Alternative Method Of Induction Of Labor: The Egg Solution

Labor can be stimulated with different means to make the birth start faster. An egg solution to induce labor has the advantage that no drugs are used and it is a tried and tested method.

Here you can find out how an egg solution works and what the chances are of getting a birth going.

What Is An Egg Solution?

Egg drop, also called cervical stripping or cervical dilation, is a mechanical method of inducing labor. It involves manually detaching the membranes of the amniotic sac from the cervix (neck of the uterus).

To do this, your midwife or gynecologist gently inserts a finger into the vagina and gently massages the inner cervix by moving the finger back and forth. The massage loosens the outer amniotic sac covering from the edge of the uterus.

The release of prostaglandins caused by the massage can induce labor. Egg skin is the term used to describe the outer amniotic sac envelope. This is glued to the cervix. Egg membrane detachment does not damage the amniotic sac because the egg membrane is quite stable.

The detachment of the egg membrane results in an increased release of the labor-stimulating tissue hormone prostaglandin. Immediately after egg detachment, light, harmless spotting and irregular contractions may occur. These contractions are also called “wild” and “unproductive” contractions.

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Because egg drop solution works well and has few side effects, this method should be done before starting labor with medication, if possible. Talk about this with your doctor or midwife.

Egg solution will not induce labor in every pregnant woman right from the first treatment. However, egg solution can be performed repeatedly if the first attempt was unsuccessful.

Egg solution is one of the oldest methods of labor induction. In developing countries, this inexpensive method is used as a standard method, while in industrialized countries, prostaglandins are increasingly used.

What Is The Eipol?

Eipol refers to the lower end of the amniotic sac. At birth, the eipol pushes into the cervical canal (cervix) and bulges forward into the vagina. During labor, pressure is exerted on the amniotic sac, resulting in (usually) rupture of the membranes.

What Are Membranes?

Egg membranes are the embryonic membranes that enclose the unborn child. The amniotic sac consists of 3 thin layers:

  • Amnion: inner layer, is responsible for the formation of the amniotic fluid.
  • Chorion: middle egg skin.
  • Decidua: outer egg skin.

These layers together are called egg membranes. They are stable and elastic, so the unborn baby is very effectively protected from infections.

What Are The Advantages Of Egg Solution?

Egg solution does not involve the use of drugs or natural active substances. In terms of side effects, this method is much gentler than a labor cocktail or the use of induction gel or suppositories with prostaglandins, because these interfere with hormonal balance.

In recent studies it has been shown that by stimulating the cervix with egg solution, birth had to be induced less often with medication.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Egg Solution?

Most pregnant women experience egg collection as unpleasant and very painful. This is mainly due to the fact that it is difficult to reach the cervix before the birth begins.

Some women firmly refuse the ovum solution because of the pain, because pain in a very sensitive place does not coincide with the desire for a relaxed birth preparation.

Other pregnant women, however, accept the pain as the lesser evil compared to induction by means of labor cocktail or induction of labor in the clinic. The pain of the ovulation can be better tolerated if you use breathing techniques that help you relax during the procedure.

You will certainly have learned appropriate techniques in your childbirth preparation course.

How Quickly Does The Egg Solution Work?

In about 50% of women, labor pains follow within 48 hours. In other women, bleeding can be induced for several days without labor getting underway.

What Is The Role Of Prostaglandins?

Prostaglandins are tissue hormones and are found in almost all organs. The name derives from the fact that they were first found in protease secretion. At the end of pregnancy, prostaglandins cause the cervical tissue to loosen.

In this process, called “maturation”, the cervix becomes shorter and softer. At birth, prostaglandins act on the muscles of the uterus and cervix. Prostaglandins have a significant signaling effect for the onset of labor.

Along with oxytocin, these hormones are partly responsible for the onset of labor. Due to the action of prostaglandins, the cervix opens during labor. In addition, they stimulate the middle uterine muscles. In the muscle tissue, they build “cell bridges” to coordinate the transmission of movement from cell to cell.

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The body usually produces an adequate amount of prostaglandins. In obstetrics, prostaglandins can be used to promote labor. Because prostaglandins are found in semen, doctors and midwives recommend intercourse to promote labor when a due date is missed.

The level of prostaglandins in semen is much lower than in drugs used to induce labor, but it can still be effective. This is because maternal blood already contains other labor-inducing hormones that, along with the prostaglandins from semen, can induce labor.

Promoting Labor When The Due Date Is Passed

Egg solution only makes sense when the due date has passed. The aim here is to promote labor and thus avoid induction of labor with medication.

Egg solution only has a chance of success when the cervix is already very soft and slightly open. The doctor or midwife must be able to penetrate the cervix with a finger. The cervix must therefore already be prepared for the birth.

Prophylactic Egg Solution?

According to the medical guidelines, a prophylactic weekly egg solution is possible from the 38th SSW. Although some studies have shown a benefit of this measure, the guideline advises to use prophylactic only in special cases.

Egg Solution Without Prior Information

In individual cases, physicians or midwives perform an egg solution without having asked or informed the pregnant woman beforehand. However, this is not the rule and is inadmissible. Therefore, if you have a vaginal examination before delivery, ask what exactly is being examined.

Ask your doctor or midwife to stop the examination if you feel pain during it. A routine exam does not require a painful procedure. Before the 40th week of pregnancy, the egg solution should not be performed and then only if you have informed yourself about the treatment and you think it is useful.

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Alternative Natural Methods In Case Of Missed Due Date

What other natural methods are there to promote labor in case of a missed due date besides the egg solution?

Labor Tea

Teas usually contain cloves, cinnamon, ginger or verbena and can stimulate labor.

Natural Prostaglandins

Triggering contractions also works with sexual intercourse because there are natural prostaglandins in your partner’s seminal fluid.

Bath Additives Or Oiling With Essential Oils

Cinnamon leaf oil, clove oil, ginger root oil, lavender oil. Beware of allergies! You should not be alone in the apartment in case the oils induce birth or it starts even without oils. The water temperature should not exceed 38 degrees.

Labor Cocktail (Castor Cocktail)

This should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor or midwife, as it can lead to particularly strong contractions.


Fine acupuncture needles are used to stimulate points on the meridians to promote labor.


A heated stick is used to activate various points on the meridians that can promote labor.

Foot Reflexology

Points on the foot that can stimulate labor are massaged.


Multiple dilutions of natural substances, usually in the form of beads.


When the due date has passed, people often try to induce labor by using an egg-poll solution, thus avoiding induction of labor with medication. Many women refuse egg solution because it is very painful.

On the other hand, it is a natural method that has hardly any side effects and induces birth in about half of the cases.

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