All Articles About Pregnancy Complications At A Glance

Of course, it is to be wished to every expectant mother that her pregnancy proceeds without complications. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You can learn more about possible pregnancy complications by reading the following articles.

All Articles About Complications Due To Diseases During Pregnancy

Even in pregnancy, of course, you are not safe from one or the other cold or other infections and ailments. Here you will find out in what way it is problematic if you get the following diseases during your pregnancy

Fever in pregnancy: Is your baby at risk?

Listeriosis in pregnancy: symptoms, causes and treatment

Scarlet fever in pregnancy: symptoms, effects and treatment

Ringworm in pregnancy – dangerous or harmless?

Chickenpox in pregnancy – about symptoms and risk of infection

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Rubella – a threat to the unborn child

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy – what does it mean?

High blood pressure in pregnancy: what helps?

All Articles On Medication During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is not advisable to take many medications because they could harm your baby. We show you what you need to be aware of.

Paracetamol during pregnancy: Is there a risk for your child?

Antibiotics during pregnancy – what you need to know about Amoxillin & Co

Ibuprofen during pregnancy – will it harm my child?

Nasal spray during pregnancy – is it allowed?

Articles About Complications Due To Placenta, Amniotic Fluid And Co.

During pregnancy many changes happen in your body. The body cannot always provide optimal care for the baby. These complications can occur in connection with placenta, amniotic fluid and co.

Shortened cervix: Is there a danger for your baby?

Diagnosis of posterior placenta: What does it mean for your baby?

Anterior placenta – what does it mean for the pregnancy?

Placenta accreta – when the adherence of the placenta is disturbed

Placental abruption: What are the risks for mother and baby?

Gastroschisis in the baby: What is behind this diagnosis?

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Anemia in pregnancy: What to do in case of anemia?

Hb value: How to avoid anemia

Polyhydramnios – formation of too much amniotic fluid

Oigohydramnios – formation of too little amniotic fluid

Green amniotic fluid: infection and the consequences

All Articles About Other Complications In Pregnancy

Pregnancy does not always develop optimally and proceeds without complications. These further complications may occur in the course of pregnancy.

Possible problems in pregnancy

Spotting in pregnancy – everything you need to know about it

Getting periods during pregnancy: Is this normal?

Bleeding in pregnancy: What you should be aware of

Abdominal pregnancy: How does this rare symptom occur?

Ectopic pregnancy: signs and symptoms

Indian bridge: With this method you can make your baby turn

Tocolysis – everything you need to know about labor and preterm labor

A hard belly during pregnancy? This is what is behind it

Vena cava syndrome: What are the risks for mother and child?

Abdominal pain in pregnancy – (no) reason to panic?

Preventing folic acid deficiency during pregnancy

Pregnancy poisoning – How to recognize it and what to do about it

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HELLP syndrome

Early detection of preeclampsia – Causes and risks

Gestational diabetes – What to do?

Cervical curettage: reasons, procedure and risks

Even childbirth is not without problems in all cases. Here you can find out more about possible problems in connection with the birth.

The breech presentation – what does it mean for the birth?

Stargazing: What does it mean when your baby looks up at the sky?

Plummeting birth – when your baby can’t wait

Premature rupture of the membranes – what you should know about it

Premature baby – Causes of premature birth

Causes of premature birth – When a baby is born too early

Premature birth due to a lack of magnesium during pregnancy? – This is why magnesium is so important

All Articles About Miscarriage

Unfortunately, not every pregnancy goes as planned and ends with the birth of the baby after 9 months. Unfortunately, there are complications that end up for premature termination of pregnancy due to miscarriage. You can learn more about them here.

Diagnosis of wind egg: what does it mean for my pregnancy?

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If the pregnancy ends suddenly – How to cope with the miscarriage

Are there signs of a miscarriage?

Fear of miscarriage and preventing miscarriage

Pregnant after miscarriage: What to consider?

All Articles About Complications Of Embryo, Fetus And Baby

Unfortunately, not every child is born healthy. Among other things, there may be changes in the genetic material. We show you what these can be.

Trisomy 18: What does the diagnosis mean?

Trisomy 13 – genetic disease with serious consequences

All Articles About Possible Risk Factors

Various activities are seen as possible risk factors for pregnancy. We will show you which ones are and which ones you can safely engage in during pregnancy.

Information about high-risk pregnancies – what you should know

Sauna during pregnancy – how safe is it really?

Dyeing hair during pregnancy: numerous myths and the truth

Bathing during pregnancy: pure relaxation, if you do it right

Sex in pregnancy – about pleasure and unfounded worries

Quiz – Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy

Flying pregnant – What you should be aware of

Driving a car during pregnancy: What you should watch out for

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