Baptism: Should We Have Our Baby Baptized?

Baptism: Yes, or no? For believing parents, or atheist ones, the answer is obvious. But what if you are a church member, but not a true believer?
Should you let your child decide for himself later?
If you are looking for answers to your questions, here is some food for thought.

What Speaks For A Baptism?

Baptizing a child is an occasion when family and friends come together. Thus, your child not only receives God’s blessing along the way but also a beautiful family celebration. When deciding to have one’s child baptized, the desire for that child to receive God’s blessing also plays a role. Many parents are grateful for the gift of a new life that they have been waiting for for months.

Godparents For Life

The sponsorship designates people who will always be at your child’s side. For parents, it can be a great relief to know that someone will care for their child when they are unable to do so. Of course, it is possible to appoint godparents without baptism, but this happens quite rarely. A sponsorship without baptism is not recorded anywhere.

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Child Can Still Decide For Or Against Faith Later On

Your child automatically comes to religious education with baptism. It learns about religion, which is part of our society. How is an adult supposed to decide later for himself about a religion of which he does not even know how it is practiced? With baptism, the child gets a real chance to decide for faith later.

Your Child Knows Where It Belongs

Even though your child does not necessarily have to be baptized to participate in religious education, non-denominationalism also brings uncertainty.
For example, the question arises whether the school also offers ethics classes.
The decisive factor, however, is that a baptized child has his home in his parish from the beginning. He or she can go to church, be conformed, and learn each time that he or she belongs to Jesus Christ.

What Speaks Against A Baptism?

It is not important to baptize your baby. Later, it can decide for itself which religion it is interested in. The child’s religious interest can still be encouraged. Even without baptism, the child can participate in confirmation classes, for example. Friends can be role models even without being godparents.

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The child should learn that there are many ways of faith or even Atheimus. One can believe in many things, it does not have to be a Christian God. If the child decides on something himself, then this has a greater significance. It is only at a certain age that one reaches the maturity to be able to make such a decision oneself.

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