Back Pain During Pregnancy: Unpleasant But Usually Harmless

Back Pain During Pregnancy: Unpleasant But Usually Harmless


Every pregnant woman listens carefully to her body, especially with the first baby. If pain occurs, a woman quickly becomes uncertain and sometimes even anxious. But even if a certain caution certainly does no harm – back pain in pregnancy is one of the most common complaints that the expectant mother notices. Here you can read where the causes lie and what you can do yourself against the unpleasant pain.

Symptom Throughout Pregnancy

Unlike other complaints that are mainly limited to the first or third trimester of pregnancy, for example, back pain is possible from early pregnancy until shortly before birth. So you could actually say that in addition to the baby in your belly, you’re also a little pregnant with your back pain. The good news: The pain usually has a harmless cause and is usually gone after delivery.

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Back Pain During Pregnancy – These Causes Are Typical

The development of pregnancy is rapid. It changes not only your weight, but also the pressure in your abdomen and the statics of your body. The weight of your child accompanies you throughout the day. If you feel pain in your back or legs, especially in the evening, this is usually a result of the change in pressure. The more the baby’s belly curves forward, the more you will feel your back. It has to do a lot more work to stabilize your trunk than it did outside of nine months.

If the pain radiates down into the back of your legs, this indicates sciatica involvement in pregnancy back pain. You will feel the pain along the course of the nerve that originates in the lower part of the spine and branches into the legs. If sciatica is affecting your pregnancy, you’ll often also notice it by a tingling sensation or feeling of weakness in your leg. Important to know: If discomfort at the sciatica accompanies pregnancy, this can happen with, but also without back pain in pregnancy.

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“Real” Back Pain In Pregnancy

Attention: having back pain in pregnancy does not automatically mean that the pain comes from the changed circumstances in your body. In medicine, we talk about the so-called “real” back pain. These can have a variety of causes from one-sided strain to lumbago to a herniated disc. For you as a pregnant woman, this means that it is essential to raise the subject of “back pain and pregnancy” with your gynecologist, midwife or family doctor. This is especially true if the back pain during pregnancy is intense, triggered by a sudden movement, or if there have already been complaints or even a finding on the back in the run-up to pregnancy.

Back Pain And Pregnant? – What To Do?

Back pain in pregnancy can often be relieved by adopting a certain body position that relieves your back. If sciatica is affecting your pregnancy, in many cases this is the step position or, if you don’t want to lie on your back due to advanced pregnancy, the side position with your legs drawn up. In addition, moderate heat or a soothing massage will also help with back pain during pregnancy. Partial relief from the weight of the baby brings you the so-called support belt. Also, gentle mobilization or well-dosed exercise can take away the intensity of back pain in pregnancy.

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