Bedding For Children – What Should Parents Pay Attention?

Cuddly children’s bedding you want bright and colorful, robust and easy to clean. But what features should parents pay special attention to when choosing to bed for children?

Protect Health With Pollutant-free Materials

Children’s bedding includes the range for babies, children, and teenagers. The younger children are, the more sensitive their skin is too unhealthy ingredients in textile goods. Unfortunately, chemical residues can accumulate in textile fibers during various processing steps. They are considered triggers for allergies and asthma. When buying bedding, parents can make sure that a textile seal guarantees that the bedding is free of harmful substances. The most commonly used seal for textile quality free of harmful substances is the OEKOTEX Standard 100 seal. All bed linen belongs to the strictly tested product class 1 at OEKOTEX. If they receive the Standard 100 seal after testing, they are safe even for infants. It is very positive that in this case, all components of the bed linen have this quality – so also the yarns for seams, buttons or zippers. Less known in everyday life is the GOTS seal. It is especially in the field of organic cotton a guarantee for excellent low-pollutant quality. It is worth noting that organic cotton is not automatically residue-free. This depends on the fiber cleaning, processing, dyeing and storage of the textiles. Seals for freedom from harmful substances are therefore an important aid to decision-making.

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Feel-good Effect – High-quality Processed Materials

After a certain age, young people no longer want to lie in comforter covers printed with funny dragons or colorful airplanes. They develop their own taste and want more adult bedding. Here, parents may apply the same standards as for their own bedding. It is the fine details that show high-quality bedding: neat and straight seams, the fine and soft density of the material, no hanging out threads, a textile seal, and very good material quality. Smaller children also need well-made and sturdy bedding that can withstand a pillow fight without tearing off buttons or breaking seams. It should also feel supple and soft. Parents should pay attention to this quality even more so with baby bedding. Specifically, hard, stiff color prints should be avoided and the seams should be expertly sewn so that they do not scratch and irritate the baby’s skin. Cotton is generally an ideal material for bedding. For babies and toddlers, it is especially suitable for hygienic reasons. If the linen has light colors, it can be freed from all germs especially after a child’s illness thanks to boiling wash. In general, children’s bedding should be changed frequently. It is recommended to use easy-care materials that do not require extensive ironing.

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Details Of Selection And Equipment For The Optimal Children’s Bedding

Especially for children, the material should be adapted to the existing seasons. Smooth, cool materials such as satin are suitable at best in midsummer. Children need rather warming cuddly bedding for the feeling of security during sleep. In winter, beaver, flannel, and jersey are the best choices, in summer the classic cotton linen. When it comes to closures, zippers are a good choice instead of buttons. Children move a lot during sleep, so the comforter does not partially slip out of the openings. The design selection for children is large. Whether favorite movie, funny characters, or cute animal motifs – from a certain age, children are happy when they have a say in the selection and can fall asleep blissfully snuggled up with their favorite motifs.

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