Baby Fashion – These Beautiful Parts You Can Give Away

Whoopee, a baby! Whether in the family or among friends, it is always a huge joy when a little person sees the light of day. Of course, then you ask yourself what is the best gift to give to please the parents and present something useful?

Baby fashion is always a good idea, but it should be something special. We have collected a few ideas about what kind of baby fashion is very suitable as a gift. Let us inspire you!

Baby Fashion At The Baby Shower: Original And Individual Gifts

One of the first occasions for beautiful gifts is the so-called baby shower, a trend that came from the United States and is already very well established in our country. Usually it is celebrated when the mom is still pregnant. The name comes from the fact that it should rain gifts! Clothes are often brought along, but also embellished by the mothers themselves. Festive baby fashion is particularly welcome on this day, especially baby fashion for girls!

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If it is already clear what sex the baby is, you know in advance whether to bring baby fashion for girls or baby fashion for boys. However, it is advisable to consult on this matter, because not all parents want specific baby fashion for girls or baby fashion for boys. Then you can buy neutral parts that look good on both sexes. In general, it can be said that the boundaries between the sexes are blurring, at least as far as the equipment and colors of clothing are concerned. More and more boys also play with dolls and may wear a skirt if they want, and girls are also less bound to a role.

Baby fashion for girls or baby fashion for boys, however, still pleases most parents, best, you just ask!

Sustainability In Baby Fashion

Even if the preferences vary in the colors of clothing, one thing is important to most parents, and that is sustainability. So it’s worth keeping your eyes open on this topic, because you can’t go wrong with it. By the way, festive baby clothes can be sustainable too! Giving them as gifts is probably the most fun. Festive baby fashion, it can be pretty little dresses, little suits and other parts that you usually only know from the grown-ups. So cute and perfect for a special occasion like a barbecue, birthday or Christmas.

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Speaking of Christmas, think of all the cute red and white outfits that are available just before the holidays. It just looks too cute when the little ones get clothes that match the holidays! Most of the time, though, clothes need to be practical, and again, you can’t go wrong with smart gifts. After all, little ones grow and need something new all the time!

Practical Baby Fashion Is Always A Smart Gift

What do parents always need? Diapers and pretty clothes for everyday use, from crawling tights to overalls for the baby and sun hats for the baby. Of course, these recommendations always depend on the weather. Here’s a little list of things that are always appreciated:


These one-pieces replace underwear (i.e. knickers and shirt) and reliably hold the diaper. They come in many colors and with pretty patterns. Most children wear them for at least a year, which is why it is absolutely part of baby fashion for 1 year.

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They are indeed always needed, and if the parents have one of those washing machines that make socks disappear, even more so. When it comes to baby fashion for 1 year, socks are not the first thing that comes to mind, but otherwise how to hold rompers that are still a little too big? And what about the time when the little ones learn to walk, but do not yet have shoes? Socks and stockings, then, are a must-have.

If there is one thing that still belongs to baby fashion for 1 year, it is crawling tights. Most children walk at one year and then no longer need them, but before that they are indispensable!

A crawling tights protects the knees from being scraped, because it has a reinforcement on the knees and sometimes on the buttocks. A practical gift of which you can use more than one. Super cute and especially eye-catching in the summer: a jumpsuit for the baby. Such a one-piece suit is practical, looks cute and always fits perfectly. Speaking of summer: If you buy a matching sun hat for the baby with the jumpsuit, make sure that it has an extra neck protection.

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Have fun giving it away!

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