Children’s Toys – Be Careful What Games You Buy For Your Child

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Today, the choice of children’s toys is almost unmanageable. So it is certainly obvious that parents give their children games, stuffed animals or other great things that are not really suitable for them. Because they are not age-appropriate, for example. Because they are of inferior quality. Because they don’t match their child’s wishes and preferences, etc.

Many children’s rooms sometimes look confusingly similar to a toy store. Of course, the intention of the “big ones” is always only the best. They mean well and want to please the boys and girls as much as possible on every possible occasion.

Not All Games Are Optimal As Children’s Toys

The game boxes are sometimes piled high with social games, handicrafts and all the other games, puzzles, stuffed animals, dolls, etc. Often, the shelves and drawers are literally overloaded – and therefore appear uninviting. Modern games should be able to do one thing above all else: they should be fun, encourage children’s development and motivate them. However, the opposite is often the case. Some games really overtax kids, they make them feel insecure – or they even cause them to get really frustrated with games. It’s no wonder that children often hastily turn their attention to other things.

Which Children’s Toys Are The Best?

It is not only the excessive demand that can cause games frustration. Nor is it mainly insecurity or lack of enjoyment that plays a role. Rather, it is simply “overkill” because adults usually “only mean well”, they sometimes overdo the purchase of children’s toys. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about newborns, young children or even teenagers. The magic word when it comes to selecting suitable children’s toys is “interest”.


What Do Kids Like? What Don’t They?

Small and older children are incredibly creative and imaginative. That’s why it’s so important to adequately support this creativity with suitable children’s toys. This way, you can support your offspring in its development in the best possible way.

How Do You Find Out Which Children’s Toys Are Of Interest?

– Observe your child when it plays. Which children’s toys do they particularly like? Which games, on the other hand, tend to stay on the shelf?

– With what could you optimally support the imagination? Which games do you think are particularly suitable? To answer this question, it is also important that you know your child’s interests.

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– Whether from Babymarkt, Jako o or other well-known suppliers: You can buy great games, stuffed animals, books or dolls of high quality based on the wishes, demands and interests of your child.

– Choose with a view to the interests of your treasure every now and then complementary games or children’s toys. This can be, for example, new “building materials” for the building block collection. Or new doll clothes for the sweet “darling of your child”.


If you are not quite sure which games from Babymarkt or Jako O your child particularly prefers at the moment, go tactically “to work”. You are well advised to put some of the games or toys aside for a while and then put something else away again after a few days. But don’t forget that certain toys are only of interest to your offspring at a certain age or stage of life. You should take this into account when replacing games from Jako o, Babymarkt and Co.

It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Expensive Children’s Toys

The nice thing is that children do not care how expensive or how cheap a children’s toy is. Because the dear little ones play with almost everything. And this is precisely an aspect that is extremely advantageous from an educational point of view or from the point of view of parents. Often, even from simple natural materials such as wood or stones can become a great toy. Ordinary household utensils, such as an egg whisk or a “plain” cooking pot, can become musical instruments. This insight also shows how important it is that you successively observe your offspring – and “learn” for yourself what the best children’s toys are for them.

The Choice Of “Original” Children’s Toys Is Almost Limitless

  • Cans, egg cartons, pots or other containers become drums.
  • Clothespins are great for building a “cave” in the children’s room with fabric or linen.
  • old household appliances such as radios, remote controls, computer keyboards or telephones are great for developing the creative half of the brain.
  • Cloths are the perfect tools for children’s conceptualization of princesses’ dresses or robbers’ outfits.
  • Cardboard boxes in various sizes are ideal for building garden houses, arbors or the new “apartment” in the children’s room.
  • Books, magazines, catalogs or advertising letters are very popular with children who want to imitate the “professional activity” of their parents at home.


Before you throw anything away, just ask your offspring if they might still have a use for the items in question. Sometimes you will certainly be amazed at what else the discarded things are suitable for.

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Don’t buy too hastily from Babymarkt, Jako o and Co. Because children’s toys that no longer function as they should after just a short while can quickly become a real disappointment. Broken small parts, cracks, dents or breakages also often contribute to boys and girls no longer wanting to play with the toy in question after just a short time. Quite apart from this, children’s toys of this kind are a source of danger for both young and old kids.

For good children’s toys from Babymerkt or Jako o you do not have to dig deep into your pocket. It depends rather on the fact that you arouse the interest with the plays and/or hit its “nerve”. It has often been shown that expensive children’s toys are not always well received by boys and girls. Quite apart from this, test seals also help to make a suitable selection.

These seals of approval refer in particular to the quality of the games, soft toys, dolls, etc. The CE seal and games with the VDE or GS quality mark are always recommended. Of course, always with a view to the respective interest and age group.

– VDE = The independent VDE Institute confirms that the product in question meets the latest technical standards and also has a lot to offer in terms of safety and quality. Toys that have been awarded the VDE seal can therefore be given as gifts without hesitation. Provided, of course, that it fits your child’s age and interests.

– GS = GS stands for tested safety. This means you can be on the safe side if you want to give your child a high-quality and safe toy. The quality of the product speaks for itself, so you can’t go wrong if you buy it from Jako o or Babymarkt.

– CE = The CE seal of approval is a special mark of the European Union. CE stands for Communautés Européenes and means “European Communities”. Products bearing the CE mark comply with general EU regulations in terms of safety, quality and functionality and are therefore ideal for demanding, safety-conscious users. Your child’s health will not be put at risk with a CE approved children’s toy.


As significant as the individual quality and cachets are, it is still important from a parent’s point of view to also be vigilant and look closely. This is the only way to identify any potential hazards in children’s toys in good time. Incidentally, when it comes to children’s toys for the very young, it is essential to take a look at them regularly. Wood splinters, broken off small parts and paint particles can pose a considerable health risk, depending on the product.

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Safety Has Top Priority

Be aware of the fact that children’s toys – depending on their composition – can be a friend, teacher, companion and developmental aid for your child in equal measure. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing games, dolls, books, puzzles, etc..

This Is How You Can Easily Find The “Perfect” Children’s Toy

Observe, learn and implement – this is the ideal approach from a parent’s point of view when it comes to finding the optimal children’s toy for their offspring.

  • By observing regularly, try to find out which things or games your son or daughter currently likes to play with.
  • What is the age-specific development status? Here you should consider fine and gross motor skills as well as general interests and vocabulary.
  • Can it already understand the rules of the children’s games from Babymarkt or Jako o and implement them accordingly? How exactly does it deal with them in detail?
  • Where are the weaknesses, where are the strengths of your treasure?
  • What are the topics – no matter from which areas – that currently interest and move your child the most?
  • How does he deal with his previous toys? Is the focus possibly on a specific category? Would it make sense to buy expansions or complementary toys to go with it?


Do your best to avoid buying “gender-specific” children’s toys. Many adults prefer to buy dolls, doll clothes, doll houses or animal figures for girls. For boys, on the other hand, they prefer to choose construction site sets, cars, racing tracks or technology books.

Experience shows that there are many girls who are only too happy to play with car racing tracks or who love toy cars. Some boys, too, clearly prefer playing with dolls or lovingly furnishing dollhouses with furniture, pictures, etc.

Games For Disabled Children From Babymarkt And Other Well-Known Suppliers

When selecting children’s toys for boys and girls with a handicap, the same tips basically apply as for children who were born without a physical or mental handicap. In general, it is also important here to consider first and foremost their interests as well as the respective stage of development and age category.

In addition, it is advisable to keep the aspect of specific support in mind. Thus, it has been shown time and again that well-designed children’s toys, especially for children with disabilities, can help to successively support their individual developmental status and improve their physical or mental abilities.

Despite the advantages that innovative children’s toys from Babymarkt offer for kids with disabilities, it is sometimes worthwhile to simply focus on the fun factor. If you feel that your child really wants a certain toy, even though it is rather “suboptimal” from an educational point of view, it makes sense to fulfill the wish. In this way, you not only make your offspring incredibly happy, but he also appreciates the aspect that his wishes and desires are actually respected and appreciated by his parents. This is exactly what “pushes” the self-confidence of children immensely!

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Not Every Children’s Toy From Babymarkt And Co. Is “Pedagogically Valuable”

Experience has shown that boys and girls of all ages often want children’s toys that parents consider pointless, useless or pedagogically dubious. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look and asking yourself why the child’s interest in just such toys is so great.

Perhaps because the toy in question is absolutely “en vogue” in the kindergarten, at school or among the children in the neighborhood? And this, although the educational background or benefit is in no way recognizable? Maybe your offspring just thinks the respective part is great? Questions about questions… – and you should not leave them unanswered.

If your gut feeling gives you the “green light” and at the same time you determine that the toy in question will definitely not bring any disadvantage to your child, there is certainly nothing to stop you from buying it from Babymarkt or another supplier. In the end, it all comes down to the extent to which the toy you have in mind fits into your personal budget.


Your gut feeling says “yes”? To be on the safe side, go one step further and try to find out what the ecological standards of the children’s toy are. Certainly, toys from Babymarkt and Jako o are characterized by their high environmental orientation.

The products are free of harmful substances and can therefore be used in children’s rooms without hesitation. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to take a look behind the scenes and find out which protection and safety seals the corresponding toy creations are labeled with.


There are children’s toys that immediately appear to be of educational value. On the other hand, there are a large number of children’s toys that, at first glance, do not seem to make much sense. Nevertheless, your child is interested in them. Why is that? Try to find out the motives for the interest, although on the other hand it is by no means necessary that parents actually “understand everything”.

Rather, you should ask yourself: “Is the toy good for my child? It is also important that the desired toy meets the interests of your offspring, promotes his development and, moreover, does not bring him any disadvantages.


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