Back Pain During Pregnancy: What To Do?

With the increasing weight of your baby, the amniotic fluid and the placenta, your muscles are put under a lot of strain during pregnancy. This shifts your body’s center of gravity to the abdominal area, so that many pregnant women walk with a hollow back. The result of this posture is back pain and often severe tension. Due to the pregnancy hormone progesterone, the ligaments and tendons are also loosened and thus prepare your body for the upcoming birth. As a result, the spine is no longer as stable and this also causes back pain during pregnancy. Furthermore, the baby can also press on the sciatic nerve, so that thereby especially in the last weeks of pregnancy, also sciatic pain occurs. Back pain in pregnancy can be alleviated by many good home remedies as well as alternative healing methods such as osteopathy or homeopathy.

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What Helps With Back Pain In Pregnancy?

If you already have back pain in the first weeks of your pregnancy, you should visit your gynecologist. In most cases, back pain that develops as a result of pregnancy only becomes noticeable as the baby’s weight increases. Back pain in early pregnancy may indicate a complication. If the back discomfort comes about because of the growing weight, you can already relieve your pain with regular exercise. Many women enjoy swimming and find it very pleasant. The weight of your body is carried by the water and does not put any more strain on your body, which is already under strain. A 20-minute walk around the block can also help and increase your well-being. To prevent back pain, be sure to maintain proper posture in your daily routine. Get up over your side first thing in the morning, lift from your knees and keep your back straight. Also, be careful not to lift too heavy. Supportive alternative healing methods can also help against back pain. Some women find relief through Schuessler salts. In doing so, resort to “Hot 7.” This is mixed with hot water and drunk in small sips. Acupuncture can also be an effective method for severe persistent back pain. Often midwives offer different methods of treatment. Just be sure to ask your midwife.

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Home Remedies For Back Pain During Pregnancy

To relieve pain in the back or to relieve tension, heat is the main remedy. To do this, place a hot water bottle or heating pad on your back. Alternatively, you can also use a cherry pit cushion to soothe the pain. A warm and relaxing bath can also have a beneficial effect against back pain during pregnancy. This relaxes the muscles and relief comes very quickly. But be aware that a full bath in the last weeks of your pregnancy can also promote labor. Gymnastics classes for pregnant women have also proven to be good. These exercises strengthen the muscles that are under the greatest strain during pregnancy. In these courses, participants also learn how to take the strain off their joints and back in everyday life. Massages can be very helpful against back pain. Your midwife will certainly be able to show you a few moves, or you can consult a physiotherapist. You can also have your partner gently massage the painful areas with a care oil. However, be careful not to apply too much pressure. If your back pain persists and cannot be relieved with proven methods, you should consult your doctor. Avoid taking medications and rather talk to your midwife or your doctor.

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