Arctic Council Adopts Declaration For Arctic Peace And Stability

The Arctic Council adopted a declaration at its meeting in which the member states express their support for peace and stability in the Arctic region. This benefits the tense relationship between Russia and the United States, but the declaration is not binding, so it can be broken without any problems.

The Arctic Council – An Assembly For The Benefit Of The North Pole

The Arctic Council has been in existence since 1996, serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas and interests among the member states, all of which are Littoral states of the Arctic and, above all, to represent the needs of the people who live there. Climate protection, the reduction of Natural Resources, and security in the region are topics discussed at Arctic Council meetings. The Arctic Council includes a total of 8 countries: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. Germany is present in the Arctic Council only as an observer. The chairmanship changes every 2 years, i.e. with each meeting, because the Arctic Council only meets every 2 years.

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Arctic Council Adopts A Document For Peace And Cooperation

The new Announcement document speaks of peace and stability for the region. However, Russia has lately made its claim to the Territory expressed its claim to the region. And exactly this could lead to the fact that soon there is no more peace in the region because in the Arctic there are still masses of mineral resources, which both Russia and the USA would like to have for themselves. Russia wants the North Pole for itself and is also expanding its military bases to the north. But the meeting was also about environmental protection because at the North Pole the earth is warming up twice as fast as anywhere else in the world, which has dramatic effects on the climate and the melting of the ice there.

Explanation Of Difficult Words:

The Arctic Council is a meeting of the foreign and environment ministers of the 8 member states to agree on statements and actions for the region.

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The region around the North Pole, where there is almost only snow and ice, is the Arctic named. The counterpart is Antarctica, which refers to the region around the South Pole.

Littoral states are states that have a direct border to a certain area. German bordering states would therefore be, for example, Poland or France.

At Mineral resources refers to naturally occurring valuable substances that are deep under the ground. These include crude oil, natural gas, coal, or even gold.

An Announcement is a declaration in which one fixes or changes important points.

A Territory is an area of a certain size. For example, a country can also be called a territory.

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