Birth Congratulations

Whether for the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or even friends. The birth of a baby is a very special moment for everyone. A new stage of life with many experiences starts for the new parents. Congratulations on the birth always mean a new life. You are now looking for beautiful sayings and congratulations on the birth? Then you are exactly right here!

Congratulations On Birth

It`s A Boy !


1. Your son is born,
Your sleep is lost.
He smiles at you and you know then,
this gift of love now gladdens your life,
there can be no greater happiness.

2. To understand the miracle of life is to hold it in your hands.
We wish you only the best for your son!

3. The son is here, it happened. You are wished happiness, congratulations!
In this sense: All the best and love for your little family from the bottom of our hearts…

4. Such a boy, so sweet and small – must be a godsend!

5. Welcome here on earth, I wish you all the best, my child. May your life be a happy one, as happy as your parents are now.

6. A little boy – healthy and splendid, we are very happy with you!

7. Even if your little one often roars at the top of his voice, a dream has come true for grandma and grandpa.

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8. Only the best congratulations on the birth!

9. The best congratulations to your little boy!
Finally, your little boy has come into the world, we have heard with much joy!
The two young feet are still small, but it will not always be like this.
Congratulations on your son!

10. Congratulations on the birth of your son! A little angel now enriches your life. And even if sometimes a B sneaks in, which makes him become a brat, you should never forget:
Children are the wings of man.

It’s A Girl

GirlGirl[/caption ]Girl

1. The greatest gift parents can give their daughter is a happy childhood.

2. The sky is shining, it’s bliss,
Now you have your own little sun.

3. Congratulations on your daughter! What a treasure!
And surely this sentence is also true:
A daughter, graceful, fine,
is always the sunshine of the house!

4. Everyone here in this house,
are happy about the sweet mouse.
Immediately we fell in love with her,
are so happy that she exists.

5. Hurray hurray, the little princess is here! The best congratulations from all of us on the birth of your daughter.

6. The dearest and warmest congratulations and blessings on the birth of your daughter! Your little mouse will surely give you many moments of happiness. May your little princess grow in security and one day become an equally loving mother.

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7. When it comes to size, your daughter is still very small.
When it comes to happiness, she is certainly the greatest!

8. Hurray – your little princess is finally here! Congratulations on the arrival of your little one and all the best for your family! You can truly be proud of such a beautiful girl.

9. A little bit mom,
a little bit of daddy
and a lot of wonders!

10. We rejoice with you at the birth of your cute princess. May she have the happiness of the world for all time. The best congratulations from the bottom of our hearts.


TwinsTwins[/caption ]Twins

1. The mother smiles, the father beams,
finally, the offspring is here.
Who would have thought that from the stork,
that he has brought twice.

2. We are doubly happy for you – for your double happiness!
3. A pair of twins were born to you. I almost swore before!
Of course, I congratulate you very much.
But tell me, where do you get the diapers?
And then also all the stress?
Is the boy shy, the girl perky?
I think it will all work out.
There will be a double joy for you now.

4. Today I come to the conclusion that I have to congratulate twice.
A pair of twins! I am very happy with you!

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5. Congratulations on the double baby happiness! May you have a wonderful time together as a foursome, with lots of love, joy, happiness, security, and health. I wish you that with all my heart.

6. And you are coming in a double pack. We are therefore doubly happy for you and your double happiness.

7. Twins mean double joy. In addition, double happiness twice fewer sleeps at night, and twice as many diapers to change. Congratulations from my side.

8. Albert Schweitzer already said: Happiness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared.

9. Double happiness and double joy. Who gives love, love will be experienced. In this sense, greetings from me, I wish you all the best for the future.

10. Two girls at once. What luck, that’s super nice. The parents, now go to bed much earlier. Congratulations on your beautiful duet.

Congratulations On The 2nd Child

1. Congratulations on baby number two! We are very happy for you and are already very excited to meet your new family member.

2. Congratulations – now there are four of you! Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts on the birth of your second baby.

3. Our sincere congratulations on the birth of your second child. We wish your family a harmonious future, good health, and God’s blessings.

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4. Now the second nursery is already occupied. Congratulations on the arrival of a sibling – we are very happy for you and wish you a great time getting to know each other.

5. As we know, once is not once. – We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts on the birth of child number two and will be happy to write a third congratulatory card at some point.

6. From today on the mountains of laundry and noodle portions will be a bit bigger again! Congratulations to child number two. We are very happy for you and are looking forward to meeting your offspring.

7. Only nine more children until the family soccer team! We are happy with you about the birth of your second child. Congratulations!

8. The second dwarf is here – now only five are missing. We congratulate you on the birth of your child and wish the baby a great start in life. All the best to the four of you!

9. Once is sometimes not enough, which is why you have provided for the offspring once again. We wish you all the luck in the world!

10. Very dear greetings and best wishes for the secondborn! That you are good parents, you have already proven with the first child.

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