Anterior Wall Placenta – What Does It Mean For Pregnancy?

"An anterior wall placenta is a special position of the placenta during pregnancy, but it does not always have to lead to complications. It is possible, however, that the expectant mother will notice fewer movements of the unborn child or will generally feel them later. However, this is not a cause for concern.

Anterior Placenta – What Role Does The Position Of The Placenta Play?

In most cases, the placenta is located in the upper part of the uterus. There it has plenty of room to spread forward and backward. Sometimes, however, there is an anterior wall placenta or a posterior wall placenta. The placenta therefore sits either in the front towards the mother’s navel or in the back towards the spine.

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The diagnosis of anterior wall placenta is made during an ultrasound examination. At first, this does not mean anything bad, because pregnancy and birth usually proceed without complications. The position of the placenta is recorded in the maternity record so that the doctors and midwives know where it is when the baby is born. The position can be important, for example, in the event of a cesarean section.

However, because the placenta lies behind the abdominal wall like a kind of pillow, the mother may feel the baby’s movements later than other mothers. Weaker kicks are dampened by the placenta and are less noticeable. Stronger kicks, on the other hand, are felt less strongly, often to the mother’s advantage.

Complications With An Anterior Placenta

Placenta Praevia

In general, the mere fact that the placenta is located on the anterior wall of the uterus or on the posterior wall is not an obstacle to a pregnancy without complications. However, it does happen that the anterior wall placenta or posterior wall placenta is too deep and pushes in front of the cervix. This is called placenta praevia, which is not uncommon. In this case, the cervix is completely or partially covered, which can lead to complications during birth.

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In a spontaneous birth with placenta praevia, there can be heavy bleeding, which can be very dangerous for mother and child. In addition, if the placenta is injured during birth, it may not completely detach from the uterus. This, in turn, can lead to severe blood loss, inflammation and growths that can be life-threatening for the mother. Therefore, if placenta praevia is present, delivery is usually by cesarean section to avoid these dangers. However, if it is only an anterior wall placenta or a posterior wall placenta without placenta previa, a spontaneous birth is also possible without any problems.

Basic Protective Measures In The Case Of An Anterior Wall Placenta

In the case of an anterior wall placenta, the pregnant woman must pay special attention to the abdomen. Falls and hard impacts against the abdomen can lead to premature detachment of the placenta and consequent undersupply of the baby. This is also the case if the placenta is in a different location. But it is particularly at risk in the anterior region.

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It is therefore advisable to carry out a check-up even in the case of minor accidents to determine whether everything is in order.

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