All Articles About Education At A Glance

Raising your own children is a multifaceted field with many different approaches. In order to give you some orientation in your search for your personal parenting style, we have compiled our articles on this subject for you.

All Articles About Different Parenting Styles

There are many different parenting styles and approaches. We show you what is important in each case.

From outdated to modern: An overview of parenting styles

Authoritarian parenting: What is behind this parenting style?

Attachment parenting: Why this parenting method is winning over more and more mothers

Relaxed parenting according to Jan-Uwe Rogge

You can be relied on: Trust pedagogy as a parenting style

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The Top 10 Most Common Parenting Mistakes

Help me to do it myself: Montessori pedagogy

Raising children the right way

10 tips for consistent parenting

The top 10 most common parenting mistakes

Articles About Nurturing Children

Of course, you want your child to lack nothing and develop wonderfully. Here we have compiled some articles about nurturing children.

PEKiP – why early intervention is so popular with parents

How bilingual education succeeds

Learning independence: children alone at home

All Articles About Child Safety

Part of raising your children in the best possible way is protecting them from danger. Here you can find out how to keep your children safe.

Safety begins within your own four walls

Safety in the children’s room must always be an issue

Safety in the car for children: this is what you should pay attention to

Bicycle testing for children – safe on two wheels

All Articles About Mastering Difficult Situations

Unfortunately, life does not only consist of nice situations and things do not always go smoothly in parenting. Here you will learn how to deal with difficult situations.

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Damages Benefits: Children With Smartphone - The Right Way To Handle

My child is being bullied – these signs show that your child needs help

Is anger good for you? – How to deal with aggression in children

ADHD : An educational challenge worth taking on!

Why do children lie?

When the child does not want to listen

My child uses swear words all the time. What to do?

All Articles About Children’s Personality

Every child is different and has its own personality. Here you can find out how to support your child on his or her way to finding and developing it.

Still waters run deep: This is what makes introverted kids tick

How new gender roles unsettle boys

A pragmatic generation under pressure

All Articles About Kindergarten And School

Education doesn’t just take place at home; kindergarten and school also play a role. Here you can find interesting articles about it.

Is your child ready for kindergarten yet?

Kita fees: These costs for you

Settling in at kindergarten: How to make it work

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Talking With Children About Racism

Kindergarten: Problems of the open concept

Function-oriented approach in the day care center

Learning in the Montessori school

Waldorf education: These are the differences to mainstream schools

All Articles About Only Children And Siblings

Whether your child is an only child or has siblings. Each constellation has its own challenges. Here you will learn how to cope with each of them.

Only children – little egoists? Clearing up an old cliché

How little ones become big siblings

When siblings quarrel

Jealousy among siblings

All Articles About Children’s Media Use

Children’s media use is a much-discussed topic on which there is no unanimous opinion. Here you can find out more about it and derive rules for your children’s media use.

What is media education?

Children and television – How media can convey false (beauty) ideals

Casting shows like “The Voice Kids” have this effect on children

A television in your child’s room

Damages & benefits: Children with smartphones – the right way to handle them

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Prepuberty - The Change From Child To Teenager

At what age should children get a smartphone?

The right age for a cell phone – does that even exist?

Is Whatsapp suitable for kids?

Online advertising – children must learn the right way to deal with it

All Articles About Children’s Sleep

Part of raising children is, of course, giving them the opportunity for a good night’s sleep. We show you how to do this.

Has your child lost his or her first baby tooth? Clear the stage for the tooth fairy!

Sweet dreams – how to ensure a good night’s sleep for your child!

Sleep better – 14 tips for kids

All Articles About The Time Of Puberty

The years are flying by and your child is growing up faster than you’d like. Before you know it, they’ll be in puberty. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Pre-puberty – the transition from child to teenager

Freedom: an important topic during puberty

How much education do teenagers need?

10 questions about sex education

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Diaper bags

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