Baby Swaddling? – Advantages & Disadvantages

Those who hear about baby swaddling for the first time will probably not immediately know what is meant by it. Young parents or young couples who will become parents in the near future may have already dealt with this special baby swaddling technique. This is because this unusual but effective swaddling technique ensures that babies feel secure and feel the tightness and comfort that also prevailed in the womb. But not everyone is so open to this topic.

Why Baby Swaddling?

Doctors, midwives and ultimately expectant parents know that babies feel particularly comfortable in their mothers’ wombs. They love not only the warmth and the mother’s heartbeat, which they hear constantly, but also the fact that their range of movement is significantly restricted. Arms and also legs cannot be moved uncontrollably, so that unwanted twitching is prevented.

Certainly, every expectant mother notices when the baby moves in her belly. And this feeling, which is generated, is a very pleasant feeling, which the mother takes quite seriously and which is considered a signal for a good development of the baby. Despite all this, the possibilities of movement in the womb are limited, which leads to the fact that unwanted reflexes are absent. One such reflex that is prevented, for example, is the so-called Moro reflex.

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Does Baby Swaddling Really Calm?

Experts recommend swaddling to calm babies. For most babies, this works. They become calmer and more content. Especially often this pucking technique is used at night to help babies sleep gently and peacefully.

Especially directly after birth, the baby happiness seems to be perfect for the time being. The birth is over and the little sunshine is finally in the world. In many cases, however, this blissful state of happiness does not last long. It’s not just that the new parents have a lot to deal with in the first few months after the birth. For the children, too, the birth is a drastic experience that can have a positive or negative influence on the child’s development.

All of a sudden, there is an incredible amount of space. Everything is much louder and brighter, and the smells and other perceptions that accompany us in our everyday lives are suddenly pelting the newborn child. For the baby, these impressions are completely new and it must first get used to them. This adjustment can take a little time, so it is good that some rituals and familiar things, which were known from the baby’s belly, are put to use. And this includes, among other things, baby swaddling.

After birth, the problem often arises that the infant has a different sleep rhythm than adults. It is true that an infant sleeps up to 20 hours a day, especially in the beginning. However, it also demands six to eight meals a day, making it almost impossible for parents to sleep through the night. This can be particularly difficult if the mother is breastfeeding and is therefore the baby’s main caregiver. Because then it is she who must always respond to the cries as a cry for help or as a signal to feed.

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If the baby does not get enough sleep either, perhaps because it has problems falling asleep, then it quickly develops into a cry baby, which has recognized crying as a tried and tested means of drawing attention to itself. But the infant does not like this sleep deprivation any more than we adults do. It is therefore important to find the cause of the sleep deprivation. If you are interested in this topic, please take a look at our article on the subject of baby sleep – the right way to promote restful hours.

When Do We Speak Of A Crying Baby?

A particularly common reason for crying babies is constant waking due to twitching or uncontrolled movements of the baby. In technical language, these twitches and uncontrolled movements are called the Moro reflex. They prevent the baby from falling fast asleep and are therefore the main cause of crying spells.

3-month colic can also be the reason for the crying episodes. How to deal with this properly, you are welcome to read our detailed article, there we reveal tips & tricks against tummy aches in babies.

Baby Pucken Provides Security

In such a case, baby swaddling can be an effective way to calm the baby and allow him and the family to sleep peacefully and comfortably. It is not necessarily a matter of stretching out the sleep phase over a significantly longer period of time. Rather, it is about finding a deep and restful sleep that gives all family members new strength for the tasks ahead.

With the swaddling technique associated with baby swaddling, babies are wrapped tightly. Arms and legs thus have no more room for violent as well as uncontrolled movements. In most cases, this familiar position does not harm the babies, because they already know it from the womb. Even if some experts see this differently. Rather, this tightness has a calming effect on them and gives them the feeling that they are secure and safe. Babies who are soothed with this swaddling technique sleep much better and no longer exhibit the disturbing and unwanted movements. As a result, sleep becomes more restful and the subsequent stages are much more pleasant.

Advantages Of Baby Swaddling

If baby swaddling is applied correctly, then this swaddling technique brings many advantages. Among other things, it leads to calmer and longer sleep for babies. Studies have also shown that, above all, restless babies cry less when swaddled and settle down more quickly in a so-called swaddle blanket, swaddle sling or swaddle bag. In addition, the risk of dying from sudden infant death syndrome is significantly reduced in babies who are swaddled. This is because they are unable to turn onto their stomachs. The puck blanket, puck sack or puck sling simply prevents this.

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In order for these advantages to really come to bear, it is important that the swaddling technique is applied correctly. The correct baby swaddling should therefore be learned in advance, so that the baby can really be helped.

Tips For The Correct Baby Swaddling

It may take some effort on the part of the mother or father the first time to wrap their baby so tightly that it can no longer move. In many cases, new parents make a typical beginner’s mistake and do not wrap their babies tightly enough. As a result, they wriggle free again after a short time and wake up in their bed.

The calm and restful sleep that is supposed to come with swaddling is thus again not given. Therefore, it is important that the uncontrolled movements that are supposed to be prevented by baby swaddling can only really be restricted if the correct swaddling technique is used. For this, a puck cloth or puck blanket is needed, which are made of cotton and have a size of 80 x 80 cm. It is also possible to work with the help of a pucksack. The handling of the pucksack you can read in the further course of the text.

First, the puck sack or puck blanket is placed on the changing table in the form of a rhombus. The upper tip of the puck sack or puck blanket is folded down so that the baby’s neck can be placed on the resulting edge. It is important that the baby’s arms are parallel to the body and not bent or otherwise folded.

The right side of the puck blanket or puck sling is then placed over the baby and fixed so that it is firmly tucked under the back on the left side of the body. Then the lower tip of the puck blanket or puck sling can be folded upwards. It should reach no further than the child’s chest. Excess remnants of the puck sling or puck blanket should be folded in so that the puck sling really only reaches the baby’s chest in the front area. Finally, the left side from the puck cloth or puck blanket is also placed over the body and tucked under the baby’s back. This should also take place relatively close to the body, so that the baby has no room to move.

It makes sense to ask the midwife for help the first time. She will not only show you how to use the correct swaddling technique, but also which Puck cloth or Puck blanket is particularly suitable for swaddling the baby. In addition, it is possible to see whether a puck sack can be used
If you don’t want to work with either cloth or blanket, you can also opt for the special pucksack. It is easier to handle and prevents relatively well mistakes that can occur quite quickly when baby pucking. The pucksack is available in a wide variety of designs and makes diapering much easier.

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With a little practice, however, it is quite easy to wrap the little ones tightly in a puck sack. Because a great effort is also not associated with it.

Our tip: Baby swaddling is not only suitable for use at home. It can also be used in the baby car seat. Especially in the cold winter months, many babies feel comfortable when they are wrapped up nice and cozy in addition to their clothes. Some puck blankets are therefore also additionally equipped with a hood. The same applies to the puck sling and the puck sack.

The Ideal Period For Pucking

There is no general answer to the question of how long a baby can be soothed and satisfied by being pucked. Because there is no solid answer that specifies a fixed period of time.

As a rule, it is the child who determines when it is time to stop swaddling. The development of the child is therefore decisive for the right time window. If the baby sleeps well without being swaddled, you should stop.
It is also advisable to gradually wean the baby off the swaddle. This weaning off can be initiated, for example, by a lighter puckering. The pucksack is particularly suitable for this, as it can be adjusted to different degrees of firmness. If the baby still sleeps as well as with the fixed version of the pucksack, then it can be assumed that the weaning phase can begin.

Since swaddling is mainly used to reduce the baby’s crying fits and uncontrolled movements, a certain time window automatically forms in which swaddling makes sense. This is because the Moro reflex in infants, which is responsible for this, occurs primarily in the first five months of the child’s life.

It can therefore be assumed that baby swaddling should not necessarily be practiced for longer than these five months.

Despite all this, it is not uncommon for there to be children who still require swaddling to sleep soundly at six months of age. Every child develops differently. Therefore, the following is true: swaddling should be tested out. As a parent, you can usually tell when the baby no longer needs to be swaddled, so that the child can be weaned off the swaddle. However, if the child continues to want this security that comes with the pucking, then this procedure should not be discontinued yet.

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What Is Special About A Pucksack

At first glance, the pucksack may look very similar to a baby sleeping bag. But if you take a closer look and study the topic of pucking a little more closely, you will see that this pucksack brings with it additional special features that make efficient and, above all, easy pucking possible.

First and foremost, the pucksack gives the infant a cuddly warm cover. Just as we know it from a sleeping bag. On the other hand, the pucksack can be adjusted accordingly, so that the pucking can take place relatively tight or a little wider. For this purpose, most pucksacks offer loops or Velcro fasteners with which the pucksack can be adjusted quite individually. It can thus be adjusted not only to the size of the child, but also to the desired tightness.

An additional advantage of the pucksack is that it can also be used in the baby car seat without any problems. Even in the stroller, the children can be wrapped up warm and cozy with the help of this bag during a trip. It thus brings with it various uses, so the pucksack should definitely be part of the equipment around a baby.

Disadvantages Of Baby Pucking

Where there is a lot of light, there is also shadow. Of course, this also applies to pucking. Experts have found out, among other things, that the wrong swaddling technique can lead to hip damage in the baby. Therefore, we would like to point out once again at this point: Get advice on swaddling and carry out the swaddling method together with the midwife first. If you do not want this, then rely on the pucksack, which allows very few mistakes.

Pucking should not be done if the baby is wearing a hip flexor splint or spreader pants. Pucking should also not be done if the baby has a fever, as the baby could suffer heat buildup from being wrapped so tightly. It is also important to note that the frequent supine position associated with swaddling can cause flattening of the back of the head.

Do You Also Want To Swaddle Your Child?

Were we able to arouse your curiosity and are you now also interested in swaddling? If so, we are pleased to have been able to introduce you to this exciting topic. Even though there are certainly different opinions on this topic, it is important that you form your own opinion and then decide whether or not swaddling is an option for your baby.

Are you interested in a pucksack, but do not know which one is right for your baby? Then take a look at our pucksack test, where our experts have taken a closer look at the pucksacks and present their 5 favorites in detail. There you will also find pucksack advice that will help you decide on the right pucksack or puck sling.

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