Bathing During Pregnancy: Pure Relaxation, If You Do It Right

Bathing during pregnancy is a blessing for body and soul. You can relax wonderfully and let your soul dangle. When immersing yourself in the bathtub or swimming in the pool, it is easy to forget the world around you.

Just you and your child – everything else is unimportant in these precious moments.

But here you can find out what you should bear in mind.

Bathing Pregnancy – Every Now And Then During The Entire Pregnancy Duration

Bathing during pregnancy is good for you and is a wonderful distraction from the stressful and exciting situations you often experience as a mother-to-be. Everything changes.

Nothing will stay the same once the baby sees the light of day. For both you and your partner, all this is a huge adjustment, and you have to get used to these new circumstances first.

The upcoming changes must first be mentally “digested”. In addition, you have to take care of 1,000 different things and specifically start planning for your new future.

Furniture must be bought, the nursery prepared and many other things purchased.

Then there are the typical symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting and dizziness, which can make life as a pregnant woman a real challenge at times.

Also, don’t forget what’s going on in your body during this first phase of pregnancy: Hormones are practically going crazy, so it’s no surprise that you sometimes struggle with mood swings, etc.

What could be better than taking a relaxing bath and simply allowing yourself a little time out from the turbulence of everyday life?

However, it is important that you pay attention to the following things so that you and your unborn baby do not miss anything when bathing during the entire pregnancy.

Bathing Pregnancy – Ejoy With All Senses

According to many expectant mothers, bathing in the cozy atmosphere of the bathroom at home is at least as beautiful as sex during pregnancy.

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In fact, the positive aspects of a warm bath may well be compared to some of the benefits of sex during pregnancy:

  • A bath relaxes your body, mind and soul.
  • You can forget the sometimes stressful everyday life.
  • Your energy reserves are replenished.
  • The warmth of the water loosens your muscles.
  • Your back and joints are relieved.
  • Swollen feet can go down.
  • The baby in your belly feels the warmth and benefits from your relaxation mode.

Bathed Too Hot?

If the temperature of the bath water is between 33 and 35 degrees Celsius, this is ideal for pregnant women.

If you are used to higher water temperatures of 36 to 38 degrees Celsius from the time when you were not yet pregnant, it is now important that you rethink. Because now you are practically no longer bathing “alone”, but you always have your baby with you.

So you need to be extra careful. If the water in the bathtub is too hot, the blood vessels may dilate. Existing varicose veins could worsen as a result. The hot bath water will cause your blood pressure to drop, so you may experience dizziness and circulatory problems.

If the bath water is higher than 38.5 or 39 degrees Celsius for a longer period of time, it is conceivable that premature labor will begin. As a consequence, in the worst case it can even lead to premature birth or miscarriage.


If you sometimes suffer from dizziness while bathing, you should definitely make sure that a grab rail or the like is available before getting out of the tub.

This is because there is a great risk that you will become dizzy and fall to the floor due to the change in temperature from the warm water to the cool ambient air. This is a considerable risk for you and your unborn child.

Bathing Properly Throughout Pregnancy – Here’s How

Some women love to lie in the bathtub literally “for hours” and enjoy the warmth. During pregnancy, the duration of the bath should not exceed 15 to 20 minutes.

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The ideal water temperature is about 33 to 35 degrees Celsius.

It is important that you always have a glass of tap or mineral water within reach. Try to drink a lot while bathing during Pregnancy. Due to the higher temperatures of the bathwater, your body gradually loses fluid.

Therefore, you are well-advised to “fill up” your reserves. Sweet sodas or alcoholic beverages are of course taboo now. Instead, in addition to water, chilled herbal or fruit teas are a good choice.

Bath foam alone is often not enough. Many common products only contain fragrances and have a relatively low content of care substances.

Therefore, you should add some rosemary, almond, jojoba, or lavender oil to the bathwater. Jojoba or lavender oil. Cream, buttermilk, or other lipid-replenishing additives are also an ideal enrichment for your bath water if you want to optimally supply your skin with vitamins and nutrients.

Water alone draws moisture from the skin, so it is important that you counteract this effect when bathing. It is also helpful to apply lotion to the body after bathing to prevent the skin from drying out, becoming flaky, or even itchy.

You should make sure that someone you trust is always nearby. Just in case you get uncomfortable while bathing and need help.

Because during the pregnancy period you are no longer responsible for yourself alone when bathing. Rather, your “little lodger” now needs you in every way – and from the very beginning.

In the event of a fall from the bathtub, the risk of premature birth or miscarriage is great.

Not all bath additives are recommended. It is best to use products that do not contain peppermint or camphor, cloves or cinnamon.

This is because experience has shown that these natural substances could trigger premature labor under certain circumstances. Especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy, you should definitely check the composition of your bath additive.

In case of doubt, you can get detailed advice at a pharmacy or from an expert at an organic or natural food store.

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If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you should always consult a doctor about how bathing could be detrimental to your child.

During Pregnancy Duration Occasionally In The Whirlpool?

Sex during pregnancy is a wonderful thing. If you want to combine bathing pregnancy with sex during pregnancy, sometimes the first caresses even begin in the hot tub.

How nice it is to get a little closer again before sex in pregnancy in the bubbling, warm water, to feel each other and enjoy the sweet togetherness. When bathing in the pool during pregnancy, however, you should keep one thing in mind.

If possible, only go into the water if you know that the water is regularly renewed or cleaned. In public spa facilities, but also in private whirlpools, it often happens that the water is not renewed very often.

Therefore, there is a risk that many germs, fungi and bacteria can grow in the water. For insensitive people this circumstance is usually not relevant.

Under these circumstances, sex during pregnancy or extensive bathing rituals should not take place in the whirlpool: The hormone balance of the expectant mother changes during pregnancy duration.

As a consequence, the acid level in the vagina may also decrease. The immune defense in the vagina is therefore weakened. Germs and other pathogens can thus penetrate more easily and trigger infections.

In addition, this increases the risk of developing vaginal fungus.

For many, a relaxing bath in the bathtub or pool is simply part of sex during pregnancy.

The warmth of the water, the candlelight and the scent of the bath additives all have a wonderfully soothing and stimulating effect on both men and women. Sex during pregnancy does – depending on the mood of the day and physical constitution very well and promotes the bond between the parents of the unborn child.

In addition, the child in the womb benefits when its parents also express their close bond through the exchange of affection.

So a leisurely dip in the bathtub is pure relaxation for young and old alike.

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Swimming In An Outdoor Or Indoor Pool

You are a real water rat and love to swim long laps in the indoor pool?

Instead of having sex during pregnancy, occasionally getting active and exercising your muscles while swimming is also beneficial for both mother and child. Brisk swimming is indeed a great muscle workout and, if nothing else, it will help you get through the rigors of childbirth more easily.

Fast swimming can also work wonders if you suffer from constipation. Before you get into the water, however, you should make sure you know the quality of the water.

Both too much and too little chlorine can have adverse effects on your health. Too much chlorine irritates the mucous membranes, especially the sensitive vaginal area.

If, on the other hand, there is too little disinfectant in the water, germs and bacteria quickly form. Especially also if the indoor swimming pool is heavily frequented by visitors.


Never try to achieve maximum performance while swimming during pregnancy. This is neither good for your physical constitution nor for the health of your unborn child.

A few crawl, breaststroke or backstroke strokes at a moderate pace – then you are on the safe side in any case. Your heart rate must not rise too high, because this could also harm the fetus.

It is best to consult your gynecologist. Find out which performance limit is optimal for you and your baby.

In order to stay relaxed during pregnancy, you should always be able to take small time-outs. Bathing during pregnancy is extremely invigorating, soothing and relaxing at the same time.

Especially when things get stressful in the professional or private life of an expectant mother, it is important to pull the ripcord.

A bath in the warm bathtub or a sporty visit to the indoor swimming pool – you should allow yourself this during pregnancy. Just like sex during pregnancy, extensive bathing rituals are an absolute must.

Make sure that you feel well. Because then the unborn baby in your belly will want for nothing.


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