Baby Blues: 6 Tips Against The Low Mood After Birth

During pregnancy, it’s not just your hormones that go crazy – your everyday life changes, your body experiences completely new feelings and your environment also perceives you very differently. All the excitement can cause a low mood after the birth.

We show you 6 helpful tips to escape the “baby blues”.

What Exactly Are The Baby Blues?

You may notice in the first week that you feel like crying all the time, but you don’t know why. The reality of what parenthood actually means slowly becomes clear to you. You are suddenly anxious, irritable, lacking concentration and exhausted – but still can’t sleep well. These typical symptoms are indicative of baby blues, also known as “crying days”.
It probably catches you completely off guard, because just before you could have been bursting with pride and happiness

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The good news is that baby blues is usually just a phase and usually disappears as quickly as it came.

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Fluctuations In Feelings After Birth Are Not Uncommon

Almost every second woman suffers from a depressive mood after giving birth.
The joy of having a baby is overshadowed by negative feelings.
Women with baby blues are not ravenous mothers and need not have a guilty conscience. Even if the change in mood often occurs completely unexpectedly and seemingly without reason, it has completely natural causes.

After birth, for example, hormone levels change. The body reacts to this change with the baby blues symptoms. Stress, lack of sleep, the birth experience and the change in life situation can also be responsible for the emotional roller coaster.

Duration of the Baby Blues

Even though you may still have the impression that your low mood will never go away. It will get better!
Baby blues is not a disease and usually disappears after two weeks at the latest. If you still feel depressed afterwards, this may be an indication of postpartum depression. If you think this might be the case, see a doctor as a precaution.

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Tips Against The Baby Blues

Wondering if there’s anything that can help against the baby blues? Why not try the following tips!

1. Acceptance:

Expectations are high for moms and how they should feel. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a child. So besides breastfeeding, changing diapers and doing household chores, it’s best if you’re beaming all the time. The reality is usually different. Nobody is born a mother and you have to get used to the new situation. You are stressed and tired? That is perfectly legitimate.
Stop making yourself feel guilty about it.

2. Give Free Rein To Your Feelings

Once you’ve accepted your feelings, talk honestly with others about them.
Let them comfort you. Surround yourself with understanding people who make you feel comfortable and listen to you.
If you feel like it, have a good cry.

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3. Division Of Labor

Taking care of everything all by yourself can be a big burden. After all, with a child, something always falls by the wayside. Go ahead and hand over a few tasks, you don’t have to master everything on your own. If you are not offered support, then demand it!

4. Get Out Into The World

If you sit at home with your baby all day, the ceiling may fall on your head. Grab your baby and the stroller and go for a ride. A coffee with a friend, a walk, or a little stroll around town – distraction drives away the baby blues thoughts.

5. Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

I know – sleep in with babies. That’s pretty easy to say. Ask your partner to take over getting up at night one night. The important thing is that you don’t forget about yourself over your baby.

6. Exit

Think about who from your environment would play babysitter once. Also, if you are tired, an evening of “freedom” can do wonders. Make yourself pretty and treat yourself to a nice evening together with your partner or a friend. This is guaranteed to get your mind off things.

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