Baby Tea – Varieties Suitable For Babies

Tea can be offered to babies from the 2nd month of life. It is important to note that only suitable teas are used and some things to consider.

Breastfed babies are provided with all the essentials through their mother’s milk – both nutrition and hydration are ensured through breastfeeding. Thus, tea can be a little change for the taste buds when breastfeeding. Babies who are not breastfed should definitely take in additional fluids on hot summer days.

Tea should always be a change – first you should get your offspring used to water as a thirst quencher. Water suitable for this purpose is commercially available and you will ensure that your child reaches for water when thirsty from the very beginning of life, which is the healthiest way to quench thirst.

Which Tea Is Suitable For Babies?

  • Fennel tea: The classic tea for babies has a practical calming effect and helps against flatulence, and the sweet taste hits the mark with babies.
  • Chamomile tea: Tasty, anti-inflammatory, good for stomach and intestines – chamomile tea is mom’s secret weapon and tastes good to the little rascals.
  • Roiboos tea: Antispasmodic effect, sweet taste, and lots of minerals – Roiboos is perfect for babies. The tea does not contain irritants and caffeine – Roiboos from Africa is a good alternative to the classics of baby teas.
  • Unsuitable for babies: black tea, green tea, peppermint tea.
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What To Look For In Baby Teas?

  • Tea for babies should always be unsweetened – no sugar, no honey! The little ones get used to the wonderfully sweet taste very quickly, which is known to be very bad for their eating habits. Sugar also ruins the little teeth. Thus, it is also clear that ready-made baby teas are often not good because very often sweetened.
  • Tea bottles are for drinking – permanent sucking should be prevented, because this damages the jaw and is bad for natural drinking behavior.
  • Organic teas are obligatory for babies – organic guarantees teas free of harmful substances.
  • Plenty of water should be used when brewing – the little taste buds are very sensitive. Too intense a taste is counterproductive.

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