The Apgar Test After Birth

Immediately after birth, your child will undergo the so-called Apgar test, which analyzes the baby’s condition. It tests the baby’s heartbeat and pulse, breathing, muscle tension and basic tone, appearance and color, as well as the baby’s reflex reaction. There are 0 to 2 points for each test. These are added together. Most babies score a total of 7 – 10 points. The test is repeated again 5 to 10 minutes later.

The First Hours After Birth

Until now, your baby has only known life in the womb. Now everything is different and it must first get used to its new environment. In the first few hours, it needs a lot of closeness and skin contact. Your baby will then recognize you by your smell, your face and skin, and your touch. For babies, the time after birth is of high importance.

The foundation for a lifelong bond is laid now. After the placenta is expelled and you and your partner have had some time with the baby, they will check to see if you need stitches. The sooner your baby gets to your breast, the better. You should not worry if your baby does not want to drink at your breast right away. It may be that it got some of the painkiller you were injected with and is now very sleepy.

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Some women are completely exhausted after giving birth and just want to sleep. Some, however, are quite fit after giving birth and can’t get a wink of sleep from all the excitement.

The baby has to undergo other tests besides the Apgar test. The baby is weighed, its head circumference is measured and the genital organs are examined. Don’t worry, the tests will only take a short time and you will get your baby back soon.


For parents, there is nothing worse than having to witness the death of your baby before or during birth. Stillbirth happens very rarely, but when it does, it takes parents a long time to get over it. In such a case, talk about it a lot with other people and additionally see a pychologist.

You will have to find a lot of courage and strength to get over the death of your baby, let alone to hold him or look at him. But it is very important for you as parents to consciously say goodbye to your child.
It takes a long time to process such an event, but keep your child well in your memory.

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Side beds are very practical and offer both mother and baby a lot of advantages, because for babies, especially in the first months of life, it is reassuring to be able to sleep next to their parents.

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