After Baby Body: How Your Body Changes After Birth

The After Baby Body can quickly become a stress factor. After pregnancy, many women no longer feel comfortable in their own bodies. But how does the new figure become a friend? Find tips here on how to keep your bodysuit looking good after the baby is born.

Celebrities and Internet stars show how it’s done: Being slim and trim again just a few weeks after the birth of a baby is supposedly no problem at all. But how does the belly get back into shape after the birth and which After Baby Body is really desirable?

After Baby Body – What Is It Actually?

The After Baby Body describes in principle only the body of a woman after the birth of a baby. Normally, this is significantly different than before pregnancy, because he makes in the 40 weeks or so with a lot.

Your body not only has to grow a child inside it, it also changes in many cases due to hormonal changes. Many women gain at least ten, often as much as 20 kilos during pregnancy.

Weight gain, water retention, stretch marks, and pigmentation disorders are just some of the changes that result in the after-baby body after delivery. However, some mamas surprised with an After Baby Body to kneel down already a few weeks after the birth.

Prominent example: Heidi Klum, who floated back down the catwalk for “Victoria’s Secret” just five weeks after giving birth to her daughter – in lingerie, of course.

Celebrities After Baby Bodysuits: Role Models Or Leverage?

Women’s bodies that look like they never had a baby in their belly after pregnancy can be found everywhere on the Internet today. Especially on Instagram and YouTube, there are many celebrity moms who share theirs after-baby bodysuits with the world.

For moms without celebrity status, however, bodies with almost no flaws can quickly become a frustration. Why models, actresses and influencers are so quick to reclaim their dream bodies?

There’s usually a whole team of supportive staff behind the celebrity after baby body. Babysitters, nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers support the celebrities on their way to the “perfect” After Baby Body.

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However, you should not take these extreme body changes as an example or let yourself be influenced by them. Because neither a rapid weight loss after childbirth, nor a blatant sports program are really recommended.

Your body did an incredible job during pregnancy and continues to do so after the birth of your baby. First of all, your body needs to recover from the stresses and strains of childbirth.

The discomfort after the heavy load on the pelvic floor must first subside. You may notice that it is still difficult to walk or sit after delivery.

With the onset of milk, the breasts are also subjected to unusual strain, and there is also the hormonal chaos of the first few weeks as a mother. All this will return to normal. Give your body time to be a normal after baby body.

But why do celebrities go through the stress of looking so perfect just a few weeks after having a baby in their belly? The answer is: because it’s their job! Many celebrity women earn their money from their looks and are therefore almost forced to shape their After Baby Body with sports and diet in record time.

Unflattering pictures of a flabby belly after childbirth can almost be damaging to business thanks to media dissemination. Even if the trend is to show more reality on Instagram and other social networks.

Bodyshaming is always an issue, especially for public figures. Consider yourself lucky if you are not judged by other people in public.

After Childbirth – How Does The Body Change?

After the birth of your child, you may be surprised to find that your belly is still almost as big as it was during pregnancy. It will also feel very soft and empty for a few more weeks.

The breasts, on the other hand, seem to really explode when the milk comes in and you want to breastfeed your baby. Many moms have to start by getting nursing bras in a larger size than they’re used to in order to contain the new fullness.

If you suffered from water retention during pregnancy, you can usually breathe a sigh of relief after giving birth: in many cases, swelling in the legs, arms and even the face disappears quickly.

The abdomen after childbirth, on the other hand, is a different matter. Stretch marks, excess skin tissue, and fat deposits are the reality of a normal after-baby bodysuit. After delivery, your belly will be soft for a long time.

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The abdominal muscles have had to make room for your baby over the past few months. Therefore, cut yourself some slack if you don’t like your after-baby bodysuit when you look in the mirror.

Have you developed a linea nigra, the dark vertical line on the baby’s belly, in the past few months? This will gradually disappear, often only after weaning and when hormone levels have stabilized.

Other changes in your body include those that come with the new arrival. Lack of sleep and exhaustion show up on the faces of many new moms. Circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes are quite normal. Hormones in a state of emergency can also cause blemishes or irritated skin.

The First Weeks With Baby – Get Used To It Instead Of Changing It!

The first weeks after the birth of your baby are not called the postpartum period for anything. Midwives and doctors recommend taking it easy on the After Baby Body after delivery and giving it time to settle into its new role.

Also, to prevent your own exhaustion, after you have had a baby in your belly, you are welcome to pamper yourself at home as much as possible. It is anything but healthy to strain your abdomen with sit-ups or other sports exercises immediately after giving birth.

First of all, the uterus has to recede. You may also have birth injuries that need to heal first, or you may have chest infections. Your midwife and your doctor will advise you on which activities are sensible for your After Baby Body.

No Sports, But Exercise

Longer walks are always recommended if you feel fit after delivery. Fresh air and light exercise help you to settle into everyday life with the baby and to clear your head. Your baby can sleep in a carrier or stroller.

After about eight weeks, you can start postnatal gymnastics, which is often offered in courses. Such activity is important for the After Baby Body to stabilize and strengthen the pelvic floor again.

No Diet, But Eat Whole Foods

After delivery, you can watch your diet if you feel good about it. However, diets directly after birth are taboo, especially for moms who are still breastfeeding! The additional calorie requirement due to breastfeeding will make itself felt through greater hunger.

Go after the hunger pangs and provide your body with nutrient-rich food. Foods that are especially recommended during breastfeeding are:

  • Vegetables.
  • Fruit
  • Full-fat dairy products.
  • Whole grain products.
  • Legumes according to tolerance.
  • Lean meat.
  • Sea fish.
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Also, you should not forget to drink plenty of fluids in the postpartum period.

Lose Weight By Breastfeeding?

Some women lose weight on their way to the desired After Baby Body through breastfeeding alone. On the one hand, the increased need for calories ensures that the pounds fall off. On the other hand, lack of sleep and stress with the newborn can also be reasons for weight loss.

Moms who were active before and during pregnancy often achieve their ideal after-baby body after just a few months. This is because if muscle mass is already present, it burns more calories and can be activated more quickly during exercise.

But don’t worry if you’re not one of those moms whose belly is flat soon after giving birth. Everybody is different and there is no plan for the perfect after baby body!

Active Everyday Life – Even With A Child!

If your baby is already a few months old and is perhaps no longer breastfed so often, you can start to integrate sport into your daily routine. Which activity you have in mind is not so important at first.

Individual Sports Program

If you enjoyed running before pregnancy, you can now do your rounds with the baby jogger. This is not only good for the after baby body, it is also fun for most children.

If you prefer to exercise at home, all you often need is a soft mat and comfortable sportswear. Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, HIIT or lightweight training, many sports can be done in a small space and at any time of day.

Just 20 minutes a day can be enough to make you feel more comfortable in your After Baby Body. If you are unsure about how much exercise you can do, talk to your doctor.

Do you need instructions for the different exercises? Then search YouTube for well-explained videos or sign up for one of the many online programs currently on the market. Many of them are specifically tailored to moms with after-baby bodies.

Challenge Your Diet

If you’re still struggling with baby pounds or even gaining eight months after giving birth, there can be several reasons. On the one hand, lack of exercise may be the cause, on the other hand, your diet may not be quite right for your circumstances.

If you eat just as much as you did after giving birth, but don’t breastfeed your child as often, you will have a calorie surplus. Some moms also tend to snack more when they’re stressed or eat the kids’ leftovers at mealtimes, even if they’re already full themselves.

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It’s not so easy to keep track of your own eating habits in the hectic everyday life with a baby. A food diary covering several days can give you information about your own eating habits.

SOS Tips For The After Baby Body

Your after baby body is not yet exactly the way you want it to be? Your belly is still very round after birth and doesn’t fit into your favorite jeans? Sometimes you can conjure up the perfect after-baby bodysuit with clothes!

First of all, a critical look into your closet helps: Do your clothes still fit you and your everyday life after giving birth? Pants that are cut too low or too tight, for example, don’t cut a good figure with the after-baby bodysuit.

Try jeans with a higher waistband – they keep your belly in shape. Tops can be tight, a loose cardigan over them flatters wider hips. Also, a great combination is tight pants or leggings worn with loose long blouses. Just try out which look you would like as a new mom and get inspired by other moms.

The insider’s tip for well-shaped after-baby bodysuits is figure-shaping underwear. They are available from panties to undergarments and no one needs to know about them. Although such body shapers do not conjure away additional kilos, visually they literally move mountains! The silhouette looks well-formed, disturbing rolls on the belly are smoothed. Especially under tight clothing and for special occasions, these little clothing helpers are worth their weight in gold!

After Baby Body – It’s All A Question Of Attitude!

Whether you gained a few or many kilos during pregnancy and lose them quickly or more slowly after birth – your After Baby Body is your business. As you know now, the role models from the Internet with their dream bodies are not always to be envied.

Comparisons with others are always difficult anyway, after all, you’re never in someone else’s shoes. All we know is that if you do as much as you do every day as a mom, you deserve to feel good in your after baby bodysuit!

A good mix of exercise, healthy eating and serenity is the best recipe to feel beautiful in your body.

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