Adults Don’t Take Hygiene Too Seriously

Do you know this too? Mom and dad are constantly nagging you with “have you washed” or “have you brushed your teeth”? Everybody has found out that the adults themselves do not take it at all so exactly with the Hygiene.

Brushing Teeth Is Important

Of course, parents are right, because brushing teeth is very important. And not just quickly, quickly, but long and thoroughly. But what parents tell their children every day and sometimes get on their nerves about, they themselves don’t take very seriously. This is what a study has now revealed, and it was found that out of four adults, there is one who does not brush his teeth in the morning. But don’t forget and don’t think that if the adults don’t do it, then you don’t have to either. Brushing your teeth is very important and only those who take care of their teeth will have beautiful and healthy teeth.

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Also With Washing It Is Not Taken So Exactly

But that is not all. The study also revealed that only half of adults take a shower in the morning, and only half of them put on fresh socks in the morning. But what’s also bad is the issue of underwear. Two out of five adults do not put on fresh underpants every day, but simply wear the ones from the previous day again.

Explanation Of Difficult Words

Hygiene is the “study of the prevention of disease and the maintenance, promotion and consolidation of health”. Hygiene is divided into several areas. Brushing teeth, showering, and putting on fresh clothes are called personal hygiene or body care. The goal of personal hygiene is primarily the prevention of disease.

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