Protect Babies From The Cold – Properly Packed It Works Even In Winter

The first snow is here and winter has us all in its grip again. However, the cold season is no reason not to leave the house with the offspring. A walk in the fresh air is good for the baby and keeps mom fit. If you take some advice to heart, you can enjoy the winter landscape together.

The Onion Look Also Works For The Little Ones

So that a baby does not freeze even in winter and is optimally wrapped, the well-known onion or layered look is used. Babies can’t keep their body temperature yet, so it’s up to mom and dad to dress the little wonder properly. So let’s get started: a cotton bodysuit, thick tights, trousers and a top or romper, a good ski overall and a cap or hat – so the little bundle of joy is well wrapped up and ready for a walk.

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Insulate The Stroller – Winter-Proof Race Car

It is important to pack the baby in the stroller in a lambskin bag or a warm baby sleeping bag. The stroller itself can be well insulated against the cold from below with an insulating mat or a polystyrene plate – then it stays toasty warm in the carriage. Simply cut out the layout of the baby car seat – place it under the baby mattress and you’re done!

If you can’t park the stroller directly in the apartment, but in the unheated stairwell or anteroom, you should use a cherry pit cushion to warm up the lying surface a bit before you start. – Do not use hot water bottles, because they can leak and scald the baby!

Are Dripping Noses Allowed Outside And What About Newborns?

If you have just come home with a newborn and it is freezing cold outside, it is better to stay at home for the first few days – the little ones are still so used to the comforting warmth of mummy’s tummy that the cold outside should be avoided. This applies to the first days after birth.

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If the offspring has a cold but no fever, you should take them out into the fresh air – this helps the nasal mucous membranes to decongest and is therefore beneficial to their health. In case of fever – off to the doctor and no sparring in the cold!!!

Winter babies also need to get out into the fresh air, just like the moms – new impressions and exercise are necessary for mother and child and absolutely recommended!

The best products for you and your baby.

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Diaper bags

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Bicycle trailer

Bicycle trailers can be used in combination with a baby seat shortly after birth. They are not only safer than child seats but also more comfortable.


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Radiant heater

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Extra bed

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