Baby Clothes Sizes – What You Should Consider

The Perfect Romper Size For Your Baby

Your baby’s onesie is too small again, even though it fit last week? Then I’ll show you now how to find out the perfect baby clothes size for your baby.

Maybe you already know this from your first child or are just becoming a mother or father for the first time, then you will quickly notice that an infant grows quite quickly in the first few months. Babies at that age get bigger and bigger month by month and after a few weeks the favorite romper is already too small again. A baby is usually 50 cm tall at the beginning and grows in the month around 10 cm.

To see what size your child really needs, we have a table here where you can easily see what size fits your baby best. This table shows all clothing sizes from premature to the second year of life.

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Here’s a little tip: Since it can be quite expensive in the long run to buy a new romper over and over again, you can choose it simply one size larger, because that saves money and the baby still fits the next month.

Age of the baby Body height in cm Clothing size
Premature baby up to 38


Preemie 38-44


0-1 month 40-50


1-2 month 51-56


2-3 month 57-62


4-6 month 63-68


7-9 month 69-74


10-12 month 75-80


1-1.5 years 81-86


1,5-2 years 87-92


This Is How The Cap Should Really Fit

The cute little cap that you see on just about every baby is more important than some might think. For babies in the first months it is especially important to wear a cap, because children lose most heat through the head. Whenever the baby is outdoors, the little head should be covered, because the infant must be protected from the sun’s rays and from cooling on cold days.

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Age of the baby Height in cm
0-2 months 35-37
3-4 months 37-39
4-5 months 39-41
5-6 months 41-43
6-9 months 43-45
9-12 months 45-47
1-1.5 months 47-49
1.5-2 months 49-51

This Is What You Should Know And Consider About Baby Hats

Please note the material from which the cap is made, because baby caps can fit a little tighter or looser, depending on the fabric. It is important that the cap does not pinch. In summer, it is especially important that the cap is not too thick, because then it should only protect from the sun’s rays. It should not serve to warm, because the head should not overheat.

In winter, of course, the whole thing looks quite different. Since the cap should have a thick fabric to warm the head and protect it from the cold. It is best if the baby cap is also pulled over the ears, so that they are protected and your baby does not get earaches.

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If you didn’t know that and want to get your child a cap but don’t know what size your child needs, you’ve come to the right place because we have a baby cap size chart for you. You just look at which month your baby is and see the right size next to it. If you are not sure whether the head size fits the age of your child, you will see in the column in the middle the appropriate cm information to measure it with your child.

What Is My Child’s Shoe Size?

The shoe size is very important for small children, because it can affect the walking behavior if the shoes do not fit. Therefore, it is very important to find the right shoe size. For this we have a baby shoe size chart that shows you which shoe and sock size your little darling has. To do this, simply look in the line where it is displayed how old your child is and next to it is already the shoe size.

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Age of the baby Body height in cm Clothing size
0-3 month



3-6 month



6-9 month



9-12 month



12-15 month



15-18 month



18-21 month



21-24 month



So now you have probably already noticed that it is very easy to find the right size for your child. Just make sure that the shoes are not too small or too large and that the cap does not press. Do not forget the tip 😉 That was it already to this topic and I hope I could help you further.

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