is squeezed out, the remaining part of the pimple or blackhead lodges in a deeper layer of the skin and continues to inflame there.

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Appropriate and hygienic cleaning of the skin can be done by dermatologists or beauticians. These remove the pimples completely and to the highest hygienic standards.

Healthy Life Balance

Surely you already know that water is important for your body. Especially during pregnancy you should drink enough, so that your body produces enough nutrients and continues to be sufficiently supplied with moisture.

This is also reflected in your skin appearance. In addition, water has a cleansing effect and ensures that harmful substances are removed from the body and transported to the outside via the skin. With your daily cleaning you remove them from there again.

Nutrition is just as important. A well-rounded and balanced diet provides your body with the necessary nutrients and gives your body strength, especially during pregnancy.

Those nutrients are also crucial for the skin. Therefore, make sure to eat as balanced as possible and avoid any stress factors. This also includes sleep problems during pregnancy. Surely you have already discovered that you develop an increased need for sleep in the course of pregnancy.

You can see this as a sign for your body to take a break and occasionally allow yourself a little nap. Here your body finds rest and strength, which also has an effect on your acne. With regular and sufficiently intensive sleep, many a pimple could be banished.

Treatment Of Acne During Pregnancy

For an appropriate treatment of acne, pimples, and blackheads, it is therefore advisable to cleanse and care for the skin regularly with suitable care products. However, oil-based as well as greasy care products should be avoided in any case.

It can also be useful to take a look at the ingredients when selecting care products. Care products that contain tretinoin or adapal, for example, can lead to malformations in newborns and should be avoided during pregnancy.

In addition, antibiotic therapy should also be avoided during the entire pregnancy and breastfeeding period. The same also applies to the active ingredient isotretinoin. Several studies have shown that there is a connection between this substance and miscarriages.

If you visit a cosmetician during pregnancy acne, it may be useful to clarify your concerns about the ingredients with her right before the treatment.

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Cortisone In Pregnancy

Cortisone is basically an endogenous hormone produced in the adrenal cortex. The active ingredient cortisone is also the oldest of all anti-inflammatory agents.

It is often used during pregnancy in the form of a cortisone ointment for pimples. The advantage of this treatment is that there are relatively few cortisone side effects for pregnant women. In fact, cortisone is not generally prohibited during pregnancy.

For example, asthmatics may continue to take cortisone as a spray or even in tablet form throughout pregnancy. Often, medications containing cortisone are even deliberately used in the last weeks of pregnancy to stimulate the lung maturation of the unborn child in the event of a threatened premature birth.

When taking cortisone, however, it is important to ensure that the dosage is as low as possible and that particularly well-tolerated preparations are used.

Dosages of more than 15 milligrams over a longer period of time can lead to cleft palate(harelip) in the newborn child. Consultation with the responsible physician is therefore urgently required.

For example, cortisone is also prescribed for side effects of pregnancy – such as severe stretch marks or itching of the skin. In the latter case, however, home remedies can already provide initial relief.

Cortisone Ointment During Pregnancy

Cortisone ointment, on the other hand, is completely harmless, as very little of the active ingredient enters the mother’s bloodstream. Cortisone ointment is nevertheless only very rarely prescribed for pronounced pregnancy acne.

Rather, other anti-inflammatory substances are used and home remedies are given by the dermatologist. At the latest in the last third of pregnancy, your skin calms down again, because at this time the hormone balance is back in equilibrium.

Make Up For Acne

Make-up for acne is not a problem at first. However, if you tend to have clogged pores, you should avoid comedogenic concealers and creams, as they contain oily substances and only promote sebum production. In addition, it is important and imperative to remove makeup from the face thoroughly and deep clean before every bedtime.

This applies not only to the skin but also to the eyes and lash lines. Forgotten make-up residues can cause the eyes to swell overnight and cause unsightly dark circles under the eyes. You can also find all further information about make-up here:

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Acne Inversa – A Special Form Of Acne

Acne inversa is a chronic skin disease that usually occurs in episodes. Small inflammations on the skin surface can manifest themselves in nodules and abscesses as well as develop fistulas and cause severe pain. It mainly affects areas of the body where there are many sweat glands or hair follicles.

Especially where the skin wrinkles and is supplied with little air, these inflammations often develop – such as in the armpits, groin and genital areas. The disease first appears at around 23 years of age and becomes chronic in the course of the following years. Women are affected far more frequently than men. Symptomatic of this disease are small painful nodules under the skin.

They often heal on their own, sometimes they persist, and in rare cases, they spread to form an abscess. These can both proliferate further into the depths and spontaneously break through to the outside, discharging watery bloody secretions. The wound usually heals completely on its own. However, in larger affected areas, fistula tracts may also scar and permanent persistent nodules may appear.

How Acne Inversa Can Be Treated With Home Remedies

As a rule, you should first have your acne inversa examined by a dermatologist and discuss the treatment with him. Normally, treatment is carried out exclusively with medications for local application with the active ingredient cortisone or also through systemic therapies.

Among other things, antiseptics, antibiotics or biologics are used. Sometimes, however, cortisone is no longer sufficient and surgical intervention cannot be avoided.

This is especially the case when it comes to acute abscesses that are associated with severe pain. However, if you are pregnant or have just become a mother, these options are out of the question for you and you should resort to home remedies or cortisone to relieve the symptoms.

Cooling wet cloths or chamomile compresses are suitable here. However, a complete cure is not possible with home remedies, so a visit to the doctor is strongly recommended. Individual medications may also be administered in low doses during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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